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Full Name

Quenlariel Saelgwath, the Jacinth Sage


more active effects:


M Elf Oracle (Ancient Lorekeeper) 13 | AC 28 T 18 FF 22 | HP [111/111] 111/111| F +15 R +18 W +15 | CMD 30 | Init +12 | Perc +20 (18) lowlight vision, scent, darkvision, see in darkness, deaf | Spells (-, 8/8, 8/8, 8/8, 7/7, 7/7, 5/5)


active effects:








Common, Elven, lip reading, Ancient Osiriani, Sphinx, comprehend languages


Jeweled Sage; pathfinder; caravan master

About Quenly

There is Truth in the Darkness.

Quenly is a tall, graceful elf. He wears Osirian-style desert robes and a somewhat distant expression.

He is typically accompanied by an ebony dragon, no bigger than a housecat. Quenly communicates telepathically via this creature.

Quenly is the new Jacinth Sage, a member of the Order of Jeweled Sages.

Bot me!:

Quenly has a wide range of options in combat. He is capable of melee, but needs to be buffed to be effective. He will often serve as a divine support caster.

Use your spells to support rather than to attack directly.

A good first action in combat is Blessing of Fervour.

If your party needs another melee, use Many Forms to adopt a suitable shape - large magical beast (eg sleipnir, catoblepas, chimera) or medium dragon. If you have time, buff with Divine Favour, Displacement.

If determined to melee against strong opposition, your normal prep sequence is: swift action - quicken divine favour; move action - animate your animated buckler; standard action - many forms. Next round either use a breath weapon, or cast displacement (and grace if needed) and move into melee.

Remember that you can cast most of your spells even when shapechanged. You have Still Spell, Eschew Materials, and as a deaf oracle all your spells are Silent (for free).

Male Elf Oracle (ancient lorekeeper) 13
CG Medium Humanoid (Elf)
Init +12; Senses lowlight vision, scent, darkvision, see in darkness; Perception +18 (+2 visual, -4 opposed; deaf)
AC 28, touch 18, flat-footed 22 (+8 armour, +2 shield, +6 Dex, +1 insight, +1 deflection)
hp 111 (13d8+43)*
Fort +15, Ref +18, Will +15; +1 vs disease, swarm distraction; +2 vs death; +2 vs enchantment
Permanent endure elements, heat only; immune sleep, disease
*death occurs at -(CON+7)hp, see boons below

Base Atk +9; CMB +11/15; CMD 30
Speed 30 ft. (base 30 ft.); fly 60ft (good) or 40ft (good)
+16/+11 cold iron masterwork rapier (1d6+2/18-20x2)
+15/+10 cold iron cestus (1d4+2/19-20x2)
+15 primary natural attack (varies/x2) dex to damage
+16/+11 composite longbow +1 adaptive (1d8+3/x3)

when in voonith form:
STR 14 DEX 26 CON 16 INT 10 WIS 8 CHA 24
AC = 33 (8 armour + 8 dex + 2 shield + 1 deflection + 1 insight + 1 size + 2 natural) with cloak of darkness revelation and animated shield
Speed: 30', 40' fly (good), 50' swim
Attack routine: +18 bite (10' reach), 1d6+2 plus trip; 4 x +18 claw, 1d3+2; pounce
CMB: 17 CMD: 29 (35 vs trip)

when in sleipnir form:
STR 20 DEX 20 CON 18 INT 10 WIS 8 CHA 24
AC = 32 (8 armour + 5 dex + 2 shield + 1 deflection + 1 insight - 1 size + 6 natural) with armour and shield; +24hp
Speed: 80', 40' fly (good)
Attack routine: +13 bite, 1d8+5, 4 x +8 hoof, 1d8+2; breath weapon (prismatic spray, 30' cone; DC25); trample 1d8+7 (DC25)
resist electricity 20, resist cold 20
CMB: 15 CMD: 33 (45 vs trip)

when in medium dragon form:
STR 18 DEX 22 CON 16 INT 10 WIS 8 CHA 24
AC = 31 (8 armour + 5 dex + 2 shield + 1 deflection + 1 insight + 4 natural) with armour and shield; +12hp
Speed: varies (multiple modes)
Attack routine: +15 bite, 1d8+4, 2 x +15 claw, 1d6+4, 2 x +10 wing, 1d4+2; breath weapon 6d8, various, 1 use
varied energy resistances and vulnerability
CMB: 13/15 CMD: 32 (36 vs trip)

