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I've got a couple concerns with the second edition of Pathfinder. I'll try to keep them brief. This is also in order of discovery.

1. Ancestry feats both mechanically sound and broke. Here's why. Genetically the humanoid species are still close enough on the tree of life where interbreeding is still not only viable but those children are capable of reproducing. How it's wrote, mechanics is sound, how it's implied is you had an elf or orc ancestors that snuck in the family tree on both sides and those recessive genes happened to activate in you. If it was for background of your character, that's fine for background, not as a feat. It'll be like taking a feat for the sorcerer's bloodline, your sacrificing a feat for maybe a bit more awesome than base human. Not to mention that humans, elves, and orcs are still capable of interbreeding in starfinder.

2. Pages 5 and 6. It's not needed. any and all problems would be resolved within the group, not the company. There's several discussions on that topic so I'm not going to start a broken record. I also play white wolf/onyx path world of darkness series, there's a tweet they used that I'm going to imply for all the possible flak.

My recommendation is bring back half elf and half Orc as proper player races, and repurpose page 5 and 6 for goblins as a PC race.


Whether by the Gods or spirits, visions are a powerful thing. Clues of the past, present, and future are hidden behind the veil. To induce a vision, there are ways listed, but the important thing. They must fail a fortitude save. The save is a DC 7, because of the controlled situation you'll be at it a while. But they must fail.

Vision inducement
1. Sweat lodge. The safest method, and serves a dual purpose of cleansing the body and unlocking the mind. Heat up a few good size rocks, add water sparingly. And go.

2. Sacred medicinal plants. Make a knowledge nature roll to determine if the plant can be used to access visions without poisoning the player.

3. Vision quest. The most dangerous. Participants must go four days without food or water. Can be in same place, or four days out from a town. Because of being out in the wilderness. There are many dangers.

Make a list of 100 things. Each player must submit five good memories, five bad memories, and five important things. Add in various random things of great power or meaning like animal spirit guides and heavily symbolic things. Each player rolls percentile dice, reroll if same result from previous part of vision. And totally trip balls.

Firearms conversions

Conversion 1 - cap and ball to cartridge. Pistols only, the easiest of conversions. Making it easier to reload and not have to worry about carrying a ton of cap and ball pistols.

Conversion 2 - increasing caliber size. Can be used for rifles, shotguns, and heavy firearms. When you have plenty of ammo but it's not appropriate for the firearm. Note once caliber size is increased, it's not reversible.

Conversion 3 - mundane to magical. Because of the power shooting enchanted bullets. This conversion reenforces the firearm to fire magical ammunition.

The Natives of Golarion

Not all civilizations are in the scholarly sense "civil". Roaming between the sage brush, forests, mountains, and especially between the nations' borders. Native tribes roam the wilds of Golarion. They make their own borders, and they shift depending on factors; war, resources, fonts of power. They live in nature in almost perfect harmony. Some Governments try to coral them into reservations; others have accepted that they will remain peaceful if unprovoked and has peace treaties with the tribes, only allowing personal vendettas with ample evidence (murder and corporation being the most frequent). Each tribe has a distinct culture unto itself; customs, language, even magic. The tribes are unofficially split into "environmental" themes with either an powerful animal, plant, or locale representing as their tribal founder or totem, bear in mind it's from outside observations, there are more likely other tribes with no such themes and may have started on their own.

When creating a Native character. Note that your starting language is your tribes. Having "Native" as a language will not work, you'll have a similar effect like being a tourist in Mexico with High School Spanish in the real world, it works up to a point. You can take more tribal languages, common, and other racial languages as bonus languages with a high enough Intelligence. Elves, dwarves, gnomes, halfings, etc., will be able to start with their racial language or for backstory may drop racial for tribal language.

Example Tribes

Mountain Tribes
Rock Claw
Dire Bear

Forest Tribes
Shadow Fox
Green Roc

River/Lake/Swamp Tribes
Thunder Shoals
Stalking Cat

Plains Tribes
Sage Smoke

There's always room for improvement and room for expansion. Granted not the best examples, but I've been busy with work.

