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Ye Feast of Gratitude and Discounted Electrical Appliances be upon us. Brethren, 'tis time to glut our fleshly appetites!

Obadiah, not like that

Jabez - oil-flame that gobble-crake! Nehemiah - crush squash into crust and spice it! Hepzibah - scrape the yellow nodules from the grain-fingers before steaming! That-I-Must-Repent-Lest-I-Not-Be-Number'd-Amongst-The-Elect Robinson (jr.) - RELEASE THE YAMS!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, USians :)

The waltz was immoral enough, and surely God would have smiteded the world most thoroughly if anything naughtier had come along, but noooo....

The next poster would like to share their tips for getting away with illegal dancing.

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NobodysHome wrote:
TOZ wrote:
Street preachers on the Vegas strip are obnoxious. I just wanted lunch, not a hellfire sandwich with a side of brimstone fries.
I dunno -- the topless ones are kind of "different"...


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NobodysHome wrote:

I swear, "Family Game Night" with teenagers sure has changed...

"I don't remember Gloom being so sexual and inappropriate the last time we played it..."

Hilarious game, but Puritans would have beaten us to death had they been listening...

Preparest thou the Number Nine Gatling-Spank, Jebediah. 'Twill be a busy night!