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This is brilliant - you've saved me a lot of prep. Thanks a lot!

Loving the Playtest. We're recording it all and will be updating our podcast from next week with everything, even when we're being dim. Session Zero and character creation was good fun. Can't wait for it all to kick off next week.

I've just picked up Pathfinder and we're starting our first game this week. I haven't touched a tabletop RPG for nearly ten years so it's a little bit of the unknown (although I still have all my dice!). The core of the group consists of three brothers who have been playing DnD since the 1980s (with one friend and a girlfriend making up the group).

If we settle in and decide to stick with it, we may well have a space or two opening soon. Alternatively, if we can get back into a rythym, we may well start a second campaign which will definitely have space.

I'll update this thread with developments.