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Please cancel my subscription to the Pathfinder Adventure Path. Thanks.

PDF's were Paizo, but Pathfinder Advantage discount is working now. Thanks!

I recently started up my Adventure Path subscription again. I was given the discount for the other items I purchased at the same time as the subscription. Since then, I've wanted to pick up an additional PDF or two, but the Advantage discount is not applied, even when I go further into checking out. I have already received the most recent Adventure Path module in the mail.


I hate to inform you that I need ALL of my subscriptions canceled immediately. Thanks.

My copy won't arrive until Friday, the day after the release. But I look at it this way: the book is SOLD OUT and I have a copy coming.

Be happy that you have a one coming now and not in several months.

Sorry, still nothing in the mail.

Like several other people, I too have not gotten Pathfinder 20 or 21 yet in the mail. I also used Priority Mail.

I have switched over to having my subscription sent by UPS from now on.


Cosmo wrote:
Jarazix wrote:

Thus far in the legacy of fire path I have only recived episode/book #1. Do your records show it shipped?
Chris Couture

Your Pathfinder #20 did ship out to you on 3/31. While it is certainly running a bit late at this point, it is not yet so late that we should give up on it. Please give it another week to arrive and , if you still haven't seen it by the beginning of next week, I will set you up with a replacement. In the meantime, since it did ship out, you do have access to the free PDF of the book.


I haven't gotten mine either and it was also shipped out on March 31st. It is Order #1153590. I pay for Priority Mail, and I've never had an item come this late. I'll continue to keep an eye out for it though.

Peter Hahn

Finally found it after some difficult searching...

The Guin Saga
By Kaoru Kurimoto

So far, only 5 volumes have been translated into English. Kurimoto has been writing books in the Guin Saga since 1979 and has published 121 volumes in Japan!!!

Suggestions are still very much welcome, as I'd like to look into stuff I have not heard about.

Does anybody know, or can recommend, any fantasy books that are influenced by Japanese folklore, mythology, etc...

Here is a list of books I already know about, and hope that there are more out there. I'm also looking more for a series of novels rather than a stand alone book.

Tales of the Otori Trilogy
By Lian Hearn

Across The Nightengale Floor (Book 1)
Grass for His Pillow (Book 2)
Brilliance of the Moon (Book 3)

Magic: The Gathering's Kamigawa Cycle Trilogy
By Various Authors

Outlaw: Champions of Kamigawa (Book 1)
Heretic: Betrayers of Kamigawa (Book 2)
Guardian: Saviors of Kamigawa (Book 3)

L5R's The Four Winds Saga
By Various Authors

The Steel Throne (Prelude)
Wind of Honor (Book 1)
Wind of War (Book 2)
Wind of Justice (Book 3)
Wind of Truth (Book 4)

I know there is a huge series by a Japanese writer, that is not manga, that is currently being translated and released here in the States. I want to say it's around 20+ volumes, with only the first handfull of them translated into English so far. I'm clueless on the series or author and couldn't find the books again at Barnes and Noble. Any help on figuring out this series would be much appreciated.


Immaculate Brutal Hammer wrote:
Since my FLGS (both of them) seem to be on a personal crusade to bum me out no matter how much money I throw at them, I've finally thrown in the towel and subscribed to Pathfinder! I've been meaning to do it for a while, and the prospect of never again having to make the trek to either of these s%%&holes to get my books is like a weight off my shoulders.

Like the others have responded, it's after your item has been shipped. If you buy a PDF file, as I have done a few times, it's immediate.

Sorry to hear about your FLGS. Fortunately, mine is very understanding of why I choose to make most of my RPG purchases from Paizo directly. Yes, I could order everything I want through my FLGS, but then I wouldn't get a discount and a free PDF to boot. My FLGS has always been a Comic Book store first and foremost, and a gaming store second.

I was browsing through an old issue of Games Quarterly, and they had an interview with Monte Cook that's very interesting, specifically this:

GQM: What does the future hold for role-playing games?

Monte: You got me.

About all I know is that 3rd Edition D&D changed the RPG landscape a few years ago. I think it's safe to assume (although I don't know) that within the next few years Wizards will put out a new edition, and it has the possibility to change it all again. Will it reinvigorate things the way 3rd Edition did, spawning a bunch of new companies to help support it, and creating new fans (and bring back old ones?). I don't know, but it could. Lots of people in the industry don't like to admit it, but the truth is, the RPG industry lives or dies by D&D.

It seems, however, when people ask about the future of RPGs, what they're often wondering is, hasn't this thing pretty much run its course? I don't think so.

