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Full Name

Peter Avoir


Human Lore Warden1 (25pt)


Neutral Good




Common, Dwarven

Strength 18
Dexterity 13
Constitution 15
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 11
Charisma 11

About Peter Avoir

Background, Appearance and personality:

Short dark drown hair frames Peter's somewhat heavy features. Skin tan from the road shows pale once out of his armor.
His clothes are normally scruffy from heavy wear but He today his dress armor is clean and freshly polished.

Peter's new cold iron flail jangles at his hip. He is not yet used to the weapon having won it dicing last night with a newly arrived Chelaxian armiger. It was a fair game, Peter lost his bow.

Friendly but a bit distant. Easy to befriend but hard to really know. Quite happy working with Paladins of Iomedae, Hellknights, or whatever low templar dregs end up in the watch. Knows the difference between soft (the odd free drink from a shopkeeper happy to have the watch show a face in his/her establishment) and real (real money for services rendered) corruption.

He does not talk about the ritual. It is not a secret that he was kidnapped along with three other children by a demon cult but he does not talk about it. If you get him drinking, and it is near the anniversary date he will sometimes open his sleeve and show the three names tattooed there; Galeea, Ezera, and Harsk. Peter was the only survivor.

Is only really happy when running. Either chasing a pickpocket or just "chasing the morning" as he refers to his near daily pre dawn runs through the city. The greatest, though secret joy, is reserved for when some early rising or late straying mugger as a go. He has been mugged twice, but he has run more than a dozen would-be attackers to exhaustion and the local lock-up.

Peter is a bit of a feature in Kenabres. Most folks will at least know him by sight from his participation in various temple, civic, and festival games, or from his daily early morning runs through the city.

Born in the city to crusader parents Peter was groomed for a military career however his innate questioning nature and constant flirting with becoming a professional athlete have blocked any major advancement. His recent promotion to corporal in the venerable Kenabres city watch may signal a turning point for the young man.

Combat stats:

Perception +

Fortitude (+2Class+2Con)+4
Reflex (+0Class+2Dex)+2
Will (+0Class+1Wis+2trait)+3

AC/Flatfoot AC
Touch AC
CMB +4/+6vs demons
CMD 16

Hit Points:12
BAB +1
Initiative (2dex+4feat)+6

Speed 30

Class and special abilities:

none yet.

Traits and Feats:


~Campaign: Stolen Fury +2 trait bonus on all combat maneuver checks against demons

~Social: Seeker +1 trait Perception checks, Perception class skill

~Human: Iron Will
~Level one: Fast learner
~Fighter one: Improved Initiative


(2+1Int+1level+1human) 5 +2 int skill ranks
*class skill. -armor check (-4)
-Acrobatics I, +3
Appraise, +1
Bluff , +1
*-Climb I, +7
*Craft ....., +1
Diplomacy ,
-Disable device -
Disguise, +2
-Escape Artist,
*Handle Animal +1
Heal, +1
*Knowledge Arcane, +1
*Knowledge Dungeon, +1
*Knowledge Engineering I, +5
*Knowledge Geography , +1
*Knowledge History, +1
*Knowledge Local I, +5
*Knowledge Nature I, +5
*Knowledge Nobles , +1
*Knowledge Planes, +1
*Knowledge Religion, +1
Linguistics -
*Perception (+1 trait) I, +6
-Perform ...., 1
*Profession, City watch I ,+5
*Ride , +1
Sense Motive , +1
-Slight of hand +1
Spellcraft -
-Stealth, +2
*Survival , +1
*-Swim , +3


Dagger +4 d4+3 PorS 19x2
.thrown 10' +2 d4+3 PorS 19x2

Cold Iron Light Flail +4 d8+3(4) B x2 Disarm(+2) Trip

Heavy wooden Shield Bash +4 d4+3(4) B x2

Sap +4 d6+3 x3 B Nonlethal

Sling +2 d4+3 x2 50' 10bullets
.stones +0 d3+3 x2 50

Unarmed strike +4 1d3+3 x2 B Nonlethal

Armor and Shield:

Chain Shirt +4AC -2Check

Heavy wooden shield +2AC -2check
~Shield Sconce


Magic and Alchemical:
~Sunrod 2
~Weapon Blanch, silver 1

Bullets 10
Torches 5
Rations 5

Magic gear:

None yet, drat!

Mundane gear:

{load limits 86/173/260 current 80.2 light}
Backpack - worn
~Flint, steel and tinder
~Ink, black
~Ink pens x2
~Iron Pot
~Mess Kit
~Rope 50'
~Sun Rod x2
~torches 10
~tinder twig x4
~Rations 5
~Water Skin

Bandolier - worn
~Sun Rod
~Sun Rod
~Lamp oil
~Lamp oil
~ Empty loop
~Hip flask w/ Whisky
~Alchemist's fire
~Alchemist's fire

Belt-pouch, Worn brown leather - worn
~35g 1s

Explorers outfit - worn

Signal Whistle - worn round neck

35g 1s

Unassigned party loot
Nothing yet.

Places to go, people to see.:


Level by level:

Level one, Lore Warden 175g
~HP {10+2con+1lvl} 13
~Favored Class: + 1 skill & HP
~Skills:Acrobatics, Climb, Kn. Engineering, Perception, Prof. City Watch.
~~Int restricted: Kn. Local & Nature
~Feats:Human, Iron Will. Lvl 1, Fast Learner. Ftr 1, Imp. Init.
~Traits. Campaign, Stolen Fury. Social, Seeker.

Level two,

Level three,