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Full Name

Pyron Firehide


Race: Emberkin Aasimar, Tiefling, Human HP: 3/9 Temp HP: 0 Init:+3 Speed: 30 AC: 16 FF: 15 T: 11 Fort: +1 Ref: +1 Will: +2 Acid Resist 5 Cold Resist 5 Elect Resist 5 Percep: +2 Diplomacy: +8 Know. (Arcana): +7 Know. (Planes): +6


Oracle 1/Witch 1




6'0" 160 lbs



Special Abilities

Pyrotechnics, cast daylight 1/day, and halo as spell-like ability, compass, darkvision, haunted, pierce the veil, weapon cord, energy resist: acid (5), cold (5), electricity (5)






Korvosa, the Jewel of Varisia (Established by Cheliax 3000 years ago


Common and Celestial



Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 19

About Pyron Firehide

Important Crunch:

HP: 9
Hero Points: 2 (One Get Out of Jail Free Card)
AC: 16
Touch AC: 11
Flat-Footed AC: 15
Init: +3
BAB: +0
Attack Bonus: +0
Melee Attack Bonus: +2
Ranged Attack Bonus: +1
Performance Combat: +4
Armor Check Penalty: -3
Speed: 30 ft/ 20 ft x4
Spell Resistance: 0
Spell Failure: 15%
Concentration Check Bonus: +5
Fort: +1
Reflex: +1
Will: +2
Conditional Modifiers:
Halo (+2 circumstance vs. blind or dazzled for fort, ref, and will)
Energy Resistance (Acid) 5
Energy Resistance (Cold) 5
Energy Resistance (Electricity) 5
CMB: 2
CMB: 13


Armor Proficiency (Light)
Armor Proficiency (Medium)
Shield Proficiency
Simple Weapon Proficiency (All)
Skill Focus: Knowledge (Arcana)


I can use all of the following skills
Acrobatics: -1
Appraise: +0
Bluff: +4
Climb: +0
Craft: +0
Diplomacy: +8 (1 rank)
Disguise: +4
Escape Artist: -1
Heal: +0
Intimidate: +4 (When Halo is lit, then add +2 against evil creatures)
Knowledge (Arcana): +7 (1 rank)
Knowledge (Planes): +6 (1 rank)
Perception: +0
Perform (Act): +4
Ride: -1
Sense Motive: +0
Spellcraft: +6 (1 rank)
Stealth: -1
Survival: +0
Swim: +0
Use Magic Device: +9 (1 rank)


Total Attack Bonus: +2
Damage: 1d8+2
Crit: 20/x2
Range: -
Weight: 6 lbs
Type: B/P
Size: Medium
Special Properties: -

Melee Dagger
Total Attack Bonus: +2
Damage: 1d4+2
Crit: 20/x2
Range: -
Weight: 1 lbs
Type: P/S
Size: Medium
Special Properties: -

Thrown Dagger
Total Attack Bonus: +1
Damage: 1d4+2
Crit: 20/x2
Range: 10 ft
Weight: 1 lbs
Type: P/S
Size: Medium
Special Properties: -

Total Attack Bonus: +1
Damage: 1d6+2
Crit: 19-20/x2
Range: 30 ft
Weight: 2 lbs
Type: P
Size: Medium
Special Properties: -
Notes: Take penalty when using it as a melee weapon, see text

Total Attack Bonus: +1
Damage: 1d6+2
Crit: 20/x2
Range: 50 ft
Weight: 0 lbs
Type: B
Size: Medium
Special Properties: -


Item Number of Items
In Combat-Light Load
Soldier's Uniform 1
Hide Shirt 1
Armored Kilt 1
Buckler 1
Morningstar 1
Weapon Cord (Morningstar) 1
Javelin 2
Dagger (Wrist) 1
Wrist Sheath, Spring Loaded 1
Sling 1
Holy Symbol, Wooden (Good) 1
Unholy Symbol, Wooden (Darkness) 1
Whistle, Signal 1

Hooked to Belt
Canteen 1
Compass 1
Pouch, Spell Component 1

Inside Belt Pouch 1
Chalk 1
Dice, Set 1
Fishhook 2
Flint and Steel 1
Sewing Needle 1
Thread (50 ft) 1
Tindertwig 5
Gold 0
Silver 3
Copper 6

