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Full Name

Pippimi Volikoli




Soldier 6 | SP 48/48 HP 44/44 RP 9/9 | EAC 23 KAC 26 | DR 6/--; Resist Elec 5| F +6 R +5 W +6 | Init +4 | Perc +1 | Status: -none-












Skittermander, Common, Vesk

Strength 23
Dexterity 18
Constitution 12
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 12
Charisma 13

About Pippimi

Pippimi Volikoli
Female Skittermander Soldier (Hit & Run) 6
NG Small Humanoid (Skittermander)
Init +4; Senses Perception +1; low-light-vision, darkvision 60ft.
KAC 26, EAC 23
HP 44, SP 48, RP 8
Fort +6, Ref +5, Will +6
DR 6/--
Resistances Electricity 5; (Creatures attacking Pippimi in melee take 1d6 electricity damage)
Base Atk +6
Speed 25 ft.
Tactical Doshko +13 (1d12+6+6 P) (Unwieldy, analog)
Tactical Starknife +13 (1d4+6+6 P) (analog)
Tactical Starknife +13 (1d4+6+6 P) (analog)
Special Attacks
Frag Grenade I +10 (1d6 P, rad. 15ft) (rng. 10ft, REF DC13)
Shock Grenade I +10 (1d8 E, rad. 15ft) (rng. 10ft, REF DC13)
Smoke Grenade I +10 (1 min. cloud, rad. 20ft) (rng. 10ft, inhale FORT DC15 or choke/daze if not protected from environ.)

Grapple +21 (grapple rules)
Throttle (d3+6+3 So; via Vibroglove)

Str 19+4 Dex 16+2 Con 12 Int 8 Wis 12 Cha 13

Opening Volley: Whenever you deal damage to an opponent with a ranged attack on your first turn in a combat, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your next melee attack roll against that opponent. This melee attack must occur before the end of your next turn.
Improved Combat Maneuver (Grapple): +4 on grapple attempts. {SFS CRB}
Weapon Focus (Advanced Melee Weapons): +1 to attack rolls with advanced melee weapons.
Coordinated Shot: When you are threatening a foe with a melee weapon, any ally that has line of sight to that foe without you granting that foe cover gains a +1 bonus to ranged attack rolls against that foe.
Mobility: You gain a +4 bonus to your Armor Class against attacks of opportunity that you provoke by leaving a threatened square.
Enhanced Resistance: You gain damage reduction equal to your base attack bonus.
Blind Fight: In melee, every time you miss because of concealment (see page 253), you can reroll your miss chance percentile roll one time to see if you actually hit (see page 243). You aren’t flat-footed against melee attacks from creatures you can’t see, and you can withdraw from creatures you can’t perceive. You don’t need to attempt Acrobatics checks to move at full speed while blinded.

Corporate Agent (+1 CHA):
Theme Knowledge: When attempting a Profession or Culture check to recall knowledge about corporations and their executives, reduce the DC by 5. Diplomacy is a class skill for you. {SFS CRB}
Networking: If your corporate database doesn’t have a piece of information you are searching for, you probably know someone who does. It takes you only 10 minutes to attempt a Diplomacy check to gather information, as long as you have connection to a local infosphere or a quick way to communicate with contacts in a settlement that is at least technologically average. Additionally if you have access to a local infosphere, you can take 20 on a skill check to recall knowledge in half the normal time (typically 1 minute).

(3 ranks/lvl, ACP = -2)
~Acrobatics +10 (||||||)
~Athletics +10 (||||)
Bluff +1
Computers --
Culture -1
~Diplomacy +10 (||||||)
Disguise +1
~Engineering --
~Intimidate +5 (|)
Life Science --
~Medicine --
Mysticism --
Perception +1
Physical Science --
~Piloting +3
~Profession (N/A) --
Sense Motive +1
Sleight of Hand --
Stealth +1
~Survival +5 (|)

Common, Skittermander, Vesk.

Combat Gear
Tactical Doshko, Tac. Starknife (Called), Basic Vibroglove, Lashunta Ringwear II (---), Ceremonial Officer Plate (---), Golemforged Plating III (Infrared Sensors, Electrostatic Field Mk 1), Azimuth Artillery Laser, Falcon Boots.
Frag Grenade x2, Incendiary Grenade I x2, Smoke Grenade x1, Mk 1 Healing Serum, Standard batteries x4, Sprayflesh, Antitoxin Tier1 x4.
Other Gear
Personal Comm, Consumer Backpack, Everyday clothing, Travel Clothing, Mobile Hotelier Tent, Survey Map of Ukulam, Sleeping Bag, Hammock, Rope (50ft), Laser Drill, Datapad, Grappler, 100ft titanium cable line.
6577 cred.
? (current) / 10 (encumbered) / 20 (overburdened)

Racial Capabilities:
Grappler: Skittermanders get +2 to grapple checks.
Hyper: 1/day can take an extra move action.
Low-light Vision: Low-light vision.
Six-Armed: You have 6 arms.

See stat line above.
Special Abilities
Fighting Style: Hit & Run
Opening Volley: You gain Opening Volley as a bonus feat. If you already have this feat, choose a bonus combat feat instead. At 9th level, you can use Opening Volley on both your first and second turns in combat.
Nimble Fusillade: When you make a full attack, you can also either take a guarded step or move up to half your speed. This movement can come before, between, or after your attacks, but it can’t be split up.
Bonus Combat Feat: x3
Gear Boost: Armored Advantage: When you are wearing armor, you gain a +1 insight bonus to your Kinetic Armor Class.
Weapon Specialization!

Character Fluff:
Appearance: A fuzzy, electric blue ball of fur, two and a half feet tall. With bright violet eyes and a big, grinning mouth, Pippimi always gives off an aura of approachability. She typically wears heavy armor with her arms bare and keeps a doshko twice her height at the ready.

Background: Pippimi works as a middle-manager in the sales and marketing department of Blastwerks, a Veskarium build-it-yourself arms dealer (think IKEA, but for weaponry). Her effervescent attitude and eagerness to please have helped her climb the corporate ranks faster than most of her more cantankerous Vesk colleagues. When a call went out for a corporate representative to go to butter up the Starfinder Society in hopes of securing a lucrative contract, Pippimi was the first to sign up.

Personality: ???

Bot Me!:
Botting instructions: If Pippimi expects combat she wears her vibrogloves and takes out her starknife. Pippimi approaches combat with enemies she can reach by running up and trying to grapple them. She tries to position so she doesn't impose penalties on her ranged teammates. Her Coordinated Shot feat grants ranged allies a +1 to hit vs. enemies that she's threatening in melee range.

[dice=Grapple attempt; vs KAC+8]d20+21[/dice] [ooc.]Exceeding KAC+13 causes enemy to become pinned. Grapple rules can be found [url.=]here[/url][/ooc.]
[dice=Throttle damage (So)]d3+6+3[/dice]

If grappling is not an option, she throws her Called Starknife and recalls it with a swift action.
[dice=Tactical Starknife]d20+13[/dice]
[dice=Tac. Starknife damage (P)]d4+6+6[/dice]

If energy damage is needed, she also has her artillery laser.
[dice=Artillery Laser, azimuth]d20+10[/dice]
[dice=Art. Laser damage (F)]d10+6[/dice]