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zapbib wrote:
I don't understand what is your hangup with dice scaling. It's the same as a monk and no one complain for the monk. The scaling for the warpriest is mostly useless. Only one handed user could really benefit and it takes forever to be really worth it.

I did. I don't hate it because it's powerful, I hate it because it's annoying. From the time i started playing, i realized that dice don't really matter. The people I gamed with thought dice were king and i was a newb for not using a bastard sword or playing a monk because big dice man. I still saw this well into 4th edition where players would choose a d10 over a d8 when the 1d8 wep had a better chance to hit over all. It's a minor thing that...FOR SOME REASON, bothers me to no end.

TarkXT wrote:
Rapthorn2ndform wrote:

Initial reading and the terror on brought to my table. The ability to buff yourself and attack in the same turn is scary. That along with the blessing of strength was destroying me.
Maguses, clerics, paladins, and clerics must give you the cold sweats.


Clerics and Paladins...and cleric, less so because they need to set up most buffs not named litany, and the litany only last 1 round.

Avatar-1 wrote:
I do like the summaries you guys are throwing out about each class (except the Warpriest?), so thanks.

Thank you. I'm just throwing my ideas and getting feed back. A warpreist showed up at my table the other day at 7th lv and curbstomped 2 players in pvp (fault on both sides), one 8th lv dragon disciple and one 9th lv magus.

I posted a summery in a reply to Deadmanwalking, not to long ago.

Deadmanwalking wrote:

Rapthorn2ndform wrote:
Warpreist is a gut reaction.
Based on what?

Initial reading and the terror on brought to my table. The ability to buff yourself and attack in the same turn is scary. That along with the blessing of strength was destroying me.

*edit* I didn't realize you were the same person...oops...

Deadmanwalking wrote:

Really? That's a rather silly attitude.


Yeah...that was mostly for effect. My post and your response took up the entire space so i have start a fresh message.

1. Archetypes and feats- There are some that are fine but I dislike those fighter ones. First gives up wep. training for the "I have whatever feat i want" ability i dislike, the second give up my favorite fighter ability for mutagen.

2. The Arcanist- They don't get less spells, they get the same number as the wizard but a level later. Metamixing cost 1 point (pool 3+lv) to add any 1 metamagic feat to any spell wihtout adjusting it's level. I belive the wizard can do this once a day at 8th lv. Now look at any of the damaging abilities for wizard, cleric and sorcerer, it's fairly constantly 1d6+1/2 lv. The arcanist is 1d6 per 2 lvs + cha mod WITH a secondary effect. I do not see that as being even.

3. The Bloodrager- ...oops...How did i miss the HD...Now on the subject of rage powers, I'd agree...IF they didn't have an archetype that could replace CERTAIN bloodline powers with rage powers. Its worded so you can choose when you get bloodline ability and when you get rage powers. It lets you pick and choose, unlike nearly every other archetype.

4. Brawler- Like i said, pending play time. On the subject of scaling dice...i just hate it, i hated it in 3.0, i hate it now, and I'll probably hate it until i quit the game. It jut bugs me to no end, ooh..."2d10 +4 way better that 1d8 +14"

5 Investigator- No the one you listed is not only fine, I really like it. I mean the ones that let you, as long as you have a point, NOT spend it to use inspiration on a skill. Minor nitpick.

6. Shaman- This make me happy.

7. Skald- It's buffing seems alright...but i'd rather have a regular bard any day better bonus to hit and damage AND no penalty to ac. (Id get more into it but i'm getting tired)

8. Slayer-.

9. Bucked Swash- It's all over the place. SOME ABSOLUTE GARBAGE and other things that seem to good, but you have to agree that they are getting a formerly 10th lv ability at lv 1. That's the other, thing why are the just getting a crudy version of the paladin's divine grace?

10 Warpriest- first...let me get this out of the way...MORE SCALING DICE!...Okay...I'm good. Sacred weapon is alright, minus...that. Fervor, at first glace, it's a watered down lay on hands, BUT it's actually a swift action buff like bullstr, haste, heroism, ect. Sacred armor, mostly fine to. Blessings, i could go through and cherry pick the ones that i don't like but that would defecate the purpose. This is one of the things that really bug me.