I've been busy with that. So far found a price range for revolvers that's been agreeable with my players. Piece of crap, 5 gold; 25-150 gold new, depending on caliber and or barrel length.

Also found this.

Cost of living in the old west

Got price or pay range for crafts.

Misfire crit fail chart
1 - backfire, weilder takes damage, no save
2 - backfire, reflex save DC 15
3 - flash, bad round
4 - click, loose cylinder, firing pin, or trigger
5 - click, cylinder chambered spent round
6 - click, out of ammo.

Classes of Dustfinder

There is a mirad of classes that roam the trails. Most have survived by either persistence, regional popularity, or traditionalists. They are divided into four categories: universal, any culture has this class; civilized, any county has this class; native, any civilization that lives off the wilderness has this class; traditionalist, individuals who keeps the old traditions alive preserve this class.

Bear in mind that I only have two books and some knowledge of other classes. If there's one I missed, feel free to add. However, bear in mind I am going off of time period. Double check if wild West, Victorian England and manji era Japan has similar individuals before adding. Do not expect Vikings in the West.

Core rulebook
Barbarian - native
Bard - universal
Cleric - civilized, known as preachers
Druid - native, traditionalist
Fighter - universal
Monk - traditionalist, Eastern Golarion
Paladin - civilized
Ranger - universal, specify military, homestead, native, or mountain man for background
Rogue - universal
Sorcerer - universal
Wizard - civilized

Advanced class guide
Arcanist - civilized
Bloodrager - native
Brawler - civilized
Hunter - native, traditionalist
Investigator - civilized
Shaman - native
Slayer - traditionalist, native
Warpriest - civilized, military background

Ultimate combat
Gunslinger - civilized, becoming universal
Samurai - civilized, Eastern Golarion
Ninja - traditionalist, Eastern Golarion

eakratz wrote:
I went with the Intimidate/Bluff/Sense Motive to account for the psyche out that happens right before the draw.

I liked that part cause it makes sense per the theme. Giving the edge if you can bluff, fake out, or scare. Like so.

This is what I meant. no bluff, intimidation. Fastest hand wins.

Oh. My modifications to firearms feats.

Firearms proficiency pistol - pistols
Firearms proficiency rifle - rifles and modified rifles
Firearms proficiency scatter - shotguns, modified shotguns, and anything using scatter shot
Firearms proficiency exotic - heavy weapons, racial designs, unique firearms

I'm doing mines similar to starfinder. Guns everywhere, melee still an option.

Kept coinage cause paper dollars wasn't a thing yet. Going to look up what denomination was paper.

Like your method. But problem would be if both was going to go for the shot. There I would use the dex modifiers for the drop. Quick draw feat gets the drop automatically unless both has the feat. Highest dex gets the first drop, roll to hit. Second highest gets the drop, roll to hit. Auto confirm crit. Roll initiative for rest of combat.


The Rifleman
Wild wild west
Have Gun Will Travel
Wagon Train
Wanted Dead or Alive
The Big Valley
Hell on Wheels

The Quick and the Dead
Cowboys and Aliens
The Warriors Way
The Magnificent Seven
True Grit
The Missing

Deadlands - RPG
Werewolf the Wyld West - RPG
Red Dead Redemption - Video game
Oddworld Stranger's Wrath

Until someone tries to make Gatling guns Martial weapons.

Makes sense. Thought about also using the racial weapon proficiency you get as said race.

I'm thinking about having feats for various firearms. Pistol, rifle, heavy, black powder, etc. While simple and martial weapons proficiency works, but at the same time, you know all the gun types and calibers. A lvl 1 chose can wield a pistol up to Gatling gun with one feat.

Speaking of cheaper and easier access to materials. That's part of the reason why I need the price adjustment. Yes while each gun is essentially the same weapon in mass. Each individual weapon has it's own quirks and modifications.

Modified Winchester reaper

Mare's leg

Superficial and subtle quirks

That's not to mention the firearms produced by elves, dwarves, orcs, etc. Then special materials like mithril, adamantine, electrum, etc. Enchantments, if the gun is modified to be a magical focus point.

