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A friendly plea to my fellow community members.

Please show how your group is unique to Golarion. How does it fit in within the world?

These groups are an integral part of this community and lay the groundwork for what is to come. I love what I am seeing, but please take it to the next level and make your group more than just any old gaming guild, make it uniquely a part of THIS world.

For those that have worked to integrate their group into the fabric of Golarion, you are to be commended! Thank you!

Here's to a great community!

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I think we've got a decent start on just what you've asked.
Stone Bear Clan thread

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The Mooncalves are a powerful group of Groetus worshipers. They roam the land, killing on a whim. Their leader, the great and powerful Grickin, commands respect even from the leaders of the Pax People, the Nothing Company the Emptiness Company the Nasty Com Unknown Company, and those Seventh Veil guys.

The Mooncalves are seen as mad for their completely insane way of doing things, but there is a method to their madness. Or so Grickin continues to claim. Sometimes, they can be perfectly helpful. It's just a matter of finding them in the right mood and not saying the wrong thing.

There is currently only one member of the Mooncalves. Grickin leads with a gentle, but firm hand, ruling by example. A very, very poor example.

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The UnNamed Company has made and succeeded at bringing together many different aspects of both Golarion and specifically the River Kingdoms together.

The UNC are adherents, almost fanatically so, to the River Freedoms.

We have been formed by Linnorm (Ulfen) exiles, who have retained some of their cultural traits and beliefs and meshed them in with those of the River Kibgdoms.

We are essentially polytheistic pagans, who revere Besmara, Gorum and Callistria and these deities are the foundation of our motto: "On Coin, Blade, and Pain of Blood"

Our divisions: The UnNamed, The Vigilant and The Exalted Bastards represent all three chaotic alignments.

Each is tied to one or more of the River Freedoms; their alignment; one if the three deities; and also the ever changing political climate of PFO.

All of these were decisions made through a conscious effort to make a group that could believably exist in the River Kingdoms.

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Kobold. I've missed you.

That said, people should pay heed when the marauders come to the fore, no? It seems both the goodies and the baddies have made their beginning pacts. Wonder when the scales will be weighed and the slightest tip be applied... hmmm... makes me wonder...

shuffles pitchfork and torches out of sight

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