-EVERYBODY'S a fighter. Brawler, swashbuckler, warpreist. All three of them are getting fighter feats. Either the fighter is unique and almost nobody should be getting these...or...they're not, so paladin, caviler, and gunslinger should have a similar option. When the figher levels were tied into an archetype, it wasn't so bad. But now figher only feats are limied to figters, magus at 1/2 level, samurai, swashbucklers, warpriests, a lot of monks, and brawlers. I know it was originally just a hold over from 3.5 but...i kinda miss it. *eyes tear*

Zhayne wrote:

I'm sure these opinions are based on detailed analysis and observation in play, rather than simply looking at numbers and flipping out.

Seriously, if you allow wizards, clerics, and druids, you don't got much to complain about in this book.

All but the Arcanist and Bloodrager do deserve a fair bet more scrutiny. For the previously listed, it is exactly what i said.

The acranist's class abilities FAR outstrip any of the wizard/sorcerer's in damage, utility and number of usages. NOT ONLY THAT but they cast at the same rate and list as the sorcerer. What reason does anyone have to play a sorcerer or wizard now other then flavor?

The Bloodrager is also one I refuse to see at a table again. I went and compared it to the normal barbarian SIDE BY SIDE. They lose trap sense and rage powers to gain spell casting off of a very good list of melee support spells and bloodline powers and feats. This IS NOT an even trade.

Warpreist is a gut reaction.

Cranefist wrote:
Then someone joins your game and craps color spray, sleep and glitter dust with their fairy blooded, 20 charisma sorcerer all over your NPCs and you forget all about the power creep you thought you saw.

I've both seen and done that. The problem is, at the level that said strategy is effective, you can only do that once or twice to a very small area AND you just opened your 8 hit point ass up to the slings and arrows of EVERYONE outside of your little 15ft cone.

I feel like the only reason this wasn't a waste of money was so I'll be prepared to tell my players "NO" to half o this book.
First I was disappointed with how the book was formatted. Several feats and abilities seem overly wordy. I came across many spelling and grammatical errors, but the only one coming to me now is in the 7th level ability for one of the archetypes that cuts off before it tells you what it replaces.

NEXT, on the subject of archetypes, we only get 1 or 2 for each pre-existing classes. Most are useless. Same problem with feats.


1. The Arcanist- I was very PRO-arcanist when talking to my friends before it came out. The problem is NOT the prep/spontaneous combo. Arcane exploits are amazingly powerful. The ability to add metamagic to spells w/o adjusting level, damaging abilities better then ANY others and many spells, and recharge by spending unneeded spells.They are now #1 on my "never see play in my games" list. (Originally #1 was gunslinger mostly because i just didn't like it.)

2. The Bloodrager- Let's just build a stronger barbarian. The ONLY thing this monstrosity does NOT get from barbarian is trap sense and rage powers. What would you say if i presented an archetype that gave a barbarian spells instead of trap sense and bloodline feats and powers instead of rage powers. You'd laugh me out of the room, but that is what Paizo printed. This is on my ban list.

3. The Brawler- Let me start by saying, I love brawler's flurry. No problem with that, moving on. Martial versatility= I HAVE ANY FEAT I NEED ANY TIME. Martial Training= FIGHTER LEVELS WITH ABSURD SCALING DICE!? Unarmed strike...I HATE SCALING DICE. Close weapon mastery...I HATE SCALING DICE. Ac bonus is mostly pointless because the right answer is shield and fist. NOW i'm flurrying with 2 weapons that deal 2d8 WITH weapon spec, AND with shield master, no penalty for 2 wep fighting. This is on my ban list for the moment, pending some real play experience.

4. The Hunter- OP animal companion by animal companion standards, but other then that mostly okay. I love the teamwork abilities.

5. The investigator- Again mostly fine. I don't LIKE the ability to NOT spend inspiration to add bonuses from certain talents but it's not to bad.

6. The Shaman- In my mind the best class in the book. Not absurdly over powered, but not to weak it can;t stand out. I loved hexes from the beginning but hated the witch. This is what i hoped all the classes would be i this book, blending ideas from 2 classes to make a unique feeling class that neither overshadows or is overshadowed by it's possessors.