Out of combat when carrying his backpack and stuff: Medium Load
Explorers Outfit 1
includes Jacket, medium-brimmed hat, scarf, boots, trousers, shirt, cloak, etc.
Backpack 1
Bedroll 1
Hook, Grappling 1
Iron Pot 1
Kit, Mess 1
Kit, Scrivener's 1
Hemp Rope 1
Soap 1
Sponge (for grooming) 1
String (50 ft) 1
Umbrella 1

Bag, Waterproof 1
Trail Rations 0
Box, Scroll 1
Scrolls, Mother's Scrolls 1


Oracle's 0-Level Spells
Spells Known: 4 plus other bonus spells
Spells per Day: Unlimited
Create Water
Detect Magic
Ghost Sound (DC 14)
Mage Hand
Purify Food and Drink (DC 14)

Oracle's 1-Level Spells
Spells Known: 2
Spells per Day: 3 (Oracle 1: Base 3 - Purifier Lose 1 Spell per Day per Spell Level + Charisma Modifier grants +1 Spell per Day for Spell Levels 1-4)
Protection from Alignment (Evil)

Racial Spell-Like Ability: Pyrotechnics
Racial Spell-Like Ability: Halo


Dangerously Curious

Religion and Beliefs:

Deity of the Late Parents: Calistria
Witch's patron will be insanity

Emberkin Aasimar Racial Traits:

Type: Outsider (native)
Size: Medium
Base Speed: Normal
Ability Score Modifiers: Flexible (+2 Int, +2 Cha)
Languages: Standard: Common and Celestial
Resistance: Celestial Resistance (Acid Resistance 5, Cold Resistane 5, and Electricity Resistance 5
Skill Bonus: Knowledge (Planes), Spellcraft
Spell-Like Ability: Pyrotechnics
Alternative Racial Trait: Cast Halo as a spell-like ability, which increases +2 circumstance bonus on Intimidate checks against evil creatures and on saving throws against becoming blinded or dazzled.

Oracle Abilities:

Cast cleric spells without preparation
Mystery: Dark Tapestry
Oracle's Curse: Haunted
Mystery Spell
Final Revelation

Mystery: Dark Tapestry:

An oracle with the dark tapestry mystery adds Disguise, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana), and Stealth to her list of class skills.
Bonus Spells: entropic shield (2nd), dust of twilight [APG] (4th), tongues (6th), black tentacles (8th), feeblemind (10th), planar binding (12th), insanity (14th), reverse gravity (16th), interplanetary teleport [UM] (18th).
At 1st level, 3rd level, and every four levels thereafter (7th, 11th, and so on), an oracle uncovers a new secret about her mystery that grants her powers and abilities. The oracle must select a revelation from the list of revelations available to her mystery. If a revelation is chosen at a later level, the oracle gains all of the abilities and bonuses granted by that revelation based on her current level. Unless otherwise noted, activating the power of a revelation is a standard action.

Unless otherwise noted, the DC to save against these revelations is equal to 10 + 1/2 the oracle’s level + the oracle’s Wisdom modifier.

Oracle's Curse: Haunted:

Retrieving any stored item from your gear requires a standard action, unless it would normally take longer. Any item you drop lands 10 feet away from you in a random direction. Add mage hand and ghost sound to your list of spells known.

At 5th level, add levitate and minor image to your list of spells known.

At 10th level, add telekinesis to your list of spells known.

At 15th level, add reverse gravity to your list of spells known.

Oracle Revelations:

First Revelation: Pierce the Veil
Gain Darkvision 60 feet; at 11th level, can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, even in absolute darkness or the darkness created by a deeper darkness spell.

Aasimar Archetype: Purifier:

Class Features:

Bonus Spells*
veil of heaven (2nd), confess (4th), cast out (6th), denounce (8th), dispel evil (10th), banishment (12th), holy word (14th), mind blank (16th), freedom (18th).