Kinda a mix of starfinder and Pathfinder. Gun centric with swords as option. Hell, my NPC sheriff is a orc fighter, dual pistols, repeater rifle, and a battle axe.

Still looking through the firearms wikis. Like the misfire, probably should get into caliber at some point. Along with racial designs.

As per inspiration, later.

Barbarians: yep, a thing with ranger and bard. As per base aka core classes. Planning a gnoll raid on Blister well. It's only low magic cause the PC is a Changeling rogue.
Slayer: got the advanced class book so I'll look into it.
Inquisitor: I'll have to double-check with the advanced players book.


Started a Western setting for Pathfinder I dubbed Dustfinder. So far it's been successful, mainly because it's a solo campaign and hit some roadblocks.

1. What would be the appropriate price adjustment for firearms from ultimate combat to basically western time period? I haven't gone into caliber. I made revolvers 25-150 gold. Kept ammo price the same.

2. How do I adjust the feats to allow firearms proficiency? Already seen the ultimate combat version. Didn't like how you need to declare exotic/martial weapons proficiency and specify firearms

3. This is more time period appropriate. What base classes would be time period appropriate? Gunslinger, base classes, brawler, investigator, hunter, shaman, samurai, ninja, I got covered. Remember, wild West is Victorian England and manji era Japan.

Two of Lando's gambiling partners. A dwarf and Wrikreechee! Is there a bounty of Lando Calridsian?

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Arena fighting
There's a list in that general category.
Fun fact; According to the original synopsis, we're due to get Rollerball.
Real Steel
subcategory for fighting
Death Race
Because we can't get beyond it.
Light Cycle jousting


Deadlands: Original and Lost Colony
Werewolf the Wyld West
Space 1889
Aces and Eights

Dracula's America
Rogue Stars

Cowboys and Aliens
First Men on the Moon
Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Disney, and yes James Mason fan)
The Mysterious Island (Original
Jesse James meets Frankenstein's Daughter
Battle Beyond the Stars
Phantom Empire

Cowboys and Aliens
Pathfinder Worldscape

Journey to the Center of the Earth
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
The Time Machine
War of the Worlds
From Earth to the Moon

Didn't have time to go through to code everything right. Was using my phone.

Mechs via Starfinder


85% Survival rating
Competitions is the training wheels for Mechs. Hard enough hitting to cause pilot death, but normally a high survival. Competitions range from demolition derby, combat racing, and 1v1 combat. Big money, corruption, sabotage, corporate warfare (legally).

Ground Warfare:

50% Survival rating
Warfare is the mainstay of Mechs. Ground pounder wars makes sure you have a place to go home too, even if it is just a base. Mechs are treated more a combination of infantry, tanks, and artillery. Mech designs varies depending on race, culture, and role type. Some might be light for scouting, others heavier for heavier calibur guns or multiple missile racks.

Space Warfare:

32% Survival rating
Mechs for Space warfare are the infantry. They are deployed in the same manner as starfighters and bombers. But with the capability to capture ships or asteroids or planetoids. Ace pilots have the ability to master the momentum of their mechs with their knowledge of momentum in space. Space warfare is the most extreme for pilots, without the safety of a EVAC suit or being planetside, pilot losses sky rocket for any space domination campaigns.


Non-combative 99%/Combative 50% Survival rating
When your back 40 needs to be done in 10 minutes, clear cut a acre of forest in 15, an extremely dense vein of ores, or build a city instantly, civilian mechs are helpful. Each can be categorize in four categories; agriculture, construction, forestry, and mining. Those classifications are self explanitory. Agro mechs can be crop harvesters or herders for large herds or herds of large farm animals. Construction can build entire cities from the ground up. Mining mechs can extract materials in larger quantities than an whole team of miners in more dangerous areas. And Forestry mechs can clear large swaths of land. When push comes to shove, or even resistance groups needs mechs now. Each can be retro fitted with ranged weapons, leaving their initial farm tools as melee weapons. Having civilian mechs in your force can make training easier for resistance mech pilots who are not familiar with mechs designed for war.