7. The Skald- I don't even know...They tried? This thing fails as a barbarian, as a bard and worst of all, it fails as it's own idea. It feels like the cut out the charts for bard and barbarian and just threw them on a page with now rhyme or reason for their blend. Spell kening is an awesome idea for a bard...not this.

8. The Slayer- "Into every generation a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their number. She is the Slayer." Okay, enough joking. This class is pretty good, no major complaints.

9. The Swashbuckler- I can't help but love it. My first character was a dexy, rapier-wielding charming jerk... Now on to legit concerns. Adding level (or 2xLevel) to damage ON TOP OF wep spec and wep training seems like a lot...but that may be because the can't 2-weapon fight and power attack like a fighter could...Parry repose is an amazing and flavorful ability that NORMALY couldn't be obtained until 10th level and requires you to give up one of your attacks for the round but now it's a first level ability...? I can't fairly judge this one...

10. The Warpreist- ...NO! Banned.

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a quartet of adolescent kappa trained as in ninjutsu by a wererat.

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Every once in a while, I line up all my dice. Take one and smash it with a sledge hammer. Then the other dice learn their place. I usually use a d12 or d4, but i can;t let the others get to comfortable. If a die crosses me to many times it's on the chopping block.

Sometimes i get creative, blowtorch, fireworks, mix it into cement and drop it to the bottom of a lake. Make sure to set an example.

AsmodeusUltima wrote:
Alchemist archetypes that give up mutagen and/or bombs (or a pair of them that each give up one and can be used together). I still don't understand why Vivisectionist is not allowed in PFS, but I don't like that every alcehmist is pegged into being a mad bomber/Dr. Jekyll.

I'm pretty sure that vivisectionist is banned because it LOOKS unbalanced. I mean, sneak attack by it self is nothing but at 20th lv. you've got +8 str from mutagen, +4 str from bulls str infusion AND 10d6 sneak attack. That looks highly unbalanced (I say looks from a just quick look at the numbers, after doing the math it's probably not as bad as it looks.)

Most classes only have two ways to give them a small boost to attack and damage OR one bigger way. Barbarian gets rage, cleric gets spells and some domain powers, druid gets wild shape and bulls str, fighter gets weapon training and wep spec, ranger gets favored enemy and bulls str AND lead blades, Paladin gets smite and divine bond, ect.

The bard actually gets a lot as well but nobody complains about them for some reason. They are essentially a full BAB, 6 Lv caster, with 6+int skill points.

LazarX wrote:
Rapthorn2ndform wrote:
Snow_Tiger wrote:

What about making him older?. Adult= normal stats, middle aged = -1 to all phys, +1 to all mental, old= additional -2, +2, etc... (I think this is covered in the additional rules section).

If he has a back that's worse than his his average guy in the age group, then adjust slightly.

He is old already. BUT...i KINDA want him to have a BADASS entry, that just falls apart.

"Stand down, old man."
"Who you calling old." *Flexes Bicep*
"Oh crap."
*throws out back*
"Oh crap."

I take it you're going for comedy then?

With this fight, yes. We've just had some pretty severe drama and just restarted w/ lv 1s not long ago. I' kinda wanna keep it light for a few sessions.

Snow_Tiger wrote:

What about making him older?. Adult= normal stats, middle aged = -1 to all phys, +1 to all mental, old= additional -2, +2, etc... (I think this is covered in the additional rules section).

If he has a back that's worse than his his average guy in the age group, then adjust slightly.

He is old already. BUT...i KINDA want him to have a BADASS entry, that just falls apart.

"Stand down, old man."
"Who you calling old." *Flexes Bicep*
"Oh crap."
*throws out back*
"Oh crap."

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My players are going to be fighting a 7th level old monk soon and they are only about 3rd level.

I want the monk to throw out his back after the first round.
I was thinking -2 Str and Dex, Loses evasion and Staggered for 1 round.

Being a strapping young lad, I have never experienced this so I am looking for input.

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N. Jolly wrote:

So my player is running a Paladin, he's a pretty nice guy. Does a lot of good for the community, but I know he could be doing more. And this makes me angry since he's not living up to the perfect standards of what I believe for the class, so I've got a bit of an axe to grind.

So he's scouting for the party in the woods, and ahead of him is a pretty well hidden pit trap. He doesn't spot it, so he can't avoid it. The reflex save is DC 25, and he in total gets a 25.

