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I know that missile batteries are a thing, but maybe also have them holdable like the missile pod held by the Aries suit.

Add some other weapons like Beam Scythes, Beam Trident, Beam Glaive, and Magma weapons (Darling in the FRANXX). That would make it better. Maybe also make it possible for Missile Batteries to be held like the Pisces or Aries suit from Gundam Wing. What about adding a Twin-Beam cannon (Like Wing Zero) but does Extreme damage, Line, and the ability to split into two to be Wing Zero.

Psiphyre wrote:

Someone's a fan of Gundam Wing, eh?


Carry on!


I absolutely LOVE Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. I have seen the 1st season of Iron Blooded Orphans and the characters are good; but it's just the mobile suit design is boring. Meanwhile, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing's characters and mobile suits are excellent. Look, at Deathscythe Hell, it is the ONLY Gundam of its kind to truly be stealth and invisible. It is interesting with Nanolaminate armor of IBO being beam-deflectant but it wouldn't stand a chance against the Wing Zero's Twin Buster Rifle and ZERO system. Alaya Vinjana is dangerous and improves the pilot's reaction times with Mikazuki being able to react incredibly quick. However, the ZERO system is far, far, far superior in the fact of the ZERO system can predict your enemies' moves including any possible outcome letting you see the future. It increases your reaction times by a significant amount with it making Heero & Zechs superior to everyone. Heero has had the proper training and fights like a veteran soldier despite being 2 years younger than Mikazuki. He was trained since he was like 4. Heero's skill and battle tactics alone in ANY mobile suit would prove of how he is the most dangerous pilot of any gundam anime. I saw the clip of Mikazuki vs Gjallarhorn and I was thinking of how Heero with the Wing Zero would wipe out their entire elite fleet, mobile suits, and orbit bombardiers suits; I mean after all his aim is accurate to a hundredth of a unit making it pristine accuracy.. A single shot from the Twin Buster Rifle is able to destroy a 5 mile to 8 mile long colony instantly and thoroughly. Also, Heero without any cybernetics was able to survive his own suit's self-detonation meanwhile Mikazuki wouldn't survive that. Mikazuki may be called the Devil but Heero would annihilate him. Also, the enemy suits in Gundam Wing look cool and cleverly named. The mobile suits from Gjallarhorn wouldn't be able to hold up against modified ZERO systemized Mobile Doll Virgos. Their offense and defense is too strong.

If you amde a campaign based around mechs then es you could give them access to mechs at first level. But they are most likely to revamp the system because it is a bit too overpowered.

If you look in the text of building a mech, your ENTIRE PARTY can make Tier 1 mechs. The fact is that people are going to use mechs more than regular and I would rather make separate campaigns built around special systems. If using mechs, I would rather use almost all mech combat-based campaign.

Honestly, I think that the Nanocyte is a bit too overpowered in the senses that they get skill ranks equal to what a Mystic has, has a full base attack bonus progression, and the fact their nanites are incredibly powerful in the ability of forming weapons, and regenerating health. I also think that the mechs are going to be seriously revamped considering that anybody can use a mech and everyone is going to start taking the Ace Pilot theme mainly because of the usefulness of Piloting checks. Also, some frames are better than others but granted they are really cool in how they were inspired. The Flight frame reminds me of the OZ Aries mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. The Amphibious frame reminds me also of the OZ Cancer and Pisces aquatic combat mobile suits. Combat frame of course wuld be the OZ Tragos, Leo, and other mobile suits. The Recon frame was probably inspired by the hands-down best Gundam, Deathscythe/Deathscythe Hell. The Deathscythe Hell was a mobile suit constructed out of gundanium alloy and was the most technologically advanced stealth and mobility suit. The Deathscythe suits had radar & communications-jamming equipment. It was also the fastest mobile suit of any surpassing all of the Gundams for mobility. And what do you know, they have those technologies as part of special auxillary systems along with the Deathscythes' famous weapon, the scythe too.. Also, the Gundam Heavyarms also heavily inspired the combat frames, upper limbs, lower limbs, weapons, and auxillary systems. The Heavyarms suit was a combat-based mobile suit designed for overwhelming an entire army with its devastating firepower. It was equipped with an army knife, a beam gatling gun, and multiple missile batteries. And you see this within the various types of weapons and armor of the mech system. I personally think that even after these get revamped, the mech system is still going to be fun and awesome. I also believe that you Paizo should make a new class based around mechs and include a feat that allows Powered-Armor proficient characters to be able to pilot a mech without penalty.

It's time to make Gundams exist and fulfill the curse to your enemies in Starfinder.

How about an armored tank build

In Starfinder, I would love for them to have a Jedi class or Tanker class. In Pathfinder, how about a Hamon-user.

