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Full Name

Rache Kosto


A: 1 Harm: L(○) M(○○) C(○○) ~~ M 0 (-2) 2/5~ P: 2 (1) 5/5 ~ Sa 0 (-2) 0/5 ~ J 1 (-2) 0/5 ~ Sc -1(-2) 2/5 ~ Po 1 (-2) 3/5 XP: 2



About Rache Kosto


  • Femme
  • Detailed wear
  • Expressive face
  • Watchful eyes
  • Short body

  • Multiple generations of mixed race, skin tone is light grey.

Giri enforcement doesn't pay very well. Rache's missions are edited and broadcast as a reality show. Rache has severely mixed feelings about this.


  • Giri is worth killing over
  • Giri is worth dying over
  • Resolution of Giri is a scared moment between two people.

Ancient masterwork sword
Flechette SMG
A reenforced trench coat (1 armor)

Eye: Broadcaster, lowlight, flash proof. Flashy
Ear: Parabolic, wide frequency, recording. Sponsored

TOOLS OF THE TRADE: A chime that plays a special note to let someone know that it's time to make restitution for their transgression. It means their fear and shame and guilt are over. It makes people feel Resigned
THE ART OF THE PURSUIT:When you assimilate all the information you have available on a target, roll. On a 10+, generate 2 hold. On a 7–9, generate 1. Spend your hold 1 for 1 when actively on the hunt for them in order to:

  • Discern their position or a weakness in their life
    to exploit in order to do so.
  • Discern what security they may have or what
    kind of a threat they’d be to you.
  • Discern their greatest weakness and strength.
  • Discern what makes them feel safe or secure, and what makes them feel afraid.