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Thanks all! I appreciate the assistance!


I see. That actually answers my question perfectly. Scenarios are the primary O.P. Metaplot driver then, with some Scenario Arcs crossing seasons. Quests are O.P., but may or may not have anything to do with the seasons' Metaplot.

So I really just need to examine the different Scenarios to find the ones with the Meta tag and run those in some semblance of order, filled in by Quests and other Scenarios if I want the same characters to run through them.

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There's occasional tie ins to various APs and the like, but those aren't specifically Organized Play material although you can get rewards for playing/GMing them for your Organized Play Characters. (It's like the ice cream shop will clip your frequent cone card even if you buy a sandwich instead.)

So what's the difference Metaplot/Themewise between Adventure Paths, Scenarios, and Quests?

Hi there! I started playing with a local group at an FLGS a few months ago. They're all long-time Society Players (PF1S, PF2S, and SFS). I'm a long (seriously) time D&D DM, and I'm comfortable enough with Starfinder to have started running the games to give the normal GMs a break.

Tonight one of the GMs ran a PF2S Quest, Falcon's Descent. It was the first time anyone had run a quest that I knew of, and... it was short. Seriously short. It got me to thinking however, that I might be more comfortable with running PF2 than I thought. However, the biggest issue is that since they've played a lot of the different adventures in the various systems, it's difficult for me to find adventures that give them credit that they haven't played or run themselves. Recently in our Starfinder sessions I ran two Scenarios that none of them had played before, and everybody had fun.

I'd like to broaden my horizons now, but I have some concerns, and some questions on how everything links together.

I understand the idea of the Metaplot. Each year has an overarching theme. But, how do the various Scenarios, Quests, and Adventure Paths interconnect? Or do they? Is there a... list that lets one start a group at level one, and run them through the Metaplot for a given year (in any system) ending at whatever level?

Following up, given the experience disparity between the rest of the group and I, if they've already played/run a given Path/Scenario/Quest would they not get credit even with a different character (I'm super unclear on how the character reporting system actually works despite having used it)?

Thanks for your time!

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