Haven't been able to play one yet, but I am making an ATLA like campaign and this campaign is going to be hard. I have my NPC Kineticist who is going to be either Air. It is a Dual-Talented Human Air Kineticist whose archetypes are Elemental Scion and Kinetic Lancer. It is made for melee jump combat. Eventually, it will have like a +72 Acrobatics with Kinetic Leap or base +52. Made for combat by being the Lancer from Final Fantasy Tactics and uses Electric Blast.

True, but you have the most versatility. I an going to have the Anarchaic mutation Entropist who will take Esoteric first, then Elemental, then Material. Lots of versatility for this character.

I would make the Double-Barreled Jetlauncher. Tiers of it: Tactical, Advanced, Elite, Paragon. Levels: 3, 8, 14, 19. Damage= 1d12 B, 2d12 B, 4d12 B, 6d12 B. Type: Small Arm. Bulk: 1. Usage: 2. Capacity: 4. Costs: 1250, 8950, 119550, and 675750. Property: Analog. Range: 90 feet. Critical: Knockdown.

Thanks for the mounted gun idea!

I want to make a custom Basic or Advanced Mod for Drones(& only drones). It will be called Turret Mount.

Basic Mod: Turret Mount (Combat Drones only)
This mod allows your drone to carry a passenger as a lookout and a gunner. It can hold a PC/NPC of Medium or less size. Your Drone's speed is reduced by 5 feet.

Basically, I have an idea to make a "Girls Und Panzer" Mechanic Tank Drone build and I wanted an idea of a turret, but the turret is another character with a gun. It sounds totally fun. Have any of you watched "Girls Und Panzer" on Netflix? It is a weird but fun anime. What do you all think?

The average damage is still stronger than everything though. Boosting a weapon with the Boost property requires a move action. Supercharge Weapon is used to power up the weapon before your next turn to attack. The Solarian is going to mostly one-shot kill enemies with these two buffs. It comes to crazy amounts of damage even for minimum. Hammerjack, I don't really know the accuracy equations but working out damage is best for me. I know you do that stuff, but to me it really doesn't matter. I just like finding the absolute most damage for potential. Solar Acceleration makes you able to Full Attack as a Standard Action. The Variant Boost, Solar Acceleration, & Supercharge Weapon all apply; so it still works. By the way, when someone crits, I go off by the idea that when a person crits, they get max normal plain weapon dice like 12d6 -> 72. It is better and fairer for players.

Making full attacks as a standard action, gaining haste, and can travel through a portal on the other side to get up close to a boss or something is just awesome

Solarians are just astonishing and amazing for their damage potential. I kind of find that the best Zenith Revelations are Wormholes and Solar Acceleration. They aren't attack revelations, but great buffs and useful for your team.

The Supercharge Weapon is from the Technomantic Dabbler feat.

They outdamage everyone in melee. They can at maximum (with 3x crit full attack + Solar Acceleration buff + Variant Boost 6d6 + [if Int is up to 15]Supercharge Weapon + True T-Quark Crystal[+6d6] as a maximum of nearly 850 damage with a single attack with proper buffs. It is stupid crazy. Their Solar Flare is really decent too, besting a Pistolero +4 Dex Soldier and Operative Trick Attack.

That sucks

Solarians aren't nearly as good for tanking hits like Vanguards and Soldiers. An Evasive Vanguard is good, but a Warblood-Vesk Guard/Armor Storm Soldier can literally get the Enhanced Resistance Feat for literally the next 6 levels from level 4 to level 10, making them hard to kill. Add Deflective Reinforcement, Mk 3 Thermal Capacitor, Mk 3 Electrostatic Field, Filtered Rebreather, Sonic Dampener, Mk 5 Fortification Plates, & Mk 4 Magic Resistor to their armor(Vesk Monolith Mk 3) and they become nearly invincible. Their resistances are DR 30/-(35/- when Impenetrable Defense is activated), Fire 35, Cold 35, Electricity 35, Acid 25, Sonic 25, Magic 30, & 100% chance Crit damage turn to Normal damage.

I mean the resistances of both Solar Shield and Solar Armor when fully attuned are pretty nice though.

I am talking about Heavy Armor proficiency

I would treat the Plasma Blast as how you would for a normal melee attack in my case

Yeah, having both Solar Weapon and Solar Flare means you can get proficiency, which is better than Solar Armor

Heavy armor makes them survive more often

The Qi Adept's 9th level ability with plasma blasts is unspecified for explode. Does anybody know the Explode property's radius for it?

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Honestly Solar Shield is much better than the Vanguard's Entropy Shield by a long shot. Solar Armor is only for people that use light armor. I found that Solar Flare/Weapon if the best because you don't ever have to get new weapons. It really makes Solarians one of the most cost efficient for weapons, with the others being an Unarmed Striker Soldier and Vanguard. The DPS Solarian can go for heavy or powered armor, which make them tough to kill. Vanguards have the unique choice of focusing on Light Armor and Heavy/Powered Armor thanks to their Disciplines. You can be evasive or tanky. But Solarian out-damage everyone in pure melee, not so much for ranged

I think Sharpshooter can work with bows too, right?