*www.d20pfsrd.com Editor's Note
"Though the text stating so is missing from the Advanced Race Guide, the purifier's bonus spells are likely meant to replace the bonus spells granted by the oracle's mystery. GMs are encouraged to include this text: 'These bonus spells replace the oracle’s mystery bonus spells from the indicated levels.'"

Diminished Spellcasting
A purifier can use one fewer spell per day of each level and does not automatically learn cure or inflict spells (spells with "cure" or "inflict" in the name). Her number of oracle spells known is unchanged.

A purifier must take the following revelations at the listed levels.
See Sin (Sp): At 3rd level
Celestial Armor (Su): At 7th level
Sin Eater (Su): At 11th level

Other abilities:
Sacred Scourge (Su): At 5th level
Holy Terror (Su): At 9th level
Celestial Master (Su): At 13th level

His Personality:

His outward personality is much different than his inward personality. He seems to be an outgoing, charismatic guy. He takes the blows and jokes for his looks and ancestry without a problem. Everyone loves him. However, he is deeply troubled within. He is a bit mad, chaotic, and insane within. He is now able to maintain control through his training as a witch. If it weren't for the mystery that is troubling him so much.


A Short Story
By Nathanial Isaacson
“The Birth of One from a Twisted Lineage” 

Prelude: His Heritage
An Emberkin Aasimar nicknamed Pyro grew up in a society from the Outer Planes. He was an angelic being that struggled to control the element of fire. He could not control his inner nature and powers, struggled with his complex array of emotions, and ended up being shunned from much of his society, the Peri society. Despite having supporters, judgment was made that he must be cast out. He fell from grace. Having been rejected, he sought out to how to have a future outside of his society. So, a few supporters helped him travel to the Material Plane.
His anger grew and hate swelled up inside him when he was forced into exile. He turned back on his good ways and focused on what would make him powerful. Another member of the Peri society wanted to see him be punished even more, so he tricked Pyro to going down into a lair full of denizens from hell.
A beautiful, red Tiefling, one who is born from a fiend from hell and a human, named Tish grew up in a dark society that had a mixture of creatures of the underworld and of evil men. She was trained to use her natural charm to beguile men of various races, show them a good, time, get the information, and leave the informer alive for future information or not. She traveled throughout a small region and made a small name for herself. She was sent to a post to elicit information from a couple of guards in a hidden outpost.
While she was at the outpost, a flame-touched creature that was obviously not supposed to be there came inside. Seizing the moment, she stopped the intruder and the few militia inside from attacking. She beguiled the otherworldly creature to not attack and to see if she or the others may be able to offer their services to him. Her offer surprised everyone, but her command and her presence kept everyone from attacking each other.
After hearing his story and listening to the local militia that others who were of a similar nature to this foreigner had been attacking them recently. When he told her about the Peri who sent him in here to his death after being forced into exile. Since she sensed that he might not be lying, she asked him if he was willing to turn against the Peri who sent him there and fight with her. He was not eager at first to join them, so she tried to seduce him a little bit to see it her way. It was then when he agreed and it was this that helped her trust him a bit more than if he was willing to switch sides so easily.
After he agreed, he was put under her care, else he would be killed without her protection. She used this power to get control over him, to keep him alive to maintain that power, and to turn his heart over to her. He was not a yes-man, but required to be more of a partner, well as much as possible, which she allowed.
After a couple of years of warring with the Aasimars and Peri society, she knew the only way to maintain control over him was to have his child; it surely wasn't out of love. Tish told Pyro that he should prove to his home society that he indeed has left them for good by having a child with her. He agreed. 

Chapter 1: The Blessing
The announcement of Pyron's birth was known to both society's, as a military and political ploy. On the day of his birth, Factions of the Peri, including some Aasimars, attempted to break through the denizens defenses. Larger battles broke out over this, which is what the denizens wanted: havoc. During this time, the Peri fought hard to kill the child.
Years went by and both sides became devastated from the war. When the child was older, an emissary named Purest offered a truce. She would bless the child as good faith to end the war. She proposed that if the blessing is unacceptable, then they may take her life. This was the blessing: She would put a mark on him that would be known by both societies. This mark will show both sides that he is not to be harmed and that he must be allowed to make his own choices without fear of retribution. When he makes his choice, then the societies could choose to act accordingly. The mark would be in the form of a halo. The parents and a representative of their society agreed.
She placed her hand on his bald, red head, between his small horns, moved her hand up and in a circle. A halo appeared over his head. This halo, though, was a mixture of red and silvery blue, just like the silvery blue markings on his body that he had since birth. Ever since that blessing, the war was reduced to battles between factions that grew from the war or had been happening prior to the war.