Sure, computer games are popular, but they were popular when I got into the industry 17 years ago too. Back then, people told me that the RPG business only had another 4 or 5 years before it withered and died. Why has it survived? I think it's because the alternatives can't replace the fun of sitting around a table with your friends, eating junk food, quoting Monty Python, and playing a game. People tend to overlook that role-playing games are, at their heart, a social activitiy as well as a creative one. You can play poker against your computer, or even online, but that's not going to make you less likely to play poker with your friends if that's what you're into. I think that a lot of the people who are playing computer RPGs "instead of" regular RPGs are doing so because they don't have the time for the regular pen-and-paper game, don't know enough other players, or simply don't have the interest. So it's not like the computer games are necessarily stealing players from pen-and-paper role-playing. I don't think most of them would be playing regular role-playing games anyway.

So, I guess I'd say that the future doesn't look all that different from the past. We'll probably see a changeover in publisheres (again -- many of the major RPG publisheres that were around when I got into this are gone, replaced by others) but the hobby will continue."

Source: Games Quarterly, Spring 2005 Issue #5, Page 74.

Surprisingly, you can purchase this particular issue from Paizo's store. Click Here.

Once again Paizo brings in another highly respectable name!

SirUrza wrote:

Here's the problem with "Free RPG Day" it's bulls#$@!

RPG books costs WAAAAAY more then comic books. Marvel, DC, Image, and a few other can AFFORD to print 1000s of copies of a single book and not charge for it for Free Comicbook Day.

I don't know what the buy in for Free Comicbook Day is, but the "Free RPG Day" buy in was $90. That's right, the store had to give the organizers $90 to participate. So what's that mean? Everyone that shows up for "Free RPG Day" that doesn't stay and play in an event (that usually has an entry fee) or doesn't buy something in the store just causes the store to lose money.

While it MAY promote new products to new players for Paizo and others, if existing players just go to their FLGS and just get free stuff and leave, the FLGS loses money.

My FLGS pulled out of Free RPG Day this year because of the $90 cover charge because they had left overs last year and people just leeched off the freeness.

I completely agree with you on this. The majority of Comics given out on Free Comic Book Day are also usually smaller than normal, and made specifically for that occasion.

I can seriously understand why most FLGS will require a purchase in order to get a "free" item. I'd hate to have people come in, just too get their "free" item and not purchase anything else in the store.

The original poster still got what he wanted, without having to pay, so I don't know what he's complaining about. Those who criticize stores who didn't give away products completely free don't understand what Free RPG Day is really all about, which defeats the purpose of it.

Robert Brambley wrote:
One of the things that I do differently from many: I'm very restrictive on what I allow - although this isnt' viewed favorably by all or many, (core 3 books only - feats and SOME Prestige Classes from the first 4 complete books. No races and no classes and no spells outside of the PHB.). I follow the same personal guidelines when I make a character.

I am very much the same way. Things just become more complicated with the addition of new material. Some people are fine to include anything, while other's want to be more restrictive. I'm one of those people that would rather be more restrictive.

Part of the reason is because I don't want to have to learn a bunch of material that I will most likely NEVER EVER use. It's not like the game is really going to hurt because I don't allow a lot of material from additional books.

Blackdragon wrote:
And especially when the people at WotC serve at Hasbro's whim. The reality is that regardless of how the current leadership at WotC feels about the GSL, 3PP or D&D as a whole, Hasbro can still pull the pulg on any of it. And a company the size of Hasbro wouldn't blink at the idea of destroying their competition for the sake of profit.

This reminds me too much on the current state of Pro Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts here in the United States.

World Wrestling Entertainment pretty much has a monopoly in Pro Wrestling. Yes, there is TNA Wrestling, but they are nowhere close to becoming a threat to WWE. Even so, both WWE and TNA have terrible products. It's more sketches than wrestling, and the wrestling isn't even that great. If you want to watch Pro Wrestling at its best in America, you have to go to indy promotions such as Ring of Honor, Chikara, or Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

Ultimate Fighting Championship has a very tight grasp on Mixed Martial Arts here in America. MMA's popularity is rising, and the UFC is beginning to see some competition in EliteXC, IFL, Strikeforce, and the newly formed Affliction brand. UFC is still very much on top, why else does Mixed Martial Arts usually get called "Ultimate Fighting" so often in America?

Not to say that the WWE or UFC don't deserve to be where they are, because they do, but having a big company with lots of money and being on top doesn't make you the best. I may watch WWE, but it's not my favorite. I may watch UFC, but it's not my favorite.

Wizards of the Coast with Dungeons & Dragons may be the top dog, but some of the people are finding that better products are coming from other companies. WOTC has gotten my money in the past and probably will get some more in the future, but I choose to give more to other companies that I feel have the better products such as Paizo Publishing, Necromancer Games, and Malhavoc Press.

I have to thank WOTC for giving us the rules to play by, but I have to give more thanks to these other companies for keeping ME interested.

