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Painful to Read


Just about everything has already been covered by other reviewers here, so I only want to add a few notes on the overall production quality of this book.

For starters, "The Sinister Secrets of Silvermote" is not a complete product. You need to own "Temerlyth the Undying" to "enhance your enjoyment of each and to minimize any additional preparation or alteration otherwise necessary," which is to say that you need a second book if you want a backstory and all of the stats for the bad guys.

Past that, it is hit or miss throughout. The production value of the print edition is modest. The cover and some interior text boxes look pixelated, like they had retained low DPI images from the digital edition -- the blurry back cover was certainly carried over, as it references the product having hyperlinks. I get what they were going for with the interior fonts, but the amateurish headers are sometimes a little hard to read. The book is loaded with typos and cring-worthy phrasing. If "This room appears to feature a chaotic array of equipment" or armor dedicated to "whipping out werewolves" elicit a groan or a giggle from you then this may not be your sort of adventure module.

** I should add that I do not have access to the PDF, as I received the hard copy as a gift. It is entirely possible that the digital edition has been updated to correct some of the more egregious errors.