Chapter 2: Becoming an Oracle
Pyron Firehide grew up in a very controlling household. He grew up to be rebellious like his father and controlling like his mother. He lived in a place filled with evil men that dealt with demons and devils. Even still, the good-aligned emissary came to visit him to ensure the pact was not broken that was made when he was younger. These interruptions confused Pyron about good/evil and love/hate.
When he was a bit older, things seemed to get a bit strange. It started out with him thinking someone was watching him. Then a breeze would pick up when the windows were closed. It got worse when items started moving on their own. His family moved thinking that the house might be haunted. It took only a week before Pyron started noticing the mysterious happenings. Finally, if he ever dropped an item, it would fly a few feet away from him.
When his family noticed that it was getting worse, they hired an oracle to come to the house to see what was wrong. During the ceremony, the oracle realized that the son was likely an oracle himself. "He has an oracle's curse. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you allow him to train as an oracle. He is haunted by the spirits, but I can train him how to control the effectsof the curse." The oracle announced this to the family. The family had mixed concerns and emotions. Pyron seemed to have lost hope. Then he decided that he wanted to pursue the path. After much discussion, the oracle offered her services to train the boy for a fee of course. The family agreed.
The first thing that she taught him was to control his actions by not letting go of things. He had to first have control over his curse. Then she taught him how to use the spell mage hand to help him retrieve his dropped items. Over time, he started moving other things on his own. When she saw this, she taught him how to cast the spell ghost sound. She told him that as he pursued this path, that even if she is not around, he is an oracle and will learn about the mysteries and revelations of being one. "What mysteries and revelations are you talking about?" He asked.
"There is much more to being an oracle than controlling your curse. There is a mystery behind your curse. As you focus your mind and allow yourself to open up, then the mystery will begin to reveal itself to you. Come back to me when it starts revealing itself to you and report to me what you have learned."
During that period, Pyron stayed up late to meditate. He would take a stroll along the block at night to help him think. Normally, he used his halo to help him see, but after a time he stopped using it; he wanted to open his mind. It was strange, but he seemed to be able to start seeing further in the darkness than he normally had before.
When he went back to report, she told him that she was surprised that he couldn't before knowing his race. Then she realized his halo was affecting that. "Your mystery is the Dark Tapestry. It is a dark mystery, one that has made a few oracles go mad. But don't worry. You have grown up in a dark and evil society. This mystery might even help you to survive in such a society." So she started teaching him a few spells that would help him survive like create water, purify food and drink, detect magic, and protection from alignment. He innately learned how to cast virtue and bless.
He asked her why this was the case. She explained, "The blessing given to you when you were younger is causing you to be balanced in your training. Do not fret. Use it to your advantage. Do not look at a blessing as a curse. Remember, there are forces from all sides that is affecting your training. Just be careful to know who you are despite the blessings and cursings that have been placed upon you. You are the result of a nasty war and an adverse lineage; it is very rare to see one who comes from a lineage of both fiends and Aasimars."
While he practiced, he started reacting to things before others. Also, he became curious about the arcane practices. He tried to control things that had magical properties. At one point, his parents found an old wand that had a few charges left in it. The father started to burn his own body with his hands, as he had taught Pyron to do when he was younger, hence Pyron's father's name: Pyro. Then his mother used the wand to heal the burn. They showed him how to use it correctly. Finally he got a hang of it. Then she showed him some magic scrolls and taught him how to read them. She even gave him a chance to cast a spell from a scroll before it disentegrated. She told him that was a part of the process of casting the spell.

