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I have a questions for James Jacob!

Are you feeling better?! I hear they miss you at work and your dark office makes everyone sad.

:-D !!!!!

I'll trade you a Mona for a Schneider.

Monkeys are awesome! Paizo is awesome! Paizo monkeys are awesome!


Is this still coming out today?

OOO OOO! Pick me! I enjoyed today's blog! It had art! It had previews of some neat canon stuff like NPC names! It had titillating revelations about an upcoming product that make me want it NOW! What more could a blog addict ask for?

yoda8myhead wrote:
Currently you can see all my tags.

But if I use this alias, you can not.

The stag bartender says, "What? I got a monkey on my back or somethin'?"

So are we getting this today?

Dave Young 992 wrote:
Pathfinder and Golarion are kinda like licorice. Not everybody likes it, but the people who like it really like it!

Who doesn't like them? Point me at 'em!!! I'll show 'em the error of their ways.

Erik Mona wrote:
Thraxus wrote:


If you don't have access to a "Dictionary of Angels: Including the Fallen Angels" by Gustav Davidson, I highly suggest finding a copy. The book has served me well in my games (espeically my current d20 mordern game).

It is a great resource in general for GMs. The book even includes at least one "celestial" alphabet, maybe two.

LOL. Owning that book is pretty much a pre-requisite for getting hired here. You don't need to worry. Wes has got it.

Dear Mr. Mona,

Rest assured that I have just purchased and read this book from cover to cover, wearing it out to the degree that I needed to buy a second copy, which I have also purchased. Please re-examine my application for employment and let me know. Thanks!

A wishful (if desperate) thinker

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You ain't alone! That said, I have had to seriously reduce the amount of D&D played, read and chatted about recently because my addiction went to far and started having dire consequences. Do yourself a favor and avoid the burnout before it's too late.

DitheringFool wrote:
well if i weren't already a subscriber this would have convinced me!

Subscribe again! I've already done so eight times. I might do it again now just to save myself the trouble next time.

Dennis [Pathfiner Addict] wrote:
Just change your board alias to reflect your slavish devotion to all that is Pathfinder.

This good?

Paizombie wrote:

Durnit! I was gonna make that alias.