Spells Known (CL 13, concentration +20):

Level 0
create water, guidance, detect magic, read magic, stabilise, light, mending, purify food and drink

Level 1 (8/day)
Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Mage Hand, Protection From Evil, Obscuring Mist, Deathwatch, Unbreakable Heart, Moment of Greatness

Level 2 (8/day)
Cure Moderate Wounds, Vanish, Bull's Strength, Silence, Resist Energy, Grace, Page-bound Epiphany

Level 3 (8/day)
Cure Serious Wounds, False Life, Dispel Magic, Channel The Gift, Magic Vestment, Deeper Darkness

Level 4 (7/day)
Cure Critical Wounds, Displacement, Blessing Of Fervor, Freedom of Movement, Restoration, Ward of the Season

Level 5 (7/day)
Mass Cure Light Wounds, Shadow Conjuration, Hunter's Blessing, Breath of Life, Cleanse

Level 6 (5/day)
Mass Cure Moderate Wounds, Shadow Evocation, Heal, Greater Dispel Magic



Str 14 Dex 22 Con 16 Int 10 Wis 8 Cha 24


Improved Initiative, Eschew Materials, Still Spell, Weapon Finesse, Power Attack (-3/+6), Quicken Spell, Tenebrous Spell


warrior of old, fates favoured

ranks = 52 + 3fcb (oracle)
[8] Diplomacy 17
[1] Fly 11 (17)
[1] Knowledge Arcana 4
[13] Knowledge History 27
[1] Knowledge Local 4
[1] Knowledge Planes 4 (5)
[2] Knowledge Religion 5
[3] Linguistics 6
[13] Perception 20/18 (16/14) (13 ranks, +3 competence (curse), +2 racial, +2 circumstance visual (masterwork tool), -4 opposed, auto-fail aural)
[1] Sense Motive 3
[10] Spellcraft 13/15
[1] Stealth 12/18
Conditional Modifiers +6 (untyped bonus) To Knowledge Checks Involving Elves; +3 (untyped bonus) To Know: History Or Know: Religion Regarding Osirion; +2 Diplo Vs Dwarves, Wayangs; +1 To INT And CHA Checks In Absolom; +2 Diplo In Absolom; +1 Know: Planes Vs Demons; +2 diplomacy, intimidate, bluff vs scholars and experts; +2 bluff, diplo, intimidate vs Grandmaster Torch and his agents; +5 to Know and Spellcraft with access to Korvosa Acadamae

Knowledge (history) breakdown:

13 ranks + 3 class skill + 5 competence (scholar's ring) + 3 insight (sage jewel) + 1 timelost chronicler + 2 planar sage;
conditional modifiers: +6 elves, +3 Osirion, up to +10 circumstance from Page-Bound Epiphany spell


Read Lips
Ancient Osiriani

Constant Comprehend Languages (Scholar's Ring)


Gear from this scenario

Combat Gear
amulet of mighty fists +1, agile - not normally worn
Cloak of Resistance +5
Ring of protection +1
composite longbow (+2 STR) +1, adaptive
scabbard of vigour
alchemists' fire (2)
wand of cure light wounds
wand of bless
Animated Buckler +1, Shadow
spring loaded wrist sheath (2)
wayfinder (dusty rose prism ioun stone slotted)
cold iron arrows (18)
blunt silver arrows (18)
holy water (1)
Lesser pugwampi braids (3) force an opponent to reroll a d20 as an immediate action, one use each

Other Gear
Mnemonic vestment
Belt of Physical Might +4 (CON, DEX)
headband of alluring charisma +6
Page of Spell Knowledge (moment of greatness)
lucky horseshoe
cracked green prism ioun stone (saves) (implanted)
scholar's ring
lore needle (implanted)
dull grey ioun stone
wand of break enchantment, cl10
wand of lesser restoration
jacinth sage jewel
Heartstone of the Wronged
flint & steel
50' rope
rations (2)
antiplague (2)
vermin repellent (2)
anti toxin
air crystals
empty book (focus for Page-Bound Epiphany spell)
puzzle book
spectacles (masterwork tool - sight-based perception)
diamond dust (750gp)