Chapter 3: Becoming a Witch
With all of his knowledge, he started thinking that he was some kind of god. He tried to control things and then finally tried to control people. He started to go crazy and even a bit mad. Finally, the family contacted another being in the occult realm, a witch. She and her two sister witches (not necessarily blood-sisters) told them that they could help him with his madness, with his insanity, for a fee of course. The family relented.
The sisters took Pyron into their hut and let him use the guest portion of the dwelling. They brewed potions and practiced hexes and spells while watching for him to respond. He asked, "How or where do you learn your hexes and spells?" They replied by their patrons. They told him that he could have a patron. "What should my patron be," he asked.
"Insanity," they replied together. "You have become insane, and so your patron should be the patron of insanity. This may help you overcome your insanity." He agreed. So, they taught him how to become a witch.
He asked about their familiars. After a lengthy discussion, he asked if there was a familiar that could help him with reacting to situations better. They told him about the greensting scorpion, but he declined since it was too small for him. He wanted something a bit bigger. After looking through their papers, they told him about the compsognathus. "It is a dinosaur, so you will have to go to where they are to learn more about them. We will teach you the rituals. The first ritual should be done near where they live. After that, if your familiar dies, you will be able to perform a ritual in a different location than where they live.
His family and the witches prepared for him to go on his journey. He started his journey on a ship. He quickly learned that he did not like to travel over the water. He had to travel overland through some towns, hire a guide, and go into the nature to look for the compsognathus. When the guide brought him to where they lived, they camped. During the night, he had some wierd dreams, but he couldn't make out their meanings. Then the next couple of days, the guide taught him what he knew and showed him about their living habits. Finally, on the third full day, he performed his ritual. A couple of compsognathus came to him but rejected him. The third compsognathus did not turn away and became Pyron's familiar. All the spells that the witches tried to teach him seemed to leave his mind and enter the mind of the familiar. Now he truly understood what they meant that the familiar stored the spells for him.
After spending one more night, Pyron, his familiar who he nicknamed Bones, and the guide returned back to the nearby town. Pyron rested before travelling back home.

Chapter 4: Becoming a Purifier
When he came back to port, he went to visit the witches. They congratulated him but told him there was urgent news from his home. He left immediately for his home. When he arrived, a few family friends surrounded and hugged him. There were tears on many of the faces. Bewildered, he looked around for his parents. An aunt, seeing his frantic look, clasped his hand and told him that his parents were murdered. Overwhelmed and shocked, he dropped down to the ground crying and shaking uncontrollably. He thrashed out to anyone who tried to go near him.
In his bout, images of insanity came to his mind, and he realized that his patron was insanity. He could tell that his familiar was trying to help him in his mind to help him find solace in the insanity and to control the chaos in his mind. Through his familiar, he Pyron was able to come back to reality.
He slept on his bed for a few days, because he was exhausted from both his trip and the death of his parents. The oracle came to see him. At first, he didn't want to talk with her. "Your training caused me to go insane!" He yelled.
"That was not from me. That is your mystery. It started to reveal itself to you through my training. Without the training, you would have gone insane anyway, but it woud have taken you much longer to understand it. I hear your training with the witches have helped you gain control over it. I am happy for that."
"Then why are you here?" He accused.
"Now that you have control over the chaos in your mind, you need to finish your training as an oracle."
"Why would I do that?" He asked.
"It will help you purify your soul. Additionally, it will help you avenge your parents' deaths."
When Pyron heard that, he sat upright. After staring at her and blinking a couple of times, he jumped out of bed, startling Bones, his familiar. "Then let's start immediately." She agreed.
They left to a place that he had visited before. It was outside of the city limits. She told him they were to meet another oracle who wanted to finish his training. There, they met him, but he was not a local. He was an Aasimar. Pyron was shocked. "Why would an Aasimar be here?"
"The emissary told him about your training. He felt that needed to learn some things that I could not teach you. You can trust him."
When they reached the opening of the fence, the Aasimar greeted him. "Hello and well met, Pyron Firehide."
"Hello," Pyron replied.
"We have much to discuss. My name is Tule. Please come inside." He brought them into a hut where he was staying. First, I want to give you my sincere condolences for the loss of your parents. Since we made our truce, and since your parents have upheld their bargain, I would like to finish the agreement."
"Finish the agreement?" Pyron asked.
"Yes, the agreement included that we had a chance to offer you training to allow you to have full opportunity learn our ways, learn what we can do to help you, and to offer you a chance to either be a full member of our society or at least be a redeemed exile. Do you understand?"
"Yes, I think so."
Tule continued, "Do you know about your halo and what it means?"
"Yes, I do. It was a way to stop the war between your people, the Peri society, and my people. It was presented in the form of a blessing for me." Pyron had a guard up inside. He didn't know about this man yet.
"That is correct. We blessed you to show good faith that we would not harm you. Now that you are older, and under the circumstances, we are ready to make you this offer. If you will train with me, then I will teach you the basic history of our people, the war according to our point of view, the history of your father's exile from our point of view, and recent history. If after the training you choose to accept goodness into your heart, because you need to understand both good and evil, then I will teach you how to be unlock the Aasimar part of yourself as an oracle."
"What is that?" Pyron asked.
"We call it purification. You would be known as a Purifier."
The other oracle, Pyron's first teacher, Shayla, raised her eyebrow and commented, "I have not heard of that."
Tule responded, "Aasimar oracles have always been able to go through a purification process. It is a part of who we are." She just nodded. Looking to Pyron he asks, "Once you have gone through the purification process, and I approve, then the emissary will ask you a few questions to determine if you will be given either the full member status or the redeemed exile status. If it is the latter, then you, your descendants, or both will have the chance to request for full member status at a later date; otherwise, they will automatically receive the redeemed exile status."
Pyron nodded and replied, "Okay. Let's get started."
The history lessons took a month. Once Pyron was indoctrinated, he agreed that he understands goodness for what it was. Once he proved that he accepted goodness into his heart, they started the purification process. That took two more months. Finally, at the end, Tule responded that they were successful and that Pyron was now a Purifier. Tule told Pyron to go home and wait for the emissary.

