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Memorial Day bump!

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Ale and wenches! Ale and wenches!

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I really hope we have some kind of easy identifier. If we don't have flags maybe just an icon next to our name showing our company logo.

I think having a physical flag to carry and plant would go a long way to making the world of PFO more awesome, and that's always a good thing.

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My characters title in the SBC is Herald and I plan on recording events in a fashion, though maybe not as well as you. I would not mind being loosely affiliated with this network as a free agent of sorts.

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I think we've got a decent start on just what you've asked.
Stone Bear Clan thread

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Barbarians wanted! Join the Company that let's you be a true barbarian, not a 'civilized' barbarian that is stuffed in a waistcoat or hides in the bushes with a flimsy knife.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the havoc, the howls and the glory of combat as you charge down a hillside with your rage brothers and sisters, crashing into the unsuspecting and cowardly knights of your enemy.

Throw off the shackles of conformity and be true to yourself. Become a barbarian!

Join the Stone Bear Clan!

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Up ya go.

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God of ale, bless this thread.

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First off, free bump for Freevale.

Actually, we've got 3 votes now but I get the point and I've been thinking on it. You've got a solid proposition.

One issue I have is that I'm not quite ready to ditch the content I've made for Prophecy. I'm also looking for Companies that want to continue being their own thing and part of the Settlement in-game. I don't want it to be the SBC's settlement, I want it to be the Settlement that the SBC is part of. It also needs to be CN, since that was the whole point.

10 weeks is a long time for this event and I've potentially got some more members on the way as well.

You're very correct that recruiting with small numbers is difficult. Damn near akin to torture really. This is just the first week and everything is going to be shifting like crazy so I think I'll hold out for now but I'm not dismissing the idea.

We've talked a little about that internally and it's not off the table but a bit early for us to want to pursue right now.

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It would go a long way to helping this problem out if the founders username was auto-posted in the settlement info. Even more to have PM capability on the GW site but it's really bare bones at the moment and likely not a priority.

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Wurner wrote:
Yeah, something like plunder/ransack/pillage needs to be an option.


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Hey! What will YOU do when the raging Horde descends upon you?

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Yes, because looking at the Leaderboard is not obvious enough.

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Or... I mentioned it before but your crew could just join Prophecy since we look to be going the same route. Blunt Logic will retain their identity and put as much into developing the settlement as you'd like.

You know, just sayin'. ;)

P.S. We've got a badass logo.

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Prophecy is about bringing together different cultures and ways of life, giving them the protection of a settlement and allowing them the freedom to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.

We seek diverse Companies to find a home inside our walls. Explorers, Crafters, PvPers, Entertainers, Clergy, there is a place for you all.

As a Chaotic Neutral settlement our citizens will need to be CG, CN, CE or TN. These are alignments that fall easily into the playstyle of an FFA PVP MMO but gaming culture has taught that these are less desirable. Pathfinder Online is not like other games and while many players of other settlements will have to tiptoe around their actions the citizens of Prophecy will be able to play the game the way they want.

So what laws do we enforce? Laws?! We're Chaos! Laws are created to shackle and bind others to act in a manner the lawmaker sees fit. That's not Freedom, that's slavery. Most people are content to live in their tiny boxes, as they do in real life, does that sound like fun to you?

If you just sit around in your loincloth all day, picking flowers and painting pictures with dried up bug guts then you may be wondering who protects your Freedom. The answer to that is the Stone Bear Clan. The mighty Barbarians of the SBC are more than willing to crush the skulls of any who dare invade the lands of Prophecy. Any other citizen willing to stand up and fight for their Freedom will receive high praise and merit from the Council.

It's about time you joined Prophecy.
Vote for us in the Landrush!

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Barbarian Bump!

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Ryan Dancey wrote:
@Ravenlute SBC_Prophecy_ - Tork is really the expert on these matters but my sense is "yes". A company, once it founds a Settlement, doesn't cease to exist. The Settlement comes into existence as an operation of the Company's activities, but at that point they have separate destinies.

Good to hear, I've been wondering on that for a bit.

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I found us a mascot!

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Can a Company that founds a Settlement also claim a POI?

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The Barbarians of the River Kingdoms are scattered and puny. The Stone Bear Clan has Powerful Warriors that will break the puny Barbarians of the River Kingdoms. Join the Stone Bear Clan and become Powerful or be crushed beneath our impressively large boots. Simple choice.

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We are a CN Multi-Company Settlement with the desire to allow each Company to continue to run the way they choose while having a say in how the settlement develops.

If you are a Chaotic Company, this is a no brainer. There's no tricks or hidden wires, it will only make you stronger for taking part.

If you have been dancing around the idea of forming your own settlement but don't want the added pressure then stop that now and join Prophecy. As you can see we already have a functioning website and forum which can easily be designed to add functionality your Company would like to use.

