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I am planning to try a Long Fight as detailed in DMG2 page 55 and wanted to elicit advice from people who have run them before. How did it go? Was is grindy? How many encounters worth of monsters did you use? What frequency did you grant benefits? Did you give your players meta-game knowledge about the benefits?

Any advice or observations would be appreciated.


A new MMO coming from Cryptic in 2011:


I always liked the graphic look of CoH, I hope they contimue with this title.

They updated the Monster Builder and it has the new format like Monster Manual 3. I thought I read it would be too hard to convert everything.

Even my custom created monsters have been converted!

I have dabbled in Skill Challenges in my game, but it has been hit or miss in the past. For my upcoming adventure I want to make one and wanted to get some advice on how to make it work.

Here is the basic premise: The group is 13th level and will have to cross a bridge to get to the bad guy who stole their quest item. The pit below them is a holding pen for young raptors. The bad guy's lackeys are going to try to push someone into the pit in the middle of the fight. I'll have some different ways to do this, but I really only want one player in the pit. Now in order for the player to survive, they and the rest of the group will have to try to distract the raptors long enough to allow the fallen player to get to the ladder (6 successes before 3 failures). After the third failure, the player in the pit is pulled under and will be eaten.

Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate, Nature (anything else?)

Ok, is this too harsh? I started my game at 1st level and have never killed a PC, so I'm not a killer DM, plus the party has easy access to Raise Dead, so it would not be permanent unless the player wanted it to be. What about some valiant PC who jumps in to same their friend?

Any advice to make this work would be much appreciated.


I have a villain coming up in a few weeks who the players hate and want to kill. I want them to get close, but he needs to get away for now so he can be a thorn in their side later.

Do any of you have advice on how he can be in a fight, and still be guaranteed an escape route without me having to obviously cheat to make it happen? If knowing what my players are capable of, here is what the party make-up was like at 11th (they are 12th now, and will be 13th when they first fight him).

Liberty's Lance

I run my 4e game twice a month for approx. 4 hours at a time. With 6 players, we typcially can get through 2 combat encounters per session. I am looking for ideas on how to speed that up a bit. When I create the combat encounters I typcially make them of equal or 1 level higher than the party.

I have been thinking of lowering the levels of the encounters, but am concerned with that reducing the challenge. Does anyone have any advice on speeding up combat?

The new Wilden race in the latest update to the Character Builder states they favor Battlemind, Druid, Invoker, and Shaman. Does anyone have an ideas what this class might be? It sounds psionic, and because of the Wilden stats, it may be a Defender rather than a Striker.

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In the new Githzerai description it says:

"...race that favors avenger, monk, ranger, and seeker classes."