So I came here to ask you people of the boards: Did this paladin fall...into a pit and take 2d6 falling damage?

*slow clap*

Master of the Dark Triad wrote:

Doesn't it say that the people who control the kaiju are the weak and powerless? I thought I read that somewhere.

If so, you could make it a really epic low level encounter.

It says MOST people who control Kaiju are helpless. I would never call THIS GUY

fine_young_misanthrope wrote:

You might want to put a few guys in who protect the BBEG. If your players get an alpha strike off on the BBEG, this might be done before he gets a turn to control the thing.

Otherwise, AWESOME!

This will be a hard encounter, against a well organized team.

Absolutely. The controller is an advanced 8th lv Martial Artist. Supported by a vanilla monk,a Zen Archer, 2 Brawler Fighters and Sacred Mountain Monk. 2a/All_Six_Zyuranger_Weapons.PNG

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Kaiju are AWESOME! I just wish there was a good way to have them fight.

They are WAY to massive to fight in the traditional way. The map would need to be several tables wide, you ARE in it's reach (50+ feet) and on top of all that, I don't thing that even my colossal red dragon figure could do them justice.

(Although players gaining control of a Kaiju to fend off another would be epic...maybe another time.)


You don't fight the Kaiju, you fight the guy CONTROLLING the Kaiju. In the mean time the Kaiju is destroying the city you're fighting in.

Each turn on the Kaiju's initiative roll a d8 and it does a predetermined attack, many (but not all) will have some effect on the battle such as collapsing buildings creating hindering terrain or needing a save vs part of it's breath weapon.

The controller can spend a full round action to add or subtract 1 from the Kaiju's next die roll (He can direct it but not really control it).

Because of the nature of HOW the enemy is controlling the Kaiju, there would be a way to disrupt it (The one I am specifically thinking of is using music to direct the Kaiju, so a bard's countersong would be one way.)

The Kaiju I plan on using is Dragon Caesar.

What do you guys thing.

My Pali would usually introduce himself as "merely a humble knight."

Most people he met just called him "Knight" or "Sir Knight".

I played this character for nearly 2 years and greatly enjoyed it, but there was a secret about him that the DM and other players never knew.

I never came up with a name for him because I didn't expect to stay in the game that long.

It was fun.

ON THE OTHER HAND my barbarian will constantly shout his name and title at the start of battle. Along with a battle cry.


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Now you need to add Pterodactyl, Mastadon, Saber-toothed Tiger and Dragonzord styles.

Was my reference to subtle?

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Here's a strange concept (not build...just idea) from my best friend. This idea got my friend back into the game when he was on the verge of giving it up permanently. He's played it on multiple occasions with...mixed...success, but is always good for a laugh.

His name is Halon-Ten (because at one pint my friend became SO BORED of the game he started naming his characters with number).
He is the (was) the Lesser Deity of Poor Planning and Misfortune, who, through no fault of his own (according to him), has lost his godhood. Every time he falls (and it happens A LOT), mortals loose all memory of him. He is CONSTANTLY on a quest to restore his previous divinity.

The beautiful thing is, it doesn't matter if it's true or not. Some DMs go with it, others out right oppose it but no matter what you say, you won't convince him. What really makes him is the flair my friend would play him with. You get hilarious situations like:

Being HOPELESSLY outnumbered and he shouts "I shall make this offer once, surrender now or THEY kill you!"


"Death isn't so bad, I'll put in a good word with the Nerull for you."
"You wouldn't know him."

gloves of dueling for the weapon training from fighter.


Zedth wrote:
Rapthorn2ndform wrote:

A black dragon.

Something I like to do is have the black dragon have an injured wing and attack from under water.
Keeping him/her earthbound, that's kind of a neat idea.

I ran this encounter for my players at one point with a young black dragon (I had reduced the cr by 1 for it not being able to fly). It would bite, then full withdraw to under the water and move around to hit them from behind. Another fun tactic was grabbing the mage and pulling it underwater so it couldn't cast. Once it was reduced to about half, it retreated to it's underwater lair. It took a few days for my PCs to find the lair and confront it again. My players still say it was one of their most memorable encounters.

A black dragon.
Something I like to do is have the black dragon have an injured wing and attack from under water.