We are one of the very few Chaotic Settlements out there right now. Don't succumb to the Mega-Comps, join in the fight for your freedom. Become a Company of Prophecy and keep your identity.

Landrush Info

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Gpunk wrote:
How can our swords be real if our math isn't real?

It's CHAOS!!!!

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Well, I suppose I should make some time to establish connections with KotC and some other groups. Due to the unique structure of the SBC and Prophecy we won't have proper reps until we are actually in-game.

At this point we aren't necessarily going to kill on sight, it all depends on how we perceive you at the time. An offering of some kind always goes a long way to promoting neutrality.

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That would certainly be ideal, multiple options.

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Martin Kauffman 530 wrote:
Why should I even sign up to play if the game is stacked before the beginning?

Well, because we're awesome. It's going to be fun and if it helps, you can imagine the mega-guilds as the objective to be sundered and their innards strewn across the bloody ground, left for the carrion birds to feast upon.

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Why are you trying to make me feel bad? :p

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lol, this has turned into the 'recruit Tyncale' thread. If Prophecy gets off the ground you're welcome to station one of your Free Agents there.

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*passes Rufus a mug of ale*

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I think this is a cool thing GW is doing, allowing some groups to get free settlements. They certainly didn't have to. Best not to bite the hand that feeds you.

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Bluddwolf wrote:

Ouch! .....

What Ryan is basically asking is: What is to stop a group like Goonswarm coming in with 4000 members, creating 40 different sub divisions, and entering the land rush with 40 proposed settlements of 100 members each?

Not a damn thing.

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Not to say about those specific hexes but I do recall it being said that dual terrain hexes did exist.

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You've got it here:

And for some self Promotion check out the Stone Bear Clan.

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Virgil Firecask wrote:

So, I happen to be the gentledwarf that is vaguely in charge of the oldest religious-based carousing company in PFO.

The Golden Flask (currently ranked 10th in the current Land Rush). Our patron deity is Cayden Cailean himself.

Our goals are to hang out, have grand adventures, and find a tavern to spend all of the coin we make in. We'd love for it to be our own tavern, but that's in the plan somewhere. We're heroes for hire and believe in fighting the good fight. There has to be something worth fighting for in order to get us behind a cause.

Bring your tankard and stay a while.

Join here

If you folks weren't working on setting up your own settlement you'd be just what we're looking for in Prophecy. You could run a tavern in the settlement or own one in a POI and still be The Golden Flask.

Unlike a lot of the Company/Settlement hybrids out there which are just setting up a place for their guild we are trying to establish a Multi-Company Settlement that allows each Company to maintain their identity while having a say in how the Settlement is built and run.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, let me know.

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limsk wrote:

So... there will be Fighting. Fighting. Drinking lots of beer. And fighting

Guild app submitted - limskmy

Haha, exactly! Welcome to the SBC limskmy.

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Hey, they may be Evil but they follow the Law. Disturbingly so.

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Saiph the Fallen wrote:

When I look into your eyes Dazyk, three faces glare back at me. One is handsome and smiling, content with mortality. Another sheds tears of sorrow fearing inevitable death. The third hides behind a veil, hidden from fate.

That's because he's hiding the makeup smeared all over from the courtesan he was with earlier.

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Xeen wrote:

NRDS in our settlement area

NBRI everywhere else

Oh man, I read that as "Nerds in our settlement area..."

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That makes sense.

Ravenlute SBC _Prophecy_ wrote:
Of course this could just be the result of me spending too much time scanning these forums and be a crazy coincidence. Maybe my subliminal messaging is working too well. :p

Must be that then. *closes his book of overpowered Enchantment spells*

Xeen wrote:
We are also not doing Ulfen, its the Linnorm Kingdoms.

Call it what you will Xeen, you're a Viking and you like it.

Honestly, I am just itching to get in the actual game already. These forums are too restrictive.

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Curious about this as well...

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Bluddwolf wrote:

I don't really see the recycle. The UNC had begun to adopt a more raider / barbarian theme Dec 7, 2013.

I'm not saying we originated the theme, but perhaps it predates your's?

Nah, it's not the theme, it's the wording used.

One of the reason's we're going with a Kellid history instead of Ulfen is that you are doing the Viking so we're pulling more on the generic 'Conan' barbarian type. UNC is also focused heavily on the Bandit theme, while SBC is purely Barbarian. There's enough difference that we shouldn't have to worry about being copies of each other.

The annoyance is the similarities that have been cropping up lately between some UNC posts following SBC ones. I'll break this one down.

SBC: "the only true home for Barbarians in PFO"
UNC: "The True Home of PvP"

SBC: "If you want to play it safe and boring, then be a sheep..."
UNC: "If you want to be a wolf, don't learn from the sheep"

SBC: "We've got over a decade of PvP experience with a variety of games"
UNC: "Almost every member in Aragon has moderate to extensive experience in other Open World PvP titles"

Just one line wouldn't matter but come on. If I mention a Jester in my next promotional post will you guys talk about Clowns?

