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Pathfinder CRB, page 567 wrote:
Helpless: A helpless character is paralyzed, held, bound, sleeping, unconscious, or otherwise completely at an opponent’s mercy. A helpless target is treated as having a Dexterity of 0 (–5 modifier). Melee attacks against a helpless target get a +4 bonus (equivalent to attacking a prone target). Ranged attacks get no special bonus against helpless targets. Rogues can sneak attack helpless targets.


Pathfinder CRB, page 197 wrote:
Regular Attack: A helpless character takes a –4 penalty to AC against melee attacks. In addition, a helpless character is treated as having a Dexterity of 0, giving him a –5 penalty to AC against both melee and ranged attacks (for a total of –9 against melee and –5 against ranged). A helpless character is also flat-footed.

Do these stack, or are they intended to be different representations of the same thing? In other words, is the attack made at 8 points to the defender's detriment or 4?


'Allo! I'm considering making a change to TWF when I run my next game. First feat allows you to make 1 extra attack at your highest bonus, but all attacks are at -2, as normal.

Improved TWF lets you make 2 extra attacks at your highest bonus, but all attacks are at -4.

Greater TWF lets you make 3 extra attacks at your highest bonus, but all attacks are at -6.


Since my wife and I aren't traveling to see family this Thanksgiving in lieu of a longer Christmas break, we're having Thanksgiving with a friend of ours at our home. I decided to go ahead and run a one-shot with the two of them.

Warning: Grim themes to follow.

The background they'll receive has them just arriving in a small village after being attacked on the road by some undead. One of their companions got dragged off, and they lost him, so they're stopping at the village to see if anyone is able to help them.

One of the first things they'll notice is that there's almost nobody outside, and everyone who is outside is armed and suspicious. Turns out, many of the villagers (but only human ones) have disappeared in recent weeks. Eventually, they'll track down a ranger (probably, depending on what the PCs create) who offers to help.

After the group heads out, their first encounter will be with some angry animals -- probably a dire badger or two. After dispatching those, they continue on until they come across a dead villager. The body looks like it's been feasted on, but a Perception check (DC 20) shows that some parts of the skin have been cut off. A second Perception check (DC 25, -1 per rank in Know [nature]) reveals that many of the trees in the area look blighted. It's possible to follow this blight to help track (Survival DC is at -1 per rank in Know [nature]).

Following the new trail leads the group to an abandoned-looking hamlet, maybe a dozen decrepit buildings scattered about. Another Perception check (DC 10) shows a road leading away. If not for the blight in the area, it would be much more difficult to see.

Wandering among the buildings, the PCs might be able to see or hear movement in some of the buildings. Those that they investigate, they find filled with assorted undead -- bloody skeletons, zombies, and a few ghouls.

When they enter one of the buildings -- the most intact one, though it's still missing major portions of the roof -- they see a fireplace with a large pot cooking. When the door closes behind them, though, they'll hear another from the other side of the house slam shut as well. If they head straight for that sound, they'll first come to a room with a tub full of water, and what looks like a child floating in it.

Should they try to help the child, they find that she is still alive. Once she has recovered, she offers them some of the food from the house. The food, however, has been poison steeped (witch hex).

If she can keep the ruse going, she will target the PCs with feast of ashes and cup of dust; if not, a couple of juju zombies will come in from a bedroom and attack.


Anna, halfling graveborn witch (shadow) 8: HP 56; Str 6, Dex 15, Con 12, Int 20, Wis 10, Cha 16; Bluff 8, Disguise 8, Fly* 4, Knowledge (arcana)* 8, (nature)* 4, (planes)* 4, Spellcraft* 8, Sense Motive 4, Stealth 4, Survival 4, UMD* 8.
Cantrips, aura of desecration, patron spells, poppet; feat (Childlike)
Hex (cauldron), silent image
Feat (Extra Hex: poison steep).
Bonethrall, command undead
Feat (Accursed Hex).
Hex (water lung), animate dead
Feat (Tenebrous Spell).
Possess undead, shadow conjuration

Spells: 0th – Daze, guidance, putrefy food and drink, touch of fatigue. 1st – Ear-piercing scream, frostbite, interrogation x2, peacebond. 2nd – Feast of ashes, haunting mists x2, vomit swarm. 3rd – Cup of dust, excruciating deformation, rain of frogs, vision of hell. 4th – Shadow step, vermin shape II, volcanic storm.


Her 4th level spells serve to let her escape, and if she does, the PCs will have to try to track her, though her turning into a mosquito swarm will make that very difficult.

If they manage to kill or capture her, hooray! If not, they'll still find three of her victims awaiting jujuism in a locked room -- two villagers and their missing companion.


Edit: I still need to assign her magic items, so the skills list ranks, not modifier, and I haven't calculated AC and whatnot.

Edit edit: PCs will be 5th level (one druid, one unknown), and will be accompanied by a ranger to guide them and either a cleric or fighter, depending on what the other PC makes.

Okay, so the plant domain power grants the Wooden Fist ability.

PRD wrote:
Wooden Fist (Su): As a free action, your hands can become as hard as wood, covered in tiny thorns. While you have wooden fists, your unarmed strikes do not provoke attacks of opportunity, deal lethal damage, and gain a bonus on damage rolls equal to 1/2 your cleric level (minimum +1). You can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

My question is this: When a druid wild shapes, can he use this ability with his natural attacks to deal bonus damage? RAW obviously states "unarmed strikes," but does that preclude natural weapons?

If so, do y'all think it would be terribly unbalanced to let it apply to natural attacks anyway?

So, a sorcerer 5 has a Concentration check of +5 plus Cha mod. A wizard 5 has a Concentration check of +5 plus Int mod.

What is a sorc5/wiz5's Concentration check? Is it a flat +10 plus highest of Int or Cha? Or is it +5 plus Cha for sorcerer spells and +5 plus Int for wizard spells?

I'm pretty sure it's the latter, since the caster levels don't stack.

*Poke.* 'Allo?