Chapter 5: Vengeance
When he went home, he started to grieve again for the loss of his parents. He became angry again. He remembered that this training would help him avenge his parents. So he went around to gather up people who would support him or go with him to avenge his parents. After gathering information and garnering support, he and a few others went to a hideout of evil men who sent devils to kill his parents. The battle took the lives of a few of the members of his band. But when Pyron had the leader's throat in his hands at the end of the battle, the leader whispered some dark matters and conspiracies in his ear. Pyron didn't know what to make of it, but that didn't change his purpose. Without another thought, he slit the throat of the leader and avenged his parents.
Taking the head of the leader, he went to the town square and yelled, "I have done it! I have avenged my parents! If anyone doubts me, let them see the head of their murderers. Let this be a warning to any who hurts my family, my friends, my teachers, my comrades, or any decent person." He stuck stuck a pike in the ground and skewered the head with the top of the pike, leaving it there for others to see.
He went back to Shayla to tell her his deed and to see if the emissary has arrived. She was glad that Pyron was able to avenge his parents. The emissary has not arrived yet, so she suggested that he visit the witches.
He went to the witches and told them what happened. They could see the darkness in him and the insanity and chaos residing in him. "Let us finish your training before you leave to be a Purifier. Once we are done, you will be able to continue to train on your own." So they continued the last bit of his training. They explained how the hexes worked with each other, how the cackle could extend his evil eye hex and other hexes for as long as he continued to cackle. They told him about other hexes and suggested he look into the fortune and misfortune hexes while he is on his journey. Lastly, they taught him how to fly on a broomstick. He learned how to take off, maneuver, and land. They didn't have an extra one for him, but he could pick one up later on or even adapt his training if he ever grew wings, which they did say may happen to him someday.