I've been running Wrath of the Righteous for a few of my friends (generally novice level) and one of my friend wanted to play a Battle Sorcerer, I suggested a magus but...he and the rest of the party refused, believing they need a 9 lv spell caster. He's been running a dragon bloodline but is really lagging behind (in a party with 2 paladins and a barbarian.)in the hit and damage department. When I asked if he wanted to rebuild he was hesitant but was clearly not enjoying it. I told him I'd try to come up with a way to bump him up a bit.

So here is what I have so far:

Diminished Spellcasting: -1 spell per day per level.
Average Base Attack Bonus

Arcana: You gain light armor proficiency. You can cast spells in light armor without chance of spell failure. At 7th level you gain medium armor proficiency and can cast spells in medium armor without arcane spell failure chance. At 13th level you gain heavy armor proficiency and can cast spells in heavy armor without arcane spell failure chance.

Lv1: After casting a spell as a free action you can gain a +1 bonus to hit and damage with weapons fro a number of rounds equal to the spell level. This bonus increases by 1 at fourth level and every four levels thereafter. This ability can be used 3+cha mod times per day.

3rd: Your spells overcome resistances. You treat a foes elemental resistance as 5 lower. At 9th level, you treat them as 10 lower. At 15th you treat them as 15 lower.

9th: You are treated as a fighter of your level-4 for the purposes of feat prerequisites.

15th: As a standard action you grow one size character. You gain a +6 size bonus to Str, -2 size penalty to Dex, +4 size bonus to Con, an a +4 size bonus to Natural armor. Can be used for up to one minute per level. need not be continuous.


Bonus feats: Combat Feats (I know it's broad but for something in the hands of someone who looks to the Gm for a bit of guidance won't be game breaking.)

Bonus Spells.
True Strike (3rd), Bulls Str (5th), Haste or Heroism?(7th), Stoneskin (9th), ??? (11th), Transformation (13th), Mage's Sword (15th), ?Form of Dragon III? (17th), ?Time Stop? (19th)

This may seem OP but the payer isn't looking to break a character, just have fun as a gish and isn't experienced enough to make it work.

Thoughts? Feedback? Compliments about my wonderful mustache?

Heroism is good +2 Moral to all attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks.
This is a MUST from the wizard, ditch fly if he's facing another vanillorc.

Also, the cleric should cast on of the +4 buffs and let the wizard casl False Life for an extra 1d10+5 hp. Also the cleric could use Shield Other to soak 1/2 the damage the warrior might take...if he's w/in 40 feet of the warrior during the fight.

The cleric should also save a Gentle Repose, so the have time to raise their champion should something go HORRIBLY wrong.

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The Morphling wrote:
Dhjika wrote:
- "I don't have a magic weapon" says all of the melee characters - this was for a 7-8 tier game

Oh, this one reminded me of one I see all of the damned time.

...when you're in a 7-11 and only one character can fly.

Flutter wrote:
Black Moria wrote:

Your DM announces the new campaign is based on Ponyfinder, the My Little Pony RPG for Pathfinder.

Seriously... be afraid ... be very afraid - because Ponyfinder actually really exists....

One step ahead of you...
My game is called My Little Pathfinder: Adventure is Magic, and it is awesome.

My friend and I played in on at a con last summer. It was fun.

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So we're on our boat in the middle of a forest (No water, a sailing ship,'s a long story.) and are surrounded by dozens of what we call tom-goblins (Hobgoblins with an 18 str, 20 dex, and magic composite longbows with a 4 strength rating) The Cheif shouts "Let us discuss surrender."

Without missing a beat I step forward "Well, we'll take your bow's, armor, money and any other magic you have. Then you can leave, and be glad that i showed you such mercy."

edit: oops...home game not society play

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Mikaze wrote:

Wait, do you have a witch?

Get hit by the Misfortune hex, and pray you get a natural 1 to hit the earth's AC.

Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

-Douglas Adams

LazarX wrote:
Claxon wrote:

Let us not forget Torag:

Against my people's enemy I will show no mercy. I will not allow their surrender, except to extract information. I will defeat them and scatter theirs families. Yet, even in the struggles against our enemies, I will act in a way that brings honor to Torag.

