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Longshot11 wrote:
Aric The Red Raven, Iconic Vigilante- they feel very different indeed. Found in the Ultimate Intrigue deck.

Looked it up and that is different! I'll probably pick it up. Thanks!

Longshot11 wrote:
Also, check the blogs on this site for the Hell's Vengeance decks 1 and 2 previews - to see if the villains are "different" enough for your taste.

I realize I'm not being too helpful with my definition of "different" or "unique" so I'll try to explain a bit better.

I know at some level that every character is unique, but we're about to get a Core Set that will be required to play all the expansions after it. There are 12 characters in the set and they have to be made with future sets in mind. So, I think it's a fair assumption that those heroes will largely feel kind of generic in terms of their powers. And that's fine. But I'm looking for characters that are the opposite: ones that play so differently that I don't have to worry about characters from the Core Set fulfilling their roles.

I'll check out the Class Deck blogs. I wasn't sure where to start other than to go through the wiki, card-by-card. That's why I tossed it out to the community.

I just got into the game at the start of 2019, and with the next Core Set looming, I'm looking for suggestions on characters to pick up that have a unique playstyle. Something that will transition well into Core.

All I own is the Mummy's Mask base set, but I plan on picking up the Character Add-On as well as the Oracle Class Deck. I love playing toolbox/healer characters. Estra has been a blast so far and I'm looking forward to playing Mavaro and Grazzle.

That said, are there any other characters with a unique feeling you think are worth buying? It doesn't have to be a toolbox/healer, just someone who's powers/skills/deck composition stand out enough to make it feel very different.

I'm a new, self-taught player to Pathfinder Adventure and I'm teaching a group of 3 other players. Here are my thoughts:

Card layout: Vast improvement. Sectioned off blocks of information quickly draw your eye to things that matter. I do agree with some others that the card background could be less busy, but the benefit of traits and checks not hanging around with the art and the paragraphical text being narrower and easier to read are huge upsides. It will make picking up the game easier for new players.

Few duplicate cards: It's cool that duplicates are cut down on some cards (bad ones) but I'm not looking forward to being in a game where two players are fighting over a boon and it's the only one in the box. In addition, it seems very unintuitive to use markers for Scourges rather than more physical cards. I guess we'll see in the later blog post just what those markers otherwise do.

Remove When Closed: Seems silly. You get the speed benefit of returning 2-5 entire cards to the box early. There's no chance this was done to "aid clean up". How long does putting away 5 cards that are all going to the same divider take? And this is removing strategic plays from the game. When you're near death, you don't want to be exploring and you don't want to be with people exploring in case they accidentally trip an effect that causes damage to you. This change baffles me.

Card Text: I'm a fan of all the new keywords and using bullet points is a massive improvement, but one thing can be improved still:
Important phases like "Before acting" or "After acting" should be bolded, underlined, or somehow else changed to draw the eye to the text. You should be able to quickly scan a card for relevance, rather than have to read every word. It would speed up game times and decrease mistakes.