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5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Appalachia aka Pharothan

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Douglas Edwards wrote:
Who needs to actually be able to speak Giant when you can speak the universal language of wayfinder dropping

That is the truth!!

5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Appalachia aka Pharothan

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Thank you once again for an incredible CON! I had blast and am already looking forward to next year.
Thanks, David

5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Appalachia aka Pharothan

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I have been using the same rules for mass combat as you. Someone at PaizoCon ran it round by round by mistake and said it played much better than he had heard other tables had. I feel it keeps players much more involved and allows for more heroic scenarios ( PCs coming to the rescue of their almost beaten companions and such)

Should be around the lobby about 1pm. Up for whatever.

Just purchased and this is excellent!

I was playing in a game last week, and I had Careful Teamwork going, and I had need to cast Saving Finale. Is this possible? I was arguing that we had "a bardic performance in effect", but he believed that would only be during the 3 rounds of actual performance to generate the effect. We moved on, but he recommended I post here for an opinion.
Thanks ahead of time.

I hate to dig this up almost a year later but what about a bardic performance like Careful Teamwork from the detective archetype. I believe that saving finale is triggered on the effect and not the actual performance and hence could be triggered anytime within that hour.
If it is simply an effect after the three rounds to perform, then that would mean you could stack it you other bardic performances since two would not be active at the same time correct? This would be more relevant for the geisha tea ceremony where you could effectively stack performances


5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Appalachia aka Pharothan

This is sort OOC but:

"Lucky trinket- Player can choose another object that can be use in place of a faction shirt for a " shirt reroll" for this particular character. This would still only allow one reroll per session. Describe it in detail below."

I understand that this would discourage shirt purchase, but it is only for one character, and it encourages Con attendance, so I think it is a fair trade.

Personally, I would love to have a "lucky" coin prop to flip at the table that would actually have some game effect. Or a hat I could always wear to the table that would "announce" that I was playing a particular character. Or even a stuffed animal that represented your familiar. :)

5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Appalachia aka Pharothan

I am running Part 2 for several tables of new PFS players next month, and I was wondering if anyone had ever mocked up the invitations to the Tian festival before. I think having a physical prop might add some color. If not anyone have some suggested text for it?

Does the +1 caster level from the bloodline arcana apply to Caster levels of other classes, such as in a Cleric/ umbral sorcerer? I can't find anywhere it's says it doesn't, but it feels like it might be a misprint. From an RP perspective I like the idea of it adding to all classes.

5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Appalachia aka Pharothan

As someone attended the GM 101 in Georgia, I would highly recommend this! Despite playing and running RPGs for over 25 years I learned a lot about PFS, Pathfinder, and even some new GM tricks. I was a great experience!!

5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Appalachia aka Pharothan

I am currently running a CHA based Ninja, that focused on disguise. I have run every adventure as a completely different persona with outfit, gear, and back story (Leading to one of the game organizers registering for sessions as "Not a Ninja.") However, my favorite was when playing Feast of Ravenmoor in December. I used my Caravan boon as a changing room to disguise as: the Taldoran merchant running the caravan, her Chelixan slave and record keeper, and her Varisian gypsy consort. It was especially good, since I kept succeeding in disguise rolls, so the other characters were constantly complaining that the Pathfinder (the Taldoran merchant) keep staying in her wagon and while sending the gypsy and the servant to do all her work with the party. It was very fun. :)

5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Appalachia aka Pharothan

Eric- I thought might be the case but wasn't clear. Thanks.

Scott- Didn't know that. Love me some gold stars.:)

Chris- I agree. I always try to play before I GM because I prefer the surprise.

