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Familiars always have 1 HD.

The Sage Archetype says that "a sage gains 2 skill ranks at each level." So every level it gets 2 skill ranks. Not 2 + INT, and not 2 + 2 + INT. It gets just 2 every level.

Now, it will also get 1 skill equal to its INT mod beyond 0. It doesnt get this extra skill rank every level, it gets this extra skill rank only one time, because it only has one HIT DIE.

A Level 7 Sage Familiar always has an INT equal to 12 (5+7). From this alone, it gets 3 (2+INT Mod of 1) skill ranks. It also gets 2 skill ranks for each Level it is, 14 (2x7). This means it has 17 Skill Ranks.

Why not carry around 50 copper pieces. 50 copper pieces only weights 1 lb. Besides being extremely cheap and easy, it's great that you can throw pennies at the villains for 1d6 damage.

Ok, but. I didn't see anyone answer if you had to buy CHainmail first.

Captain America - Brawler(Shield Champion)
Hulk - Barbarian(Savage Barbarian)/Brawler
Hawkeye - Slayer(Sniper)
Black Widow - Rogue(Spy)
Scarlet Witch - Psychic [Rapport Discipline]
Thor - Barbarian(Armored Hulk) [8,000gp to add Shock Quality to weapon]
Black Panther - Monk(Martial Artist)
Doctor Strange - Sorcerer [Arcane Bloodline]
Iron Man - Magus(Armored Battlemage)
Quicksilver - Monk(Monk of the Seven Winds)
Vision - Fighter(Tactician)/Magus(Armored Battlemage)
Spiderman - Bard(Daredevil)/Brawler(Snakebite Striker) [Slippers of Spider Crawl 4800 gp]
Ant-Man - Alchemist [Best if you are dedicated to spamming Reduce/Enlarge Person]
Ghost Rider - Cavalier(Ghost Rider)
Deadpool - Ninja

These are all PFS legal, as well.

You could use Craft(alchemy) to make Troll Styptic with a DC 25. It grants Fast Healing 2 for 2d4 rounds, but sickens the target for the duration if he/she fails a DC 15 Fortitude save.

The only boon I have is Origins Gamefair 2017 #13 - Fighting Off Corruption (Lycanthropy).