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Too much save or don't play


If you enjoy actually playing in PFS scenarios, don't become involved in this one because there is a good chance you won't get to play your character at all. It would have been a more efficient use of time, and probably more fun too, if the scenario simply asked each character at the beginning to roll 30 saving throws, making 27 of which would give full reward and not making 27 of which would result in character death. At least the players could then go to the pub for the next four hours and enjoy themselves.

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Nice Quiet Boat Ride


I loved this scenario because it provides loads of opportunity for inter-party role playing. The boat ride is quiet punctuated by a few relatively simple encounters to overcome, which add to the inter-party banter and discussions.

For those who want to role-play with the other party members without being overly distracted by time-intensive combat encounters, this scenario is for you.