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Unless someone can point to a rules based reason to the contrary, I'm gonna say studded leather counts as metal.

We have a build question raised on Jezebel. You guys want to pause while we get to the bottom of it? It'll likely make a difference in the resolution of Jezebel's last round of actions.

Bruno is still technically alive (by my count), just unconscious and dying. Should I assume some CDG's to finish this thing out?

Good ruling, old bean!

: clinks glasses with Arbiter Mbauers :

Hirtz is correct. He was staggered because of that feat, which allowed him to charge because of the rules he quoted.

My bad. Misread on my part. Carry on.

Bruno! Gnasher! Get your butts in Pit 2!


: sweep, sweep sweep :

End of Bout

Ok. I'll kick it off, and if Bruno's little discrepancies become a problem, we'll deal with it. I want to keep things rolling if possible. I'll set you two up in Pit 2.

Jezebel, as your eidelon is blinded for the round (and this is a surprise round–only one action), it needs to make an Acrobatics check DC 10 to move more than half its speed. Failure means it falls prone. .

Agreed, but I'm still waiting to hear back from him about some questions I had about his build. As soon as I get a response and feel that the build is 100% up, you'll get a pit. :)

And I got Alistar and Jezebel up in Pit 3!

Challenge Bout
Alistar Nodd vs. Jezebel Quick

End of Bout

Choon wrote:
I'll do that this afternoon. I don't have access to it on my phone (which is where 90% of my posting happens).
dbauers wrote:
I'll be sending Elinora and Alistar at some point today

Cool and cool. People should be getting feedback on their submissions. If you haven't heard from me, it's either because yours was good without any issues or because I've overlooked the submission. Let me know if you think that's the case.

Yah, submit it to this Avatar, though, so I can keep my profiles straight. :)

Everyone submit your current gladiators to me.

EDIT: /facepalm... all avatars come to my account PM. At least I have a cool avatar now. :)