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Comrade Anklebiter wrote:

In order to build a Leninist vanguard party, duh.

I have to admit, saying "Take your hands off my property, you vanguard leninists!" has a nice ring to it.

Bolsheviks never make a good tea.

The struggle of classes is now brought by wolves in wolf's clothing!

You shall not have my meat flanks, you ferociously fanged bolsheviks!

Poor people should just buy more money.

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Hitdice wrote:

Marco Polo returned from Asia with a cream based fruit ice recipe, at which point the recipe became a jealously guarded secret of the aristocracy. It was not until the Chicago World's Faire of 1893, that ice cream became available to the common citizen.

I love you, America.

Yet another ploy by the bolsheviks to take away our exclusive and proper right to enjoy pistaccio & chocolate banana blast!

Sometimes the subject just doesn't let itself well for some aliases, I guess.