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Liz Courts wrote:
ProdigalGM wrote:
Is the PDF version going to be available for sale at any point? If so when, I'm itching to run this through FG and I'm not a maps subscriber.
Oops! I forgot to poke a thing. The thing has been poked.

Thats great, but wow $55!?!

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Is the PDF version going to be available for sale at any point? If so when, I'm itching to run this through FG and I'm not a maps subscriber.

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OK - we're moving the discussion over to the Roll20 page now. Please go ahead and respond to the time post there, ideally today.


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It doesnt need to be directly tied to the campaign, if you have a compelling personal narrative point I'm happy to work it in.

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@Iorthol Is Sandpoint just a place he happens to be spending the night or has something specifically brought him to the town?

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Hey Irothol - well the big question you have to answer is what brings you to Sandpoint.

Were you born there, drawn there for some reason - adventure, a romance, the festival, or were you forced there - shame, crime, a powerful enemy.

Perhaps the murderer of your father is stalking you? Perhaps you;re mother originally hailed from Sandpoint and you've returned to try and learn more about her.

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So we have our party complete! I will send you all an email this weekend with more details and will try to get a time fixed for our first game on the 27th.

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OK we are down to 4 players and so far a little short on magic users. Does anyone have any friends they want to rope in, failing that I can post another recruitment notice - I'm sure we can find one more player without too much hassle.

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GorGuts BeerHammer wrote:
I'm sorry the idea seems really interesting but I'm afraid I can't play this one. I hope everyone has fun.

Too bad, I wanted to hear about this drunken dwarf!

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GorGuts BeerHammer wrote:
Do you require a background story since I am having trouble creating one and I would rather not generate one. But I have come up with a background but its quite comical that includes a really, really , really drunk dwarf

Its up to you, whatever you are comfortable with. The more you give me in terms of material to work with the more I can try and tailor the campaign.

If you want to send me a novel detailing your characters backstory I'll read it and incorporate it, if on the other hand you want to just tell me what kind of things you'd particularly like the opportunity to do with your character I can work with that too.

Please dont forget to email though. Once I have your details I'll be able to start coordinating the actual play session.

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GorGuts BeerHammer wrote:
Instead of resetting everything I could just switch one of my domains.

Sounds good - please dont forget to email so I can reach you for testing hangout etc.

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It looks like we have a complete party:

Sven - Cavalier
GorGuts - Cleric
Amber - Oracle of life
Tyeal - TBD
Dragon Rider - something rogueish I believe.

We had some technical difficulties getting the Google+ page working properly. So if you have not done so already:


I'm going to try and find a decent digital character sheet everyone can use and will send a copy to you all.

I'm shooting for next Saturday (27th) for our kick off session. I think we should allow 2 and a half hours (I've found peoples attention starts to wonder if we go longer, plus the first session should also be a bit of a taster to make sure everyone is happy with the group style etc).

I am on Pacific Standard Time and am completely flexible so please post below what times work for you and we can get it fixed in place.

I'm going to play around this weekend with both google hangouts and roll 20 and if I see any of you online I might shoot you an invite to try out the interface and also chat about your character, reason for being in sandpoint and expectations for the campaign.

I'm really pumped to be running this and look forward to gaming with you all!

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Just realised I only need to click on your name to see the stats. Beerhammer got me chuckling btw.

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GorGuts BeerHammer wrote:

Would you like me to post all my stats and what not on the recruitment thread?

You can post it to the recruitment thread or email

I think we are going to have an oracle of life which will provide the party some healing so if you feel you'd rather play a magus that is fine by me.

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Two traits, but feel free to use the campaign traits as well as standard list.

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OK - we are having issues getting the google plus page going so please just email me at:

And we can coordinate the hangout etc from there.

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Dragon Rider wrote:
you have a space between the p and the o in post towards the end of the url, thats whats causing the problem

Exactly I, noticed as soon as I'd posted the link a second time. I've updated now with a shortened link which seems to work.

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First technical error - thanks for pointing out. For some reason when I paste the link on Paizo, it puts a gap between some of the characters in the link. I've tried a few times so now posting a shortened link:

Failing that please try searching ProdigalGM on GooglePlus.

I've deleted the earlier post to avoid confusion.


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Sven Von Jeggare wrote:

Well back in my hometown I played for 4 years a sandbox campaign in which we were located in Korvosa and Magnimar.

Character background

Sven Von Jeggare of the noble house of Jeggare which is in Korvosa is also a house of some power in Cheliax. Raised with no inheritance of Titles or land. So will have to push out on his own and forge his destiny with his own hand. However being a noble of House Jeggare does have its perks with resources.

Wants to make a name for himself in Varisia. He wishes to be as famous as his ancestor that helped co-found Korvosa. Will continue to push Korvosian politics and ideas vs Magnimar. Interested in multiple business ventures that hopefully be able to turn a profit. Then possibly establish another outpost of civilization on the frontier of varisia.

Sounds good. I'm going to get the hangout page started today or tomorrow and will send you the link. We are in the same timezone so may be easy for us to get your pre-campaign session in sometime next week.