Of course this could just be the result of me spending too much time scanning these forums and be a crazy coincidence. Maybe my subliminal messaging is working too well. :p

talonfox wrote:
player haters they just don't like vikings.

Lol, silly man you have no idea what you just said.

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
Who knows what the Stoned Bear Clan will cook up.

We'll let those guys have the black pudding, silly imposters no good in a fight anyway, too lazy. ;)

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Bears, Berserkers and Booze, oh my!

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Andius wrote:

Aragon: The True Home of PvP

What does Aragon have to offer you that no other settlement does? It is the premier home of the PvP-focused individual and the individual looking to become a PvPer.

Why do I say this?

Aragon has the highest PvPer to PvEer ratio of all the top 10 settlements. Almost every member in Aragon has moderate to extensive experience in other Open World PvP titles. Every member I have spoken to so far intends to make PvP a major part of their gameplay. This is the settlement of PvPers, by PvPers, for PvPers.

Aragon is chaos: banditry, sabotage, smuggling, raiding, feuds etc. It offers a wide array of activities that may be looked down upon (or even altogether disallowed) in other settlements. What does this mean for you as a PvPer? This means more opportunities to fight.

Aragon offers all forms of PvP. Aragon currently has both a chaotic good and chaotic neutral group and is also working on a chaotic evil group. Want to play highwayman or barbarian raider who robs for pleasure and profit? Check out the UnNamed Company. Want to play a freedom fighter and champion of nature who fights, not for profit, but for ideals? Check out The Vigilant. Do neither of these groups appeal to you? Come settle in Aragon as an individual or sponsor a company here.

If you want to be a wolf, don't learn from the sheep. You need to run with the wolves. Aragon is the true home of PvP and those looking to excel at it. Join today!

And don't forget to vote for us in the land rush!

lol, keep recycling, it's good for the environment! I'm sure one day you'll have your very own promotional idea. But then, a bandit is a bandit...

Be Original

Ravenlute SBC _Prophecy_ wrote:

Ugh, there are far too many Lawful and Good cookie-cutter guilds out there right now. I know there are some Barbarians in sheep's clothing milling around, looking for a place to belong.

Throw off the guise and join the Stone Bear Clan, the only true home for Barbarians in PFO!

We are focused completely on the Barbarian Way, our unquenchable thirst for combat and our passion for drink and a legendary life.

The Stone Bear Clan is not beholden to anyone, person or Company.

If you enjoy PvP and want to get the most out of it, then we're the group for you. We've got over a decade of PvP experience with a variety of games including Shadowbane, one of the most iconic FFA PvP games to hit the market.

If you want to play it safe and boring, then be a sheep, but if you want challenge and excitement stop being a pansy and Become a Barbarian!

-------Join the Stone Bear Clan now!-------

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Lord Zodd wrote:
Ravenlute wrote:
Welcome Lord Zodd to the Stone Bear Clan! You'll be a perfect fit. :D

Thank you! I have taken my time to choose a company I felt resonated with my play style, as well as my in-game goals and desires.

I am very excited and proud to wear the bear claw emblem of the Stone Bear Clan.

Since the strongest member will be the chief, I will do everything I can to lead the SBC wisely ;)

If you train hard I'm sure you'll have a shot at being Chief, but how long will you be able to hold the position?

I'm really looking forward to the first few days of EE when we'll be establishing who our first Chief will be.

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Help build a Chaotic settlement where you are free to play the way you like.

Join Prophecy!

Sign on in the Landrush!

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Cirolle wrote:

Looking at some of the guild names, I started to think about if there is going to be some kind of naming policy for settlements, companies etc...

I know the guilds are temporary, but still.
I would find it a bit annoying to see a settlement called Ogrimmar in the game (just an example).

This is being covered here: Naming Settlements and Companies

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Welcome Lord Zodd to the Stone Bear Clan! You'll be a perfect fit. :D

For anyone else looking for free-form PvP and the challenge of playing a Chaotic character, I invite you to join the only true home for Barbarians in PFO!

Become a Barbarian!

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*Watches as Wurner, swinging around a pair of chainsaws, runs down the hill into a group of enemies.*

Let's get this party started!

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I like the idea of having a messenger service if you are really willing to do this for the long haul. I agree with Jazzlvraz that neutrality will be pretty important.

If this does come to fruition and works pretty well you should also expect posers pretending to be your couriers to gain access to places they would not normally be allowed in.

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Bunibuni13th wrote:
Tyncale wrote:

So who would win, Legolas, Gandalf or Darth Vader?

Let me also put something useful in this post: this is an awesome fantasy namegenerator: Fantasy Names

Hey, Wizard101, a totally different game than this, has an awesome name creator too. First time I played it, I spent almost an hour going over the various name combos.

When I finally made a survivable storm mage, I called him Colin Storm, just so his battlecry when he brings up his Tempest spell was "I'm Colin the Storm!"


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