Left at the lodge

hot weather outfit

Potions and Scrolls
scroll of tongues x2
scroll of daylight
scroll of align weapon
scroll of communal delay poison
scroll of remove disease
scroll of remove curse
oil of bless weapon
oil of magic weapon
potion of remove blindness/deafness

5 CP; 9 SP; 10090 GP


many forms (minutes remaining) 16/16
flight (minutes or hours remaining) 13/13
cloak of darkness (armour) (hours remaining) 13/13

timelost chronicler (+1 morale bonus to a d20 roll) 1/1
honoured acolyte (roll know: religion twice and take better result) 1/1
relic guardian (protect an unattended object within reach) 1/1
sage jewel (roll any knowledge check twice and take better result) 1/1
saviour of knowledge (Osirion/Absalom) 1/1

scabbard of vigour 1/1
lucky horseshoe (extra +3) 1/1
mnemonic vestment 1/1
lore needle 3/3
heartstone (reroll failed save vs confusion with +2 insight, immediate) 1/1
puzzle book 8/10

happy stick charges remaining (23/50)
wand of bless charges remaining (50/50)
wand of break enchantment cl10 (5/5)
wand of lesser restoration (10/10)

gm reroll (2 star) 1/1

Special Abilities

Special Qualities:

Elven immunities
Elven Magic
Lowlight vision
Oracle Mystery: Dark Tapestry
Oracle Curse: deaf (gain scent, perception bonuses, auto-fail hearing checks)
Oracle revelations:
  • cloak of darkness (1hour/level in 1 hour increments, +8AC, +6 stealth);
  • Many Forms (effective oracle level 15; as Greater Polymorph. Max duration 15 minutes per day, used in 1 minute increments;
  • Wings of Darkness: as a swift action, gain wings of shadow. You can fly at a speed of 60' with good manoeuvrability. Useable for 12 minutes per day, in 1 minute increments OR use as Overland Flight, 12 hours duration;
  • Pierce the Veil: gain darkvision 60' and See in Darkness.

pfs chronicles:

XP: 38 Fame: 71 Prestige: 9

1. Trial by Machine; 1xp, 2PP
2. Assault of the Kingdom of the Impossible; 1xp, 2PP
3. Delirium's Tangle; 1xp, 2PP
4. Destiny of the Sands 1 - a bitter bargain; 1xp, 2PP
5. Destiny of the Sands 2 - race to seeker's folly; 1xp, 2PP
- Mythic powers 1
- Mythic powers 2
6. The God's Market Gamble; 1xp, 2PP
7. Destiny of the Sands 3 - sanctum of the sages; 1xp, 2PP
8. Hall of the Flesh Eaters; 1xp, 2PP
9. The Segang Expedition; 1xp, 2PP
10. Thornkeep: the Forgotten Laboratory; 1xp, 1PP
11. The Slave Master's Mirror; 1xp, 2PP
12. Before the Dawn 1 - the bloodcove disguise; 1xp, 2PP
13. Before the Dawn 2 - rescue at azlant ridge; 1xp, 2PP
14. By Way of Bloodcove; 1xp, 2PP
- Pathfinder Tales: Song of the Serpent
15. The Night March of Kalkamedes; 1xp, 2PP
16. Siege of Serpents; 1xp, 2PP
17. Test of Tar Kuata; 1xp, 2PP
18. Tapestry's Toil; 1xp, 2PP
19. The Darkest Abduction; 1xp, 2PP
20. The Sky Key Solution; 1xp, 2PP
21. Serpent's Rise: 1xp, 2PP
- Pathdinder Tales: Worldwound Gambit
22. The Harrowing: 3xp, 4PP
23. Ancients' Anguish: 1xp, 1PP
24. The Ironbound Schism: 1xp, 2PP
25. The Cosmic Captive: 0.5xp, 1PP (slow tracked)
26. The Blakros Connection: 0.5xp, 1PP (slow tracked)
27. Refugees of the Weary Sky: 1xp, 2PP
28. Beacon Below: 1xp, 2PP
29. Abducted in Aether: 1xp, 2PP
30. Salvation of the Sages: 1xp, 2PP
31. The Elven Entanglement: 1xp, 2PP
32. Tapestry's Trial: 1xp, 2PP
33. Unleashing the Untouchable: 1xp, 2PP
34. Race for the Runecarved Key: 1xp, 2PP
35. Academy of Secrets: 3xp, 4PP