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Amber Dreiling wrote:

Hi Prodigal GM. If you're still looking for one more player, I can dot for interest.

Since there is a lot of players deciding on a character class, I'll play an aasimar oracle of life.

I'll be greatly appreciated if there is a game interface (ie roll20). I also like google hangouts or skype. That would be my vote.

FYI: I have played this campaign before, but the campaign died shortly after the first combat, so I don't know too many spoilers.

I will post the stats soon.

Hi Amber,

Thanks for your interest - if Winwaar doesnt resurface today you should count yourself in.

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OK so, so far we have

Sven (playing a cavalier)
Brent Brent (character TBD)
Tyeal (character TBD)
Dragon Rider (character TBD)

We have room for one more player --> Winwaar perhaps?

Character creation should be 15 point buy. Message me if you are planning on doing anything too crazy. Talk amongst yourselves about composition if you like although we will make it work either way.


I want to target the Sat 27th of August for our first session (post if that wont work for you and we will try and adapt)

To make that work, it would be great if we could get characters locked down this weekend.

One-One pre campaign sessions.

I will try to implement these either the day of the kick off or the evening before.

I'd really encourage all of you to flesh out your characters as much as you are comfortable. If you want to email me about your thoughts on character I'm happy to offer comments.


I'm happy to play through Google Hangout without any add on or interface --> so no maps just narrative.

However if you all feel that a game interface would be helpful to you for fluid play I can look at running it through Roll20 - cast your vote below the majority wins.

House Rules:

* No spoilers - if you've played the campaign before let me know and try your best not to let it influence you. Please avoid reading up anything beyond the Players Guide to Rise of the Rune Lords.

* Story trumps mechanics - shoot for cinematic and we'll make the rules work to realise whatever it is you want to do. No rules lawyering during the session (after the session you can do it as much as you like).

* Know your characters mechanics - in the interest of speed, during play I'll need you to be able to track your own modifiers, spell effects etc etc

Thats it for now. Looking forward to getting this going soon!

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Winwaar wrote:
Sounds interesting. Through what medium would it be played?

Probably via google hangouts, I've participated in some games run through roll 20 with Vent handling chat but think hangouts is probably easier.

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Tyeal wrote:
Since there's still room, I'm very interested in jumping in. I'm not too familiar with Rise of the Runelords, but I'm willing to bone up on it.

Actually I'd prefer it if you don't bone up at all on the campaign - we're playing from level 1 up so your character is probably a complete rube anyway.

We will do a one-one pre-campaign session so you can get the info you need on the setting and place in it.

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1. Aim to wrap up recruitment by end of next week
2. 5 players max, I think 4 could be challenging with a 15 point buy
3. Level 1
4. Traits subject to negotiation - if there is something you'd love to play I'm open to it as long as we can sell it in game
5. Firearms - would probably talk about it with you before hand in the pre-session. Open to it but you'll have to deal with: limited amounts of ammo and powder. Loud noise attracting attention etc etc.
6. Money - I think max starting for class.

As for Paladin or Inquisitor - not as familiar with the Inquisitor class. Paladin is probably safest bet BUT there is lots of fun that can be had with Inquisitor if we RP it properly.

Have you played RoTRL before.

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Adventurers assemble!

Old school DM looking to run Rise of the Runelords.

Playstyle: Immersive and cinematic. There will be no combat grid and square counting. I'm not the type of DM that insists you only ever speak in character but role play is well rewarded.

Frequency: Once a week (either Friday night or Saturday any time) dependent on player availability. I am on Pacific Standard Time but can be flexible.

Character build: 15 point buy

Venue: Google hangout most likely.

If you are interested PM me or message below. I would like to hold a pre-campaign session with each player.

I'm not sure how much interest there is, to be fair I'll do it on a first come first served basis.

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Will be starting an online campaign for Rise of the Runelords - flexible on day and time (will depend on timezone of party members)

My style - highly immersive and cinematic, no grids or square counting!

Post below or PM me if you are interested in playing.

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Actually as I consider this more - would 15 by 15 be the appropriate size for a zone?

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I've been debating this too. I see some value in having a representation of the physical space of a combat without getting quite so bogged down in the artificial - I'm on this specific five ft square.

I'm considering trying to implement something like the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying - zone approach.

I'll have a series of index cards - each representing I think 15 by 15 ft. The cards wont represent visually the setting I'll simply lay them down and note what is in each zone that may be relevant to the combat - table, chairs, river etc.

Characters and NPCs will be placed in zones but within the zone what square they are on wont matter.

If range is ambiguous - i.e. a difference of 10ft would impact whether a character can charge or have range and thus where a character is within a zone is relevant, I will have the attacking character make a relevant skill role to judge.

For instance - you want to shoot a ranged weapon person may or may not be in range - perception check to correctly judge it.

You want to charge - person may or may not be in range, either a perception check to judge or a con check to go the extra distance.

What I like about this is it brings back the possibility of failing to charge or firing short.

Finally it makes combat feel more dynamic and fluid, plus offers the opportunity to really sell what you are doing.

Any thoughts, comments would be much appreciated.

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Is there a fan fiction / in character thread on the site?