So, in some circumstances your god can demand that you do not accept surrender. Nay, in fact you are commanded to show no mercy and to "scatter" their families.

The line says "against my people's enemy".

One interpretation is that Tprag's code is meant to be applied in times of war, i.e. you don't accept the surrender of those who attack your tribe, country, etc. Which can give you some latitude to those you fight in other circumstances.

If you don't accept surrender under ANY circumstances, it's going to be rather hard to maintain a "good" alignment. And unless you leave no witnesses to your deeds, you will be come known as a killer who doesn't accept surrender. But then again, you can be pretty evil and still be "honorable". "Honor" is a rather flexible concept. Many warrior societies like the Japanese or the Klingons find it easy to determine that their enemies aren't deserving of being treated honorably, and just go full scale brutal on them.

Now I can't stop thinking of dwarves as 80's black stereotypes.

"Why won't you let me surrender, I didn't attack any of your people."

Dwarf Paladin "My people, is that a race comment."

But in actual response. "My people" is a very loose term. That could mean dwarves in general, that could mean country. I could mean adventuring party.

Chengar Qordath wrote:
My general understanding of Sarenae's position on redemption is that she generally tries to tries to save her enemies, but isn't "Stupid Good" or "Lawful Stupid" about it, and doesn't put innocents at risk to redeem the evil.
Beopere wrote:
That seems to be counter to "No mercy for the wicked" and "Redeeming a Villain is an Impractical Expenditure of Resources that may not work when you can simply smite them on the spot."

I was just arguing she wasn't exactly all "bubble gum and kittens". I neither agree or disagree with the Paladin in the opening.

Beopere wrote:
Rapthorn2ndform wrote:

Are we talking about the same Sarenrae?

(don't have book in front of me and don't have time to search)
I recall giving evil a chance at redemption, if they refuse EXECUTION.
That's not exactly touchy feely...more touchy feely than Torag, but...

I base my statements on the wiki and memories from modules and such. Temperance and Patience in all things seems pretty nice. But I could be wrong. She also tries to redeem the evil gods, except Rovagug.

Her herald also favors non-lethal tactics and brings people to appropriate authorities for punishment (based on pfsrd).

The gave the codes in faiths of purity.

"I will redeem the ignorant with my words and my actions. If they will not turn toward the light, I will redeem them by the sword."

Beopere wrote:
Umbriere Moonwhisper wrote:

Iomedae, Sarenrae, and Erastil (if i'm correct) are the trinity of Gods whose paladins traditionally follow the philosophy of "No Mercy for the Wicked." a Philosophy based on the fact that "Redeeming a Villain is an Impractical Expenditure of Resources that may not work when you can simply smite them on the spot." so, a lot of these paladins "Don't Take Prisoners" "Don't Accept Surrender" and "Brutally Slay Evil." it's not that they are Sadists, but they can be, but paladins of this school of thought beleive, "Sparing a Horde of Demons because of the possibility of one Redeemable Succubus" is "something unlikely to work" and are built around the assumption that certain creatures are "inherently evil."

if you want the paladin to stop smiting evil people mercilessly, you need to start including neutral, and even good members of potentially evil races seeking a pleasant life. make them second guess the drow

this paladin, plays more like an Inquisitor, or like an Archon. they play like a true follower of Iomedae. i wouldn't punish them for following Ioemedae tenants.

i would however, punish them if they show bias or inconsistency in their punishment of evil. such as Sparing humans while smiting a Demon. despite both being the same form of evil.

Pathfinder Wiki wrote:
Sarenrae (pronounced SAER-en-ray[1]) teaches temperance and patience in all things. Compassion and peace are her greatest virtues, and if enemies of the faith can be redeemed, they should be.

Sarenrae is touchy feely. Forgiving and redemption are her thing. Torag on the other hand rolls his eyes at such nonsense.

EDIT: Also I see nothing about Erastil being smitey. Iomedae and Torag lay down some hurt tho.

Are we talking about the same Sarenrae?

(don't have book in front of me and don't have time to search)
I recall giving evil a chance at redemption, if they refuse EXECUTION.
That's not exactly touchy feely...more touchy feely than Torag, but that's like saying that a fire is cold because it's not as hot as the sun.

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Current Party Lv 4: I'll go from most normal to strangest.

