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Strength 16
Dexterity 18
Constitution 13
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 16
Charisma 10

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Zask Quickhand:

Zask Quickhand
Male Stout Halfling Monk
Small humanoid, lawful good
Armor Class 17 (+4 dex +3wis - unarmored defense)
Hit Points 9 (1d8+1)
Speed 25 ft.
STR 16 (+3), DEX 18 (+4), CON 13 (+1), INT 9 (-1), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 10 (+0)
Saving Throws Str +5, Dex +6
Skills Athletics +5, Insight +5, Medicine +5, Religion +1
Damage Resistances poison
Senses passive Perception 13
Languages Common, Dwarvish, Halfling
Unarmed Strike. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit,
Hit: 1d4+4
Quarter Staff. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, one target.
Hit: 1d6+4 bludgeoning damage
• A life of seclusion; abandoning the monastery of Tiamat after the death of his mentors Zask left to aid the suffering and disparaged. During isolation Zask came to the conclusion that as his mentors instructed, Order is what the world now needs. A lingering feeling of a great evil in the world haunts Zask which he intends to end. Unfortunately Zask would act rash and take great risk to uncover lost knowledge of the Godswar and Tiamat. Travelling east to Estermead, Zask hoped to find a thread of information that might lead him to uncover the truth of the Godswar and the true nature of Tiamat.
• Skills. Medicine, Religion
• Tools. Herbalism Kit
• Lifestyle. Modest, 1 gp per day

• Armor. none
• Weapons. Simple and shortswords
• Tools. Instrument Shawm
• Saves. Strength, Dex
• Skills. Choose 2 from acrobatics, *athletics, history, *insight, religion, stealth
Equipment Quarter staff, darts(10), winter blanket, light clothes, backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, torches(10), rations(10days) waterskin, hempen rope 50ft.