What about the sentient Geth i.e. Legion? Not the herectical Geth, those Reaper infected scrap heaps! 3_99110810001_BFGTombshipMain_873x627.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20091107180204

Instead of the Egyptian pyramid, I went Aztec pyramid.

Faction 2

The Tenth Circle
NE Demonic Force/System
Leader: Araena Imperatrix and the Chosen

The Traverse cracked the very bowels of the Nine Hells. Tearing a shard of each of the Nine Circles in one long strip. As this strip entered the traverse, small shards of the Circles formed into their own worlds as the main strip is reforged into a hybrid planetoid/sun. Here is where the demonic forces fought for control of this new system. Each of the Circle planets were conquered by their respecting demonic or devil ruler for that particular specialty. It took longer for the new central planet since it has all the circles. After centuries per the Traverse, Araena Imperatrix and it's Chosen warriors conquered the central planet. Deeming it the Tenth Circle and those who follow it's banner. Araena Imperatrix seeks to control the Traverse since the limitations of planar travel and barriers are now null and void. Encountering the other factions such as the Cadre and the Federation. Warriors specializing in demon slaying has also be awoken and has stall the Circle's efforts. But this a challenge that Araena Imperatrix anticipates and is now currently preparing for a all systems assault of the Traverse.

I went more Star Wars myself. With a mix of Aztec and Necron.

Faction 1

The Cadre of Nautilus
TN Pirate Fleet
Leader: Captain Nemo aka Prince Dakkar, son of the Raja of Bundelkund

Based on an asteroid designated Vulcania by Nemo himself. The Cadre is a loose association of peoples, renegades, and those who don't conform to the rules of modern society. Founded and lead by Nemo himself, the Cadre is primarily trying to find a way for those trapped in the Traverse to return to their home worlds. Piracy is the primary means of acquiring resources, more out of necessity than anything else. Each of the factions have place plenty of bounties on the Cadre, those of similar goals of returning home tend to turn a blind eye towards the Cadre and even on occasion allied or hired out as privateers. Many of rebel, vagabound, explorer, and wanderer has joined the Cadre if above all else, just trying to find their way home.

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Is the soundtrack included?

Yes, cause going off the inspiration of Worldscape. It's a multifranchise mixup. Main reason why Doomguy is on this new list was because the first guy who responded to my question of favorite sci-fi hero was Doomguy. He's alongside Commissar Yarrik, Riddic, Han Solo, and Captain Nemo.

Not to mention Having a separate thread people can submit their own heroes like Johnny Rico, Nova, Hanzo, Samus, and others. The Traverse is meant to be a parallel dimension, not limited to what franchise you want to throw in. One of the reasons why my choice my players will meet is captain Nemo. He's also my mirror choice when compared to the Worldscape. The Worldscape major heroes is several past heroes and two future; The Traverse has four future heroes and one past.

Working on the mirror of pathfinder worldscape I deem starfinder traverse. Since there's a plenthra of sci-fi heroes, here's what me and my group has. Add your favorite sci-fi heroes here.

Captain Nemo: spacefarer Human Envoy
Commissar Sebastian Yarrik: mercenary Human soldier
Stan Blazkowicz: Merc Aasimar soldier
Richard B. Riddick: Outlaw Furian Operative Daredevil
Han Solo: Outlaw Human operative Scoundrel (d20 star wars scoundrel class works too)

Recently found the pathfinder worldscape. Struck with inspiration for a Christmas special and pissed off at myself. Almost my literal reaction.

I'm going to make my own starfinder worldscape! And it's going to have black jack! And hookers!

The traverse is a parallel dimension, seeking warriors and explorers. It calls across space time and dimension. The gods can still be reached and power can be drawn from them, but none have found the traverse. Many have come to colonize the traverse and it's strange worlds. None have found a way out. Technological levels wildly vary depending on those the traverse gathered, archaic to impossible to comprehend, none of the technology was able to intermix or reversed engineered. There's several factions fighting for control of the traverse, good, evil, order, destruction, and just survival.