Ciel: Paladin (Hospitaler, Oath of Charity)
Torrent: Teifling Paladin (Oath of Vengeance)

Now we start getting odd.

Zig Zeon: Aasimar Sorcerer (Updated 3.5 Battle Sorcerer)
Smasho Blugermen: Human Barbarian of Shelyn (Invulnerable Rager) "The Warrior Painter, and the battlefield is his canvas."

And NOW, for the crowning moment of strange characters.

Halon Ten, the Lesser Deity of Poor Planning and Misfortune...:
Former God (Aasimar) Bard.

He is my friends favorite character, a deity who CONSTANTLY looses and regains his godhood. Every time he falls, mortals forget him.

His quote upon waking up in the underground "Oh no, not again."

"Characters who have taken nonlethal damage from lack of food or water are fatigued. Nonlethal damage from thirst or starvation cannot be recovered until the character gets food or water, as needed"


"Instead, when your nonlethal damage equals your current hit points, you're staggered (see below), and when it exceeds your current hit points, you fall unconscious."

Just always unconscious.

Odraude wrote:
Rapthorn2ndform wrote:
Odraude wrote:
i'm not clicking that link
spoilsport *frowns slightly and sulks in corner*
You changed the link. Still not clicking :p

TO BE FAIR, i changed the link BEFORE i read you're post. I found a better picture.

Odraude wrote:
i'm not clicking that link

spoilsport *frowns slightly and sulks in corner*


Musts for 2-handed fighters
1. POWER ATTACK: -6 to hit +18 damage, that shaves about 2 hit-dice off an opponent alone.

2. Weapon Spec. and Greater Weapon Spec.: +4 more damage

3. Weapon Training: +4 to hit and damage with your primary weapon.

4. Vital strike is a TRAP.

What are you doing?

It seems like you'retrying to do to much. You have a bunch of feats invested in survivalist (endurance, die hard, dodge, ect.) but it looks like you mainly want to deal big damage. Also, you have a few feats that just don't help (Run, throw anything, Improvised weapon mastery, ect) and should really be dropped. Lastly, what's with the great ax? The falchion is your weapon, it's good to have a back-up but don't invest in it (also it should probably cover the other 2 damage types, like a morning star).

A tip building a high level, number based character. Ask "Does this choice further my primary goal?", if not, don't take it.

Ipslore the Red wrote:
That's fairly easily done via flavor, and also possibly Vital Strike. I can't think of any crunch that would support such a thing, and you don't really need any. Just make it part of the cinema.

The vital strike part is a neat idea too, especially of i combine it with Mythic...You're probably right about it being flavor. I'm REALLY hoping one of the Pcs accept a duel with him. (The Pc are playing as mythic immortals who revive in their own realm after 24 hours so i wouldn't feel bad about killing them every now and again)

The foes they're going to face are mostly an excuse for me to rip off tv and movies. They're going to fight everything from a dragon who's scales can only be pierced in one small spot, to an god raised from the dead who can only be harmed by a small plant, to 4 young-adult kappa trained in ninjutsu by a wererat.

Will be fun.

I love Cliches

You know the classic scene when the guy slashes, but nothing happens until his opponent sheaths his sword. Hopefully on a critical hit and full power attack.

I want that as an ability for an enemy i'm sending at my players but i have no good idea how to go about it.

Any thoughts internet?

P.S. This character will also have a "I'm done holding back moment" when he's knocked about half-way down. Should be a fun and cinematic fight.

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OgreBattle wrote:
Rapthorn2ndform wrote:

They released a Hydra and what followed was one the most nerve-wracking, down to the wire fights I've ever been in. Good times.
How many rounds did it take and what kind of tactics did you and the hydra use? Was terrain involved?

It started with either 8 or nine heads and took about 20ish rounds but the hydra was chained down for the first 5 rounds giving me time to scramble for gear. The arena had a few traps that was able to cut the hydra's mobility. First few rounds were spring attack, cut off a head followed by spring attack & hope for enough fire damage. I only had an ac of 15, a torch, and a rusted long sword (-2 to hit, -2 to damage. I hoped that +4 ac from mobility and avoiding full attacks would keep me up for a while. eventually I got caught in a bear trap when it had 4 heads left and had to duke it out with 2wf full attacks. I cut off the head while at -4 hp (die hard) and won.