pfs boons:

scribe: +2 to saves vs death
soul warden: death occurs at -(CON+4)hp
sage candidate: your scribe and soul warden boon bonuses apply to all allies within 30 feet. If you spend Prestige to be brought back to life, you gain temporary Prestige that you can only use on Retraining.
planar sage: treat your Know: history and Know: planes bonuses as equal to (5) or gain +2 on your check if your bonus is already higher.
Mihir's coin: when in Absalom or a major city (>5000 residents) in Andoran, Cheliax, Jalmeray, Osirion, Qadira or Taldor, present this coin to a citizen of Jalmeray (takes 1d4 hours to find) and receive a +4 circumstance bonus to one Appraise, Diplomacy, or Knowledge (any) check. 1/scenario
Rescued the Minotaur Prince: +1 circumstance bonus to any CHA or INT check in Absalom (permanent)
Seeking the Sages x2
Evenhanded Investigator: +2 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy dealing with guards and city officials in Absalom
Mythic Legacy: 1 only, as a free action, one of your feats is Mythic for 1 round or as long as it takes to make a skill check modified by the feat.
Saviour of the Sages: you die at -(CON+3) (stacks with soul warden, so death occurs at -(CON+7); you gain +3 to Stabilisation checks; you gain +3 to know: history and know: religion checks about Osirion and its gods. (Includes benefits of Seeking the Sages boons).
Gloomspire Explorer: in the Gloomspires, gain +2 to Perception to find hidden objects such as traps and secret doors; 1 only, gain the same benefit for the duration of one scenario anywhere.
Ragdya's Blessing: 1 only, gain a climb speed of 20 for 1d4 rounds. For 1 round after this boon expires, gain the benefit of Feather Fall if you would fall due to a failed climb check and you are adjacent to a wall or other solid surface.
Unidentified Unguent: 1 only, as a move action that does not provoke, gain a short lived (1d4+3 rounds duration) supernatural mutagen effect Roll a d6:1-2, Rage as the spell, sickened for 1 round when duration ends; 3-4, natural reach increases by 5 feet, take 1d2 DEX damage when duration ends; 5-6, gain standard action breath attack, 15' line of acid for 4d6, Ref DC15 for half, take 2d6 acid damage when duration ends.
Djinni's admiration (Jairo)
Gnoll tactics: all your PFS characters gain access to certain Gnoll stuff (mainly feats).
Explorer's Endurance: permanent endure elements vs heat, up to 110 F; +1 to saves vs disease, swarm distraction.
Favour of Cartahegn: when in a settlement of at least 5000 people on Garund, may purchase mundane equipment (not weapons or armour) at a 10% discount.
5 kings negotiator: +2 diplo vs dwarves
Pathfinder's Excellence (combat): 2 only, before making at attack roll use this boon to roll twice and take the better result. If used against an Aspis agent or employee, the critical threat range of the attack doubles (does not stack with similar critical effects).
Pathfinder's Excellence (magic): 2 only, before casting a spell or using an SLA, use this boon to roll twice and take better result on any roll to overcome Spell Resistance and any roll to cast in an impeded area. Aspis members or employees get -2 to save against the spell. OR as a standard action cross off both boxes to recall a spell that you have already cast, as if it was not cast.
Tar Kuata initiate: easier retraining into Monk class.
Tanbaru's respect: gain a spirit oni improved familiar (if eligible) OR 1 only, cast an SLA from these options: dispel magic, fog cloud, invisibility
Wayang's Favour: +2 (untyped) bonus on CHA checks to influence Wayangs
Blaispear hero: increase in Fame (used)
Jewel Seeker: whenever any of your PFS characters recovers an intact Sage Jewel, regain 1PP (max 3, cannot gain this benefit from the same scenario more than once); gained three times.
Azlanti Wonders: 1 only, when exploring a site that predates Earthfall, gain two of the following: +1 insight bonus to AC, attack rolls, saves, or skill checks.
Champion of time: Defender of Time. Applied to 75577-5 (Tooth&Claw) gaining indomitable faith.
Timelost Chronicler: permanent +1 bonus to Knowledge (History). 1/scenario, gain a +1 morale bonus to any d20 roll (use before making the roll).
Spoils of the Siege (322)
Trusted Pathfinder: gain access to a few variant items.
Demonic Scholar: +1 to know (planes) checks regarding demons.
Averika Trained: gain access to the Averika Arbiter bard archetype for PFS.