Last night one of my friends decided to make a new character for my starfinder game. He made a Drow Noble Solarian. And when I was telling him how the first two revelations. He asked if Black Hole can be used on objects. I reread it. Book says no (per wording), I said I don't see why not. Considering that you can choose your targets and there's a lot of objects that are lighter to exact weight of creature (undetermined). I can see Black Hole being used for basically Force Push.

What do you guys thing? Yes, no, DM choice?

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PWWC - Pact Worlds Wrestling Championship

Across the Pact Worlds, wrestlers young and old gather to compete for the coveted Pact Worlds Belt. It's high thrills, bone snapping, carapace crunching action! FIRSTDAY, FIRSTDAY, FIRSTDAY!

I would say it's a safe bet that it's still gone or an asteroid field.

The Sideromancer wrote:
Why would they be banned? They don't seem to have any extra collateral risk over other weapons, and it's not like it prevents resurrection (which would probably be against rules of engagement in an analogue to how certain point shapes were banned for being especially hard to close the wound).

It's an undead version of agent orange. Instead of defoilage, it delifes. I'm not saying that PCs shouldn't have some type of access via black market. It would make sense that necro weapons (the kill everything because life) should be illegal when Eox joined the Pact World alliance. I can see Eox (the government) maintaining a backup supply of WMDs or planet killers in case of hostilities between Veskarium or any Swarm invasion. Neural Interface Necro weapons wouldn't be as frowned upon since it kinda requires your brain to register the owner of said weapon to operate. Keeps the weapons out of enemy hands, you can modify to self destruct if someone uses it.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

The crucial information about the Gap is covered in "History," on page 424.

History books become unreliable, only becoming reliable when referring to the ancient past. (So pre-Gap events far enough back remain well documented.)
People retained all skills, knowledge, and interpersonal connections from their lives, but specific memories were gone. You knew who you were married to. You knew how your spouse liked their coffee. You had no idea where you met them, or how long you'd been married.

From what I heard and interpreted was that any and all information pre-Gap was deleted at worst and somebody thought gibberish and crayon was a good way to write books at best. I did understand that what you know personally, spouse/family/kids, skills and what not is remembered but birthdates, anniversaries, and specific memories were not. To me it felt like that scene from the Bladerunner 2049 trailers where not Decker was asking for a guy about a pre blackout serial number, and instead of the nat 20 roll of it's still in the system, it's the nat 20 roll of I found it and I can't read this.

Sorry for the late response on this post. I was still focused on typing my post.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:

"It tastes like chicken. It LOOKS like a roasted sofa, but it tastes like chicken."
"Aren't mimics sentient?"
"Not once you roast them."

Tested many recipes on our brief Iron Chef Pact Worlds. And the goblin won.

Main reason why I say biblical is that a biblical generation is 10,000 years per human.

But still Owen. How you described the gap made it sound like a clerical error on the elves part or something forgotten in the bureaucracy wars of 93, instead of the brain gouging like mi-gos would do in their favorite hobby of brain jarring people.

Several recipes on cooking deep space mimic.

Shinigami02 wrote:

The Elves might have had it easier had it been a brief few hundred years or so. But the Gap extends for several generations of even Elven lifespans. The only beings alive today that could have also been alive pre-Gap would be Immortals. The Elves largely have so much more issue because their longer lives mean: 1) They are missing centuries rather than years or maybe decades of life, and 2) They're within, like, 1-3 generations of the end, compared to most other races' several generations.

Going off #2. Practical or biblical?

Deathnought wrote:

So Where are the androffans? So the Androffans predate the humans on Golarian. We have the Azlanti Star Empire. Surely the Androffa is unaffected, right?

I'm curious as to whats happening there. Also who were the greater gods that put down the Shoal? Where are the Shoal now?

I haven't played through module that they mentioned in but I did read about them on the Pathfinder Wiki

Found pre-Gap historical footage!

