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"I do not mind: in fact, it is high praise to note the subtleties of our heritage, whether they enchant you or not."

She smiles as she acknowledges your kind words.

"It is said that the great progenitor of our people was a creature of the flames: some say it was a great elemental, others an efreet or some rarer being. Whatever the truth, the evidence lies in our eyes and hair and the prevalence of fire magic among us. Each generation, a few are even born with the ability to walk through flame unharmed. For most of us, though, the marks are only visual, an insubstantial glimmer.

"The elements have touched you, too. I see that fine jewels are your sustenance. May I ask what you find most delicious? Does the value or cut of a gem improve its flavor? I had planned to afford you gifts of wealth, but perhaps a portion of it should fatten your belly, rather than your purse. Does this appeal to you?"

Moltenen rises and crosses the tent. She withdraws from a gilded box of dark wood a string of pebble-sized rubies, each exquisitely cut into the likeness of a bird. She offers it to you, saying,

"I would be interested to see what sort of morsel this makes for you."

"Peace, then, friend. You are welcome. A tent stands empty beside my own, somewhat smaller but, I hope, still comfortable. In the morning, I grant you full access to our camps. You will be in my employ as guardian.

"It is said that guests may arrive at any time, and one's cooking fire will glow the brighter the more grace and welcome they are shown. Until we reach Silverfall, you are my guest, and will bring light to my abode. Please, guest, tell me your name and your people."

"Strange sorcerer who shapes and molds stone as though it were fluid, before I can accept your praises, I must extend my own. The appearance and bearing of the man who so adroitly saved my traders: on the wings of rumor have these flown to me, faster than the man himself. I see you, that you are mighty in a strange and wondrous way, and I thank you.

"While you are among us, you will not want food or drink, and I shall make to you gifts of fine clothing and jewels, in weight--though never in worth--as great as the many men and women you have saved today. And you will see that I have among my concubines many beautiful youths of both sexes and every disposition. Being an honored guest among us, you may choose freely which will be your companion or companions while you travel with us. But beware: we love vehemently and are swift to jealousy.

"Truly do you note that we are of flame. And as I know the hearts of my traders to be as true and honest and passionate as flame, I see that you have labored in shadows, cool in the solitary patience of the loam. Yet the darkest cavern may be illumined by a small flame, and the great belly of stone gives way to flaming rivers deep within. It is no surprise to me that you can appreciate our ways.

"I hope it is no affront, then, if I do put forth a flame to light the depths. I do not know why you are among us or how you appeared at the right time. Do you know something of us? What are you seeking among my traders?"