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I had to kill a Hydra the old fashioned way (Duel-wielding a longsword and torch.) . My 8th fighter was stripped of gear and thrown into an arena with stuff scattered around.

They released a Hydra and what followed was one the most nerve-wracking, down to the wire fights I've ever been in. Good times.

I also one-shot a 15th level vampire wizard at 10th level. Vampire gives opening speech and was probably going to let us escape, MY ranger shouts "You talk too much!" called shot to the heart. Nat 20, x3 damage, 3d8+39 put it just above critical damage, staking him mid sentence. That was a +2 keen bow but i suppose it would count because I didn't even get to use the keen ability.

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Lochar wrote:

Part 4? As in Midnight Isles?

With a total of no more than 30 hours of gameplay? that's insane. miss communication...part 4 of book 1...hehehe

My group is into part 4 of Wrath of the Righteous with 6 3-5 hour sessions and 1 session of bs'ing in character.

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This is where Pathfinder (and D&D in gerneral) needs a freaking Thesaurus.

"Adopted: You were adopted and raised by someone not of your actual race, and raised in a society not your own. As a result, you picked up a race trait from your adoptive parents and society, and may immediately select a race trait from your adoptive parents' race."

A Race Trait NOT a RACIAL Trait.

Race Traits are given in the back of the APG and in the Player Companions, I don't think there are any from the Advanced Race Guide.


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Claxon wrote:
Watch them drive themselves crazy with all the false positives.

On the note of false positives, the orc witch doctor in the tribe my PCs were fighting liked casting magic aura on stones and throwing them into the latrine.

"You come across what looks like an outhouse, the raw stench is nearly over-powering."
Bard- I cast detect magic, if I don't detect any thing I say we skip it.
Party: Agreed
Bard: Concentration check? Smells that bad, huh? I succeed...crap. Sorry guys, nothing (Rolls Bluff).

Khrysaor wrote:
The reason this could create problems with the Mithral/celestial armors is in the reduction in armor types. Celestial armor is considered light armor. Making it out of Mithral now treats it as no armor at all but requires light armor proficiency. Now a monk could take light armor proficiency and wear Mithral celestial armor while enjoying everything about being a monk which is also a cheaper and better alternative to getting bracers AC 8. The Sohei gets every benefit of his class and archetype instead of having to make a choice of armored or not.

No... No they are not...

" Heavy armors are treated as medium, and medium armors are treated as light, but light armors are still treated as light."
Straight out of the CRB.

Also I feel like I remember a this coming up in Ultimate Campaign with a dagger of venom being made as a rapier of venom, saying all you need to do is adjust the price.

We just began the Mongrel Lair last night. To my player's (2 Paladins, a bard, and Smasho the Barbarian Philosopher) credit, they worked efficiently. They cleared the cultists, the ranger, 6 mongrelmen, the lizard and the rats in one night. There are 3 unfortunate things though.

1. They opened the door to the garbage room (the one with the giant amoeba), winced a little, cast detect magic and closed the door. They don't want to touch that area with a 10-foot pole.

2. The looked down the hole to area 11-b (connects secret room to a lot of magic) determined that it was right behind the garbage room. Immediately assumed it's where the *ahem* excrement drained to and ignored it.

3. They just killed 2/3 of the dungeon with minimal effort at level 1, the only reason they retreated was because they ran out of healing potions (Seriously, Smasho was basically hooked up to an i.v. drip, through a mix of his role as tank and just plain bad luck.) NOW they are level 2 and have already beaten or ignored the some of the harder combats.

So I was wondering how I should reinforce the lair to make it less of a cake walk for them but still manageable. I was thinking 2 more mongrelmen and 1 cultist and the 1 mongrelman they let escape returned giving Hostilla a rundown of what he saw they could do. I gave him a 50/50 shot of being killed or spared by her and rolled he lives. So that leaves 7 mongrels, 1 cultist, 1 tiefling, 2 dretches, and Hostilla herself who they'd likely fight. 2 gars and an amoeba that will just be ignored.

What do you guys think? Any of ideas how i could encourage them to explore the river area without outright telling them? Are my additions reasonable? Too much? Too little?

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