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If Your Game Has Crafting, You Need This


Pathfinder's crafting rules can be more than a little frustrating. One expensive item can take years to make! So what's an adventurer to do? Making Craft Work provides a strong alternative with short, sensible rules, that actually function in the context of the game.

Crafting times are now based on the complexity of the item, rather than its value. The rules are also meant to be flexible, able to be tweaked and adapted to suit the needs of the game. Making Craft Work provides a more solid foundation upon which any other house rules for crafting can be made. I would highly recommend Making Craft Work to anyone, and of course especially to those who anticipate that crafting will come up in their game.

A final note: a version of these rules are available on the d20PFSRD, however there are several discrepancies between those and the rules here. EDIT: Spes Magna has verified that this document is the most up to date version of the rules available.