Chapter 6: The Final Decision
He finally received notice that the emissary arrived. So, he bid the witches farewell to go through the final test. "Who knows," Pyron exclaimed, "maybe I will have citizenship in two planes and two societies." So he left them not knowing if he woud ever see them again.
He went and met up with Shayla and Tule at Tule's residence. Shayla greeted him and brought him inside. Tule and Purest, the emissary, were discussing recent events. They greeted Pyron with a smile and welcomed him inside.
Purest started, "Tule was telling me that you made it through your purification ceremony."
"Yes, that's right. My training with Shayla and the witches helped prepare me to expect the unexpected."
Purest responded with a gentle laugh, "Yes, that would make sense. I am pleased to see that you have grown up with the chance to learn both sides of your ancestory. I do want to give you my condolences of your parents. It is a terrible loss to lose one's parents."
Pyron nodded, "My familiar helps me through the tough times."
Purest turned to look at the compsognathus. "I have never seen a compsognathus before. Is it gentle?"
"Yes, he's gentle. His name is Bones, because I can see his bones through his flesh pretty easily."
Purestlaughed again. "Yes, I see you are right. Now tell me Pyron, what have you done since the purification ceremony." This time she looked at him questioningly.
Pyron knew this was the test, the most important part of the interview. "I, uh, I avenged their death."
She put her finger to her mouth before asking, "How did you avenge them?"
Rushing into his answer, knowing immediately after that he rushed too quickly, "I killed their murderers." He paused when she was taken aback by his brashness. He slowed down his speech, "I investigated the situation, talked with local townspeople, and took a group to find their hideout. They sent devils after my family! Their actions were cruel and evil. They couldn't do it again. That's why the others went with me; they didn't want this to happen to others, again. It wasn't the first time they murdered someone in the area." He was breathing heavily this time.
"I see," she said quietly.
"What was I supposed to do? Sit back and let them get away with it just to kill someone else with devils?"
"They surely needed to be judged," she agreed. "But the way that it happened may not have been the best way. By the way, how many of the townspeople who went with you were killed?"
Shaking his head, "I don't know. A few. Five, I believe. One other had bad wounds, but I heard he was better after a week."
"What happened afterwards? What did you do? Did you stop after killing them?" She asked.
"No, no. I took the head of the leader, grabbed a pike, and went to the town square. I announced to those in the town square that if anyone ever does this to anyone important to me or to any innocent person, then they need to think again if I am around. I do not want to see this again. Whether they are an evil person or they say they are a good person yet performing evil deeds, I will not have it. Then I stuck the pike in the ground and stuck the head on the pike for people to see to show them that I mean it."
She nodded silently. "What do you think about good and evil?"
He squinted is eyes while he thought for a moment. "They are very similar."
"What do you mean?" She probed.
"I mean," he started, "people who are good are selfish for themselves and others. They try to do right by other people, but at the same time, when push comes to shove, they care more for themselves than other people. They may help others when they can, but if they can't, then they don't or can't care for others. People who are evil are selfish for themselves and sometimes for others. They try to do right for themselves. When it comes to other people, they use them as tools. They might help them, only as long as they get a favor in return. Good people ask for favors in return too. Both good and evil people fail to keep their word. Evil people will intentionally lie, where good people will accidentally lie. Does that make sense? Did I explain myself well enough?"
"Yes, you did. Did you finish your training with the witches? Do you intend to pursue that path? Or do you intend to be a Purifier?"
"I have sufficient training from the witches to be able to practice on my own. They gave me some useful tools and Bones, here, is a great protector. He helps me with my path into the Dark Tapestry mystery. The purification really helped me too. It seemed to be a calling, whereas the witches helped give me tools for that path. I started as an oracle originally; the witches just helped me control the insanity and chaos within me. I am a Purifier, and I intend to continue down that path."
"I am glad to hear that you know your calling and have found your path. It seems that you have much more within that needs purifying, so, hopefully, your path, your tools, and your familiar will help you with that. Now, in regards to your future with the Peri society, I would like to sleep on it. I have much to consider, and I do not like to rush into a decision. I feel that is the best way to be fair to you. Do you agree?"
Pyron smiled. "I agree."
"Then I will see you tomorrow. You should stay here tonight." After that, they were all quiet for the evening with the exception of the goodnights. They all woke up early. After breakfast, they sat to discuss his future in relations to the society. "I have considered the matter all evening and have slept on it. I have come to my decision."
Pyron adjusted in his chair to hear her answer.
"I feel that you have learned a lot. Indeed, you have met my hopes for you. I feel you have a path that you must follow for yourself. You have potential to do well in our society with the exception of the chaos within your mind. You need to focus on controlling it. Right now, you have your familiar to help you. That is a good thing, and you should continue to have him. He will be a great asset to you. However, I feel that it will take an entire lifetime to gain full control over the chaos, madness, and insanity in your mind and soul. You have a path that will not make it in our society."
Pyron started to have tears in his eyes after hearing that last part. "But I have not rejected the society unlike my father."
"I know. I agree and I understand. Please understand that this is a difficult judgment to make, but I must make it. If I allow you full citizenship rights, you would likely be worse off than if I were to give you a redeemed exile status. You have redeemed yourself from your father's decision, but you are not ready to make it as a citizen. You would likely be exiled in your lifetime, which is worse than where you are now. The society is judging you to be better off than where you were. Yes, it is by my decision, but it is based off of the society's principles."
Pyron did not know what to do. He wanted to scream inside. He wanted to run out and yell at everyone. Then Bones came and nudged on his leg. Bones. My insanity. He is here to help me through this. Maybe she is right. Maybe I am not ready. I do have to go through this path to purify my soul. "Alright. You are right. I have to purify my soul. I accept the redeemed exile status. As long as all of my future generations have the opportunity to be accepted back with full rights on their own volition, accord, and ability, then I accept. Please tell them thank you for being here when my parents were killed. It does mean a lot to me. Tule, thank you for your help with the purification process, the history lessons, and the conversations about the different planes. I am interested in visiting them."
"You’re welcome," Tule responded. "It was my pleasure to help you with your purification process and your start as a Purifier. Never forget that you are still an Aasimar Purifier. That has not changed and will never change. Got it?"
"Yes, sir." Pyron affirmed. Turning to Purest, "Am I allowed to visit you, Tule, or the society?"
"Yes, you may as a redeemed exile. However, you may only visit for so long during your authorized visits. I would love to meet up with you again to see how you progress."
Tule agreed, "The same with me. Maybe I can help you with your path again someday. Don't hesitate to holler to visit me."