Elemental Conquest: Fire. +1 insight bonus vs spells, SLAs and effects of creatures with the Fire descriptor. On the plane of Fire, you instead gain a +1 insight bonus on all saving throws. As a swift action, 1 only, grant one weapon you wield the Flaming special property for 1 minute (flaming burst if it's already flaming).
Ranginori's debt: 1 only (already used it once), regain a used spell slot as a standard action or cast one of the following as an SLA: cat's grace, cmw, lesser restoration, shocking grasp, csw, fly, lightning bolt, call lightning storm, ccw
Aggressive researcher: one only, before attempting a know (arcana, history, planes) check, treat the result as a 25 (even if you're untrained) OR gain a +5 to your check.
Acquainted with Aslynn.
Impossible Feat: 1 only, add +1d6 to a skill check, attack roll or saving throw before you make the roll. If you get a 6 on the d6 roll again and add the totals (up to twice, for a total maximum of +18).
322's foe: gain access to the Heartstone Amulet. I'm not her foe, I'm trying to save her! She's my 'sister', a fellow vessel of the true gods of the elves!
Earth Affinity
Gemstone Secrets: when you would expend the power of a magic gem, instead cross off this boon. That power is available for use again. (Does not effect any magic item that replicated a spell of level 7 or higher).
Charted Pillars: +2 bonus on Know (geography) and Survival checks in the Pillars of the Sun.
Honoured Acolyte: choose one knowledge skill (religion). Treat it as a class skill. If it is already a class skill, once per scenario you may roll twice and take the better result when using the skill.
Relic Guardian: 1/scenario, if an unattended object within your reach is targeted by an offensive spell, attack or effect, treat it as if it was in your possession (you can make saves, it has your CMD vs sunder). If an opponent succeeds at a sunder check against an object in your possession, cross off this boon to force the opponent to reroll the attack with a -5 penalty.
Acquainted with 322: Aslynn agreed to release 322 to me. I will complete her training!
Zey's gratitude: one only, cast an SLA at your character level using your CHA mod. Choose from the following: chain lightning, fireball, greater dispel magic, greater heroism, greater invisibility, stoneskin.
Exemplar of the Order: fulfil two faction card goals per adventure, may be eligible for Jeweled Sage membership.
Jeweled Sage: You wield a Sage Jewel that will grow in power with you and preserve your knowledge for all time. You gain a +3 insight bonus on Knowledge (history) and Linguistics checks, and all Knowledge skills are class skills for you. Once per day, when attempting a Knowledge skill check, you can roll twice and take the higher result. Additionally, you can cast comprehend languages once per day as a spell-like ability (CL 15th). You are recognised as a leading scholar in many fields and gain +2 circumstance bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks when dealing with other scholars and experts. (These benefits are included above).
Saviour of Knowledge: 1/scenario in Osirion or Absalom, get +5 insight bonus on a knowledge roll. 5 only, a Jeweled Sage makes a trained knowledge check for you with a bonus equal to twice your level, communicating the results to you anywhere via magic.
Torch's Respect: +2 bluff, diplomacy, intimidate vs Torch or his agents. If you would die fighting Torch or his agents, cross off this boon to return to life with 0hp at the end of the encounter.
Accumulating an army: elven uprooters
Advocate for Hao Jin: 2 only, +2 to Sense Motive and Diplomacy (gather information) for 1 scenario.
Liberator of 322 (yay!): legacy boon. Quenly freed 322 from Aslynn's yoke, and invited her to join him in Kyonin or at the Sanctum of the Sages.
Water Affinity
Isah's Wish: wish for power. Spend 8 PP, gain a +1 inherent bonus to one of your ability scores (CHA)
Hammer of Smiting: able to purchase a variant Mace of Smiting
Liberated Divinity: Ranginori is a legal deity for all your PFS characters.
Magnimaran Debt: 1/2 price raise dead / resurrection, one use only
Formidable Renoun: +2 intimidate vs followers of Lissala and can demoralise them as a move action.
Tenure: as Professor Emeritus of the Korvosa Acadamae, Quenly gains a +5 bonus to all Knowledge and Spellcraft checks whilst he has access to the Acadamae.