Entombed with the Pharoahs is a good module. While I don't post much, I have found that most users here are very respectable, even on the 3E/4E issue.

I agree with the Pathfinder Novels idea surrounding the Iconics. A Trilogy for each different Adventure Path. No fan fiction.

I hate to say it, but I must cancel my Pathfinder and GameMastery Module subscriptions.

I love the products that Paizo offers, but I just have to start cutting costs for personal reasons and these subscriptions are on the list.


Make it happen! I'm ready to pre-order!

User-friendly PDFs are always more welcome!

Cosmo wrote:
Any module previous to this will need to be purchased separately and will not include the free PDF.

This is what I figured, since I didn't subscribe to the GameMastery Modules until very recently. I went ahead and purchased D1 and D2 in PDF form. All print editions of modules prior to my subscription I'll get at my local game store.

Seriously, what sold me to become a subscriber were the free PDF copies. Otherwise, I'd just have my local game store order each of the Pathfinder and GameMastery Modules for me as they came out. Now I get my stuff before the store would get it, and I get the free PDF to boot!

Keep up the good work!

I really like a lot of the ideas on this thread.

I personally haven't supported WOTC product for quite some time. The last thing I really purchased from them were some Ebberon supplements.

I heavily support Paizo and Malhavoc because I've felt there is a real passion from these companies to make gaming great and fun. A lot of the other companies listed by others are great too, no doubt, they should definitely be included as well.

It's almost as if what WOTC does, forces a lot of the other companies to change their ways. OGL was great when it happened, but over time, it can become too much of a crutch.

I'm all for a 3.Paizo Edition, and I think there are a lot of people ready to put money down for a preorder sight unseen.

I'm definitely gonna have to push the crafting on my group.

I hate it when people call Mixed Martial Arts, "Ultimate Fighting."

I've had it where a length of text almost turns itallic-like, on the printed page. But I believe it's all due to the printer printing in greyscale, and the fact that the PDF is shrunken down to fit on the page.

I seriously had to double check and make sure that these strange occurrences weren't the same on the PDF itself. The problem was in the printing. Strange indeed.

I've had stuff like this happen before, but with UPS.

In most cases, the fault is put on the carrier. Paizo has no obligation to give you a refund or exchange once it is sent. It's not like it's a DVD and it was broken or scratched when you opened it. With something like that, it could have been possible it was like that when Paizo sent it out. But Paizo didn't send you a damaged book.

My dealings with UPS were absolutely horrible. In fact, it's happened twice now that I think about it.

The first time was with a TV that I had shipped. The TV didn't work... PERIOD. As well there was a huge dent on one of the corners of the box. I contacted the company I bought the TV from, and told them the situation. Luckily, they were willing to give me a full refund, and I wasn't required to pay the shipping to send it back to them. But... I had to do it through UPS. I called UPS, told them the situation, and they asked for the box tracking number. I gave them the numbers listed on the UPS STICKER, and I was told, by UPS, that was NOT a UPS number. Long story short, I talked with the UPS driver next time he came to the house and he got it straightened out. I got my refund. (As soon as I told UPS that my package came damaged, they acted like there never was a package in the first place.)

The second time was with a package I ordered from Barnes and Noble. The driver hands me the package, and it was WET, and one of the corners was ripped! Every book I had was damaged. The driver told me to call customer service. I did, and UPS wasn't very willing to help me out. This time they were willing, but it was a VERY grueling process. I then called Barnes and Noble customer service, told them the situation, and they were more than happy to send me the order AGAIN, and this time they sent it USPS, 2 Day! FOR FREE! But... the deal was I had to return the damaged books. Naturally, when they sent my new books, they also had a self addressed package for me to send the damaged books in.

I've found it that whenever you get something sent to you, UPS, USPS, whatever... it's always easier to talk with the company that you bought the stuff from. You'll end up in a loophole or a dead end with the carrier trying to get them to help you out.

Like I said above, Paizo doesn't technically have to help you out because they aren't at fault. But I've also found that they are always more willing to help you out in the end, and quickly. Paizo is a great company, and I really hope they help you out in your situation.

Seriously, just pay the few $$$ extra for USPS Priority Shipping. I got mine in a matter of days.

I'd say stick with 3.5, but if you guys want to go to 4th, I'll follow.

I look at it this way:

I could buy a DVD each month for around $15. Maybe watch it once, put it on the shelf, and then who knows when I'll watch it again.

Or I could, for roughly the same price each month, get a printed copy as well as a PDF copy of the Pathfinder products.

These are used far more, as well as you make great memories with your friends. Who really remembers about the time you sat down and watched a DVD with some friends?

I'm happy to sign up and keep the subscription. But at the same time, I can understand those who choose to get out. There may be a time where I choose to cancel my subscription, but I don't see it happening soon.