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Unslotted Starfinder Society Boons

Dwarven Admittance (Personal, Limited Use):
Your heavily publicized encounters with dwarves has inspired a new generation of
dwarven Starinders—possibly even recruited from the Marbleheart clan found in Salvation’s End. You can apply this boon in one of two
ways. Select one of the following uses, and cross the other use of this Chronicle sheet.
New Character: You can play a dwarf character, beginning at 1st level as normal. Other than access to this additional race, all character
creation rules are the same as those outlined in the Starinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide. A copy of this Chronicle sheet must be the
irst Chronicle sheet for the given character.
Existing Dwarf: You can apply this boon to an existing dwarf character in your possession that you earned from another source. You can
increase one ability score that is a 14 or lower by 2. Cross this boon of your Chronicle sheet, but keep a copy with the character you apply
this change to. A character can earn this beneit from this boon only once.