Wasn't the Gap supposed to have erased or make any history unavailable or severely encrypted or make certain phone calls to our favorite tentacley god that it's basically unusable? Saying it like that the Elves would have had it easier than how the book has described it. Which was an event so traumatic that they essentially closed their borders in case another Gap event happens.

Fardragon wrote:
I am Groot?

The problem is that the ethics of necro weapons. Which I do agree with you that a system wide ban would help. But there in lies the problem. There is still black markets not to mention those governments and factions outside of the system that might use necro weapons like a certain Kinder on Terra with nuclear weapons. My purposal for necro weapons being linked to the persons nervous system is more legal since most Eoxian starships are based off of direct interfacing. While limiting living players, you can rack up a profit by reselling those weapons to Eox or seeing if Eox is willing to reward for the return of any missing arms.

Going off your theory Owen. Wouldn't the Quest For Sky be forgotten during the Gap?

Ok. What about half breeds like Dhampir and Samsaran?

pithica42 wrote:

There's a lot of flavor text in the SF:CRB that suggests that the Quest for Sky is still on in Starfinder, at least for some dwarves. I believe I read about it in both the Dwarven racial entry and the entry for the Ironstar (a dwarven colony ship) at least. IIRC, there are some dwarves that think that the "sky" in the quest was always the sky of another planet and they're out searching for it in the vast. I think Torag's brother (?Aragog? my memory fails) is the one guarding them on their quest now that Torag left.

From what I've seen. Torag is still around, only backseat driving.

I suspect any Necrovite weapon might be specifically made to interface with the undead individual by connecting straight into the nervous system.

Pg. 506 Starfinder Core, Pathfinder Legacy

"Among the strongest dwarven traditions is the Quest for Sky, a belief that Torag commanded his people to leave their underground homes on Golarion and fight a generations long war to reach the surface. While many dwarves feel the Quest for Sky was fulfilled, some explore far from the Pact Worlds in belief that the original journey was only the first stage of the quest and that Torag now wants them to find some specific alien sky for which they're destined."

Deadmanwalking wrote:

Torag and Rovagug vanished with Golarion. Shelyn is off questing for a way to fix her brother and thus paying less attention to stuff locally.

Hold the phone tonto. Why would the dwarves take part in the Quest of Sky if Torag vanished.

Goth Guru wrote:
Good examples. I'm trying to design a derelict space dungeon craft. To have potentially 100 slots it would have to be gargantuan, right? If the Drift drive was only 1, how long would it take to reach the nearest system? What if a ship had multiple drift drives, all over the frame? They would have to function only if all of them were functional.

Got the perfect ship for that. s/USS%20Cygnus/Promo%20Photos/U_S_S__Cygnus_Cutaway.jpg

The USS Cygnus.

Gargantuan: yes.
Drift rating 1: No. Dr. Hans Reinhardt has figured out FTL via natural gravity wells i. e. black holes. His final draft of the formulas are destroyed when Dr. Durant used them as an improvised shield against the robot Maximilian.
Multiple engines: no drift, all sublight.

How I used the Cygnus. The Cult of the Devourer has taken over, reactivated the security robots, and have been using it as quasi temple they deemed The Harbinger. It floats in a debris field within parsecs of a white hole. The conning tower has been ripped off and is floating close by to the ship. There's multiple impacts from unknown debris. The ship itself has a feeling of unholy that only those of good alignment can feel, it's an feeling of unease. This vessel has drifted without accessing the drift. Because Dr. Reinhardt wasn't aware of the planes and what he has done to the former crew, he is damned in the nine hells as the ship itself was fought over by Asmodeus and The Devourer. The Devourer won but the vessel has materialized into material space. Then the Cult discovered it in the debris field with other derelict ships. The debris field itself is marked off as Cultist space and the only section of space where the Cult can let loose.

Separate playable races and creatures.

More creatures, classic and original.
Include creatures from the adventure paths, with the planetary origin.

The Sideromancer wrote:
One of these days, I'm going to run a campaign that's a free-for-all between the major highly warlike scifi races. Orks, Klingons, Krogans, Vesk, Covenant Elites, and whatever else I can scrounge up.

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