Chapter 7: His Eldritch Heritage
After saying their good-byes, Pyron and Shayla left together and spoke about his plans. He said he was going to his parents, because there was some things that his mother had taught him that were in writing. He wanted to see what else she could teach him from beyond the grace. Shayla smiled and agreed. "If you need anything, please let me know. Even though you are a Purifier, you are still an oracle and still me student." He acknowledged her and agreed to visit her with questions. For now, he wanted to see what his mother had left.
He went home finally. Family and friends helped clean up the place. He was allowed to live there until the prepaid rent was used up. He looked at the useless wand with which he used to practice when he was younger. He looked through the parchments and saw some scrolls. He took out one that interested him when he was younger. It was about the arcane.
He remembered that she said she had sorcery in her blood. What did she call it? He looked down and saw the words "Eldritch Heritage" scribbled on the top of the scroll. He looked through the scrolls that were bound with it. He read over it. He saw that the first thing she picked up from it was the ability to cast more spells. However, it had a note that others in her history had familiars like Bones, well different types of animals. He studied this section and realized why it was not so hard to get a familiar for himself in the first place. It was in his blood.
He focused on his familiar and considered what this means. He took the scrolls and went to the witches. They were overjoyed to see him but wondered why he was visiting them. When they were inside, he explained all that happened with the Peri emissary, then he explained about what he had been reading in his mother's scrolls. They nodded in agreement that it was in his blood.
"You have a very close bond with your familiar. Even closer than we could ever attain. You may be able to pass things on to your familiar, feats of unimaginable possibilities that we could never do. Usually, when most witches who stop training as a witch, their familiar stops growing. With you, though, your familiar will always grow when you grow, no matter your path. This will serve you well with your control over the chaos and insanity within your mind and soul. If you continue to read her scrolls, then in due time you may have more abilities come up from your eldritch heritage that may serve you well.”

He thanked them for their insight and their advice. After enjoying a nice meal and spending the night, like he had in the past, he left back for home. When it was nearing the time of the end of his lease, he started hearing rumors that interested him. Maybe it was a sign. He was ready to leave, ready to start an adventure. He packed his belongings and told his relatives. They moved out all the stuff that was of value. They told him that they had a place for him. Soon, people were visiting and asking if anyone could help with a mission. The locals pointed them to Pyron's way. They explained what he had done and that he would be a perfect person for them to consider.