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Three star GM / Player for Pathfinder Second Edition

How Stealth Works!


Perception +8; darkvision
Languages Draconic
Skills Acrobatics +7, Athletics +8, Crafting +4, Intimidation +6,
Stealth +7
Str +4, Dex +1, Con +3, Int –3, Wis +2, Cha +0
Natural Camouflage Ssalarn’s white and blue scales provide
natural camouflage. In areas of snow and ice, Ssalarn can
move at his full Speed when Sneaking, and he gains a +4
circumstance bonus to Hide.
AC 18; Fort +11, Ref +5, Will +8
HP 30; Immunities paralyzed, sleep
Speed 30 feet, climb 30 feet
Melee [one-action] jaws +10 (magical), Damage 1d8+6 piercing
Melee [one-action] claw +10 (agile, magical), Damage 1d6+6 slashing
Gelid Breath [one-action] The tatzlwyrm belches a puff of frigid vapor
into the face of an adjacent creature, which must attempt a
DC 15 Fortitude save; the creature takes a –2 circumstance
penalty to this save if it’s grabbed or flat-footed. The
tatzlwyrm can’t use Gelid Breath again for 2 rounds.
Critical Success The target is unaffected.
Success The target is clumsy 1 for 1 round.
Failure The target takes 2d6 cold damage and is clumsy 1
for 1 round.
Critical Failure The target takes 4d6 cold damage and is
clumsy 1 for 1 minute.

Test of the Whitefang Wyrm! (Round Two)

"আমি দুর্বলতা চিহ্নিত করি!"


"I sense weakness!"

Richard scores a solid blow, shooting off a couple of the beast's icy-blue scales, the other bullet flying wide (Hit 7, Fail, Miss), to the score of Griphook's flute, as sudden inspiration towards musicality overtakes him,



Encounter Tracker (Round Two)
Tatzylwym @ -7 bang, -3 shock
(□□□) Lingering Inspire Courage
Griphook w/ short bow and flute (✋✋) & Darkvision @
Richard w/ unloaded pistol (1✋ ) & Brightlight @
Telua w/ dagger (1✋) & Brightlight @
Tapio w/ unarmed (0✋) & Lowlight @
Frey w/ dropped staff (0✋) & Lowlight @ Dying 1, Prone, Unconscious


The Party is Up!

QM Style
-I like descriptive posts using fun language
-I do my best to track the game using spoilers
-I try to link relevant rules / feats / items for easy access

Player Style
-As a player in my game, I am hoping you can return the favor!
-I ask that players help by botting eachother using “24-hour” rule
-Also, it really helps to use Action Symbols: (◆), (◆◆), (◆◆◆), (◇), (↺)


Modes of Play (Summary / Links):

Encounter Mode (Basic Actions)
Aid (↺): DC 20 check to give a +1 circumstance bonus to assisted skill check or attack roll (crit success: +2, +3 if master, +4 if legendary).
Crawl (◆, move): Move 5 feet while prone.
Delay (◇): Select this when your turn begins; take your turn later.
Drop Prone (◆, move): Fall prone.
Escape (◆, attack): Attempt to get free when grappled, restrained, or immobilized. Use unarmed attack modifier, Acrobatics, or Athletics.
Interact (◆, manipulate): Grab an object, open a door, draw an item, or do a similar action.
Leap (◆, move): Jump horizontally 10 feet (15 feet if your Speed is 30 feet or more), or vertically 3 feet and horizontally 5 feet.
Point Out (◆, auditory, manipulate, visual): You indicate a creature that you can see to one or more allies, gesturing in a direction and describing the distance verbally.
Ready (◆◆, concentrate): Prepare to take a single action or free action as a reaction with a trigger you designate.
Release (◇, manipulate): Release something you're holding without triggering reactions.
Seek (◆, concentrate, secret): Scan an area for signs of creatures or objects using Perception.
Sense Motive (◆, concentrate, secret): See if a creature is lying.
Stand (◆, move): You stand up from prone.
Step (◆, move): Move 5 feet without triggering reactions.
Stride (◆, move): Move up to your Speed.
Strike (◆, attack): Attack with a weapon or unarmed attack.
Take Cover (◆): Gain cover, or get greater cover if you have cover.

Exploration Mode (Basic Activities)
-Avoid Notice: You roll Stealth for initiative, *and may begin encounter Undetected to lower initiative foes from whom you have Cover or Concealment.
-Defend: You roll initiative normally (Perception) and begin the encounter with your Shield (*or Parry weapon) raised.
-Detect Magic: You roll initiative normally (Perception) and begin the encounter aware of any magical auras you can observe.
-Follow the Expert: *You may roll the mimicked skill for initiative, including bonuses bestowed by your ally for doing so (adding level to untrained check).
-Hustle: *If this encounter interrupted your Hustle, you may roll Athletics for initiative, and may or may not be Fatigued afterwards.
-Investigate: *You begin the encounter knowing the DC to identify known threats with chosen skill, and gain a +1 circumstance bonus this round.
-Repeat a Spell: You roll initiative normally (Perception), and begin the encounter with this spell already cast and/or sustained.
-Scout: You roll initiative normally (Perception), and you and your allies gain a +1 circumstance bonus to their initiative rolls.
-Search: You roll initiative normally (Perception), aware of hazards and secret doors whose Stealth DC your check meets or exceeds.

*(Italics) Are my interpretations of how these Activities transition from Exploration Mode to Encounter Mode!*

Downtime Mode (Before & After)
-Daily Preparations
-Earn Income / Craft


Equipment and Gear (Summary / Links):

Carrying and Using Items

Held (2 hands): No Interact action needed to Draw
Worn (Bulk Capacity): One Interact action to Draw item
Worn Tools (2 Bulk max): Drawing/Stowing Worn Tools is part of same action to use if you have a free hand
Stowed (first two Bulk is "free" w/ Backpack): One Interact action to Draw backpack itself, another to Draw item from backpack.

Bulk: How much can I carry?
Wielding Items: How do I switch items?