Pain- I would also like to play a character through its paces, because I think you get a better since of who that character REALLY is. However, with a job,wife,baby, etc. I get very limited play time (Maybe 2 scenarios /month) So it is very hard to make the decision to between my love of GMing and my love of playing. In addition, finding time to TRULY learn a new scenario can also be hard. Being able to run a scenario I know and love (Bloodcove Disguise for instance)would make it easier.
That being said I do agree that you don't want to have people GM just for the rewards, and it is not fair in some sense to reward those of us who are "part-timing" and much as those who "full time." Maybe a reduced reward for GM sheets after the first time (1/2 gold, 1/2 XP, 1/2 Prestige.)

Regardless I plan to run scenarios whether I get credit or not, but a little benefit would help my limited time problem, (Although, the counting toward GM stars is encouraging.)

5/5 Regional Venture-Coordinator, Appalachia aka Pharothan

I am sure this has been discussed before, but I am curious why you can’t get credit for running a PFS scenario multiple times. This is how I see multiple credits currently:

1) Gaming the system- it is possible that a GM could run the same scenario over and over in order to get an easy credit, by not running something different. However, in order to do this effectively he would have to either constantly get new groups of players that had not run the scenario, or get a group to run it over and over for no credit. Although this is possible, this seems like a very time intense way to game the system, and I am sure other ways could be found that are easier.
2) GM doesn’t expand their horizons- I think that most GMs are going to get bored running the same scenario over and over, and those that don’t were probably not going to expand their horizons anyway.
3) May limit the games being offered- Again I feel that the fact that players can only get credit once per scenario will drive PFS to continue to run and offer more and more scenarios.

1) Giving new players the best experience- One of the main reasons that I posted this, is I love introducing new players to the game, so running First Steps and early level scenarios is really fun for me. In addition, since I have more than 25 years of RPG experience, I think I am fairly good at introducing new players to the game. This all being said, I am willing to run these scenarios for no credit, but some credit for my own characters would be a nice benefit to running these scenarios.
2) Rinse, Repeat- Doing most anything multiple times in going to improve the result, so the player would actually be getting a better and better experience as time went on.
3) The Perfect Storm- sometimes a scenario and a GM are just a perfect match. For instance, we have a GM in our PFS region that is THE perfect goblin, and having played the Frostfur Captives with him was one of my best gaming experiences ever, and I think it would be good to encourage this even further.
I am new to the society, and I am sure I am missing some important factors here, but I would be interested to hear a discussion about the topic. Thanks for indulging me.

I am a low level PFS character and was looking for neat items to add to my bag of tricks, when a came upon the campfire bead. It brought me to several questions.

1) What would be the effect is I used Sleight of Hand to slip it in somoene's pocket, and then activated it?

2) if I drop it in a hex during combat would it be difficult terrain? Would it do damage to someone in that hex?

3) if I gave it to some else to use it as a sling stone, and then said the command word after launch, what would happen?

Just some thoughts. Thanks.

Being one of the classic bard archetypes, wouldn't it make sense to replace Distraction with Sea shanty instead of Coutersong, so the bard could still counter the classic Siren's song?

nosig wrote:
b-a-c-d works for me. I've just been told you became visible just before your attack. So someone waiting with a readied wand of vanish might (depending on the order of the Readied actions) be able to Vanish the rogue before C.

An aside but on the same topic, this means that the ability of a storm born sorcerer to make a weapon have the shock effect is not effective on his own weapon til 4th level since the duration is 1/2 level, correct?

Cheapy wrote:

If it's for PFS and is unclear, assume no.

Although it does list exactly what is different from normal rage, and being able to cast spells isn't one of them.

Poolstrike should work though.

That is how I had read it also but figured it was worth checking. Thanks everyone!

I am considering a Urban Barbarian/kensai multiclass for PFS but would like to spell strike while raging. Can I do this?

If you are using Weapon Finesse does it change the type of attack from str based to Dex based?

I am asking because if you have something that benefit str based attack ( such as strength surge from the strength domain), would it still add to an attack using weapon finesse since the melee attack is still str based but you are just replacing the bonus with Dex.

Thank ahead of time.