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Absolute Garbage


Remember Paizo's "Guide to Korvosa?" Remember how it had a beautiful (and might I add complimentary) city map that outlined city roads, basic districts, and major landmarks/buildings that were not found in the book? Remember how it's graphics, though not entirely great were decent due to the scale of the map to those graphics used? Remember how it was complimentary, but still acted as a useful map unto itself? Remember how it was good?

Well you won't find any of that in this product. The maps are completely blank of any text or font, making these maps completly useles in and of themselves. And considering Paizo is charging 16$ for these 6 maps, I will say that it is a major let down.

I do not care if this is supposed to compliment another joining product. The small maps given in "Cities of Golarion" not only look better, but they actually give some meaning to a jumbled up and large building by giving its name, you have pretty much made this product useless.

I am outraged that I have spent money on this product. This cheap product is a deal breaker between me and Paizo. From now on, I am going to do heavy research - which will no longer include forum chats on, and then if the product is sufficient, I shall wait until it is sold on Amazon or Ebay at a cheaper price. Paizo will no longer be getting any of my money because of this product.