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HP: 20/20 | AC: 21 [+1 vs charge] | T: 13 | FF: 18 | CMD: 12 [+1 vs overrun] | Fort: +4 [+6 vs disease] | Ref: +3 [+4 vs trample] | Will: +3 | Init: +0 | Perc: +5 | Sense Motive: +5 | Speed: 20 ft.


Tracked resources:
Bloodrage: 6/6 ; Spells: 0 - 4 ; 1st: 4/4


Dhampir (Moroi) Divine Berserker 2 |







Strength 17
Dexterity 7
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

About Rascar Capac


[jetong=[st=red]Rascar Capac[/st]!p:20/20/0!a:!b:2px solid darkred] res/vampire011.png[/jeton]

Rascar Capac
Male Dhampir (Moroi) Bloodrager (Steelblood) 1 | Oracle (Lunar) 1 [2.2]
LG Medium humanoid (Human)
Init +0 ; Senses Perception +5, Low-light vision, Darkvision 60 ft

Coming soon !

Coming soon !

AC 21, touch 13, flat-footed 18 (+8 Armor, +3 Charisma)
HP 20
Fort +4 [+6 vs disease], Ref +3 [+4 vs trample], Will +3
Weaknesses Cursed: Aboleth.

Speed 30 ft.
Melee Masterwork Lucerne Hammer +5 (1d12+4/x2)
Greatsword +4 (2d6+4/19-20/x2)

Oracle Spells (CL 1st, Concentration +4)
0 (at will) – Light, Create water, Detect Magic, Stabilize ; DC 13
1st (4/day) – Charm Person (DC 14), Divine Favor, Inflict Light Wounds (DC 14), Hypnotism (DC 15), Shield of faith ; DC 14

Special Abilities
Bloodrage: 6/day


Low-light vision and darkvision 60 feet.

Alternate Skill Modifiers (Moroi): Diplomacy, Knowledge (nobility)

Dayborn: A few fortunate dhampirs were born during the day under the blessings of priests, and their blood has weaker ties to their undead bloodline than others of their kind. Such dhampirs are unhindered by daylight and lose the light sensitivity racial trait. This racial trait replaces the spell-like ability racial trait.

Negative Energy Affinity: Though a living creature, a dhampir reacts to positive and negative energy as if it were undead—positive energy harms it, while negative energy heals it.

Undead Resistance: Dhampirs gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against disease and mind-affecting effects.

Resist Level Drain (Ex): A dhampir takes no penalties from energy drain effects, though he can still be killed if he accrues more negative levels then he has Hit Dice. After 24 hours, any negative levels a dhampir takes are removed without the need for an additional saving throw.

Indomitable Stance (Ex): At 1st level, a steelblood gains a +1 bonus on combat maneuver checks, to CMD against overrun combat maneuvers, and on Reflex saving throws against trample attacks. He also gains a +1 bonus to his AC against charge attacks and on attack and damage rolls against charging creatures. This ability replaces fast movement.

Disruptive Bloodrage (Su): At 1st level, the DC to cast spells defensively increases by 2 for enemies within your threatened area. This increase stacks with that granted by the Disruptive feat.

Oracle curse: Aboleth: Your mind is marked by aboleth tampering, either as a result of a close encounter with one of these creatures while you were a child, or even through an ancestor, close family member, or one of your sisters or brothers in faith—this associate’s interaction with the aboleths may be all that it takes to infect you. You take a –2 penalty on saving throws against mind-affecting effects and add charm person and hypnotism to your list of 1st-level oracle spells known. At 5th level, add minor image to your list of 2nd-level oracle spells known. At 10th level, add modify memory to your list of 4th-level oracle spells known. At 15th level, add veil to your list of 6th-level oracle spells known.

Prophetic Armor (Ex): You are so in tune with your primal nature that your instincts often act to save you from danger that your civilized mind isn’t even aware of. You may use your Charisma modifier (instead of your Dexterity modifier) as part of your Armor Class and all Reflex saving throws. Your armor’s maximum Dexterity bonus applies to your Charisma, instead.

Str 17, Dex 7, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 16
Base Atk +1; CMB +5; CMD 12 [+1 vs overrun]

Feats Power Attack

Traits Reactionnary (+2 init), Domineering (Hypnotism).

Skills (ACP -5 included)
Acrobatics -7
Appraise +0
Bluff +3
Climb -2
Diplomacy +10 (2 ranks)
Disguise +3
Escape Artist -7
Heal +1
Intimidate +3
Knowledge (Nature) +4 (1 rank)
Knowledge (Planes) +4 (1 rank)
Knowledge (Religion) +4 (1 rank)
Perception +5 (1 rank)
Ride -7
Sense Motive +5 (1 rank)
Spellcraft +4 (1 rank)
Stealth -7
Survival +1
Swim -2

Languages Common.

Wand of Inflict Light Wounds (42 charges)

Other Gear
Greatsword ; Lucerne Hammer Masterwork ; +1 Tatami-do ; Silk rope ; backpack.


GM Boon 2016 #4: Grave-blooded

PFS information for the GM:
PFS #93583-19
XP: 5 (normal advancement)
Faction: Dark Archives
Fame: 8 / Prestige: 6
Rascar Capac's additional resources can be scanned on demand for GMs, please ask via PM.

Chronicles applied:
#1 - AP#55 The Wormwood Mutiny (3 xp, 4 fame, AP)
#2 - 7-22 Bid for Alabastrine (1 xp, 2 fame)
#3 - Decline of Glory (1 xp, 2 fame)