You can literally have your Destiny character use only his Supers like a Titan's Sentinel Shield or Hammer, Warlock's Nova Bomb, Dawnblade, or Arc Beam; or Hunter's Shadowshot, Arcstaff, Golden Gun. It works fine

Ranged and Melee are quite bad for classes with 3/4ths BAB. Ranged damage just isn't that truly powerful, well except if you have Deadly Aim and Double Tap. Melee is just something that has already been fun. My technomancer is quite squishy with only 21 SP and 19 HP. It also has the most average scores with racial/theme traits. I know that my Technomancer is gonna die anyway. My party has 2 operatives, 1 mechanic, 2 technomancers, and 1 soldier. What I know of is that the other technomancer has far better scores than what I have. My modifiers to my scores are only +2 and +3. When my technomancer dies, my brother's soldier is gonna leave too and then my backup character is gonna come in with my brother's new one. Granted our characters are iterally from anime, but they are Kendo Rappa and Kai Chisaki(Overhaul). Melee is something that just sounds really fun to me.

It does seem like ranged is better since it can pick stuff off from a distance, but melee can just be ridiculous. I mean the Solarian deals the highest melee damage period. The Operative can possibly do it through Trick Attack with Operative weapons like Paragon Retractable Spike, but even with their successful skill checks, it will be hard for them to hit.

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Dracomicron wrote:

Making a melee character out of a non-melee class is an art form. Just look at my Junksword Technomancer, who routinely frustrates GMs by being an effective tank.

Or my Operative/Mystic who I decided would be a melee character at 4th level, and has managed to make a legitimate go of it.

Melee is just more fun to me. I remember in 3.5E, my favorite character was a druid that would wild shape into a dog or wolf and trip people like crazy, allowing the Barbarian or the War Priest to skewer them.

Wait, Dracomicron what does you Junker Technomancer have? I am actually curious.

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Trigun is certainly possible especially for Vash the Stampede. Trigun is a space-westerner and you can find most of Trigun's weapons in Core Rulebook and Armory. You can do some My Hero Academia characters too.

Sharpshooter Soldier is the best sniper, especially if you are a Halfling. Grab a scope, a projectile Sniper weapon, Silencer, Flash Suppressor and the Far Shot feat, and you have no penalty for sniping.

Honestly, the Blitz soldier is definitely a good start. I have a backup character set up for when my squishy Technomancer dies or leaves. It is an anime character lol. It is Kendo Rappa of the 8 Bullets of Kai Chisaki. He is a level 4 Gravity Dweller Human with Guard(Str) as a Blitz Soldier. His feats are Improved Unarmed Strikes, Weapon Specialization, Blind Fight, Jet Dash, Fleet, Weapon Focus(Basic Melee), and Slam Down. His base racial ability scores are +3 Str, +2 Dex, and -2 Cha. He has a voice distorter/mask, 2x Cestus Battlegloves, Everyday clothes, Infared Sensors, Vesk Brigandine II, 4 R2E, an Industrial Backpack, and a Mk 1 Upgrade(Con). His gear boost is Melee Striker.

Does the ammunition (2 bulk) inside the loader count with the bulk of the loader or no?

A hover drone gains a total of +6 to its two modifiers which one is DEX. The drone has 16 DEX which increases to 22 with a +6 modifier. The hover drone also has 2 Enhanced Armor mods giving it +4 to its AC. The drone also gains AC bonus of +18 to base AC. The formula is EAC/KAC=10+DEX Mod+AC Bonus+Mods+Ultra-clocking. The drone then has 11+6+18+4+1=40. Sure I miscalculated about 50 AC, but the Drone has a good AC.

Ok, so I searched it up. You're right.

Vanguard Normal attack:
Min=50, Max=110; Crit Min=122, crit Max=182

Full attack:
Min=150, max=330; 1x Crit Min=222, 1x Crit Max=282; 2x Crit Min=294, 2x Crit max=474; 3x crit Min=366, 3x Crit Max=546

Normal attack average=80, crit normal attack=152, normal full attack=240, 1x crit=252, 2x crit=384, 3x crit=456

Wow, even miscalculating DEX belonging in damage for Vanguard, the no crystal averages are still lower than the Vanguard.

Solar Flare Solarian w/ crystal=12d4+20+6d6:
Normal Attack-
Min=38, Max=104; Normal crit attack Min=86, Max=152
Full Attack-
Min=114, Max=312; 1x Crit Min=162, 1x crit Max=360; 2x crit Min=210, 2x crit Max=408; 3x crit Min=258, 3x crit Max=456

Solar Flare w/ no crystal=12d4+20:
Normal Attack-
Min=32, Max=68; Normal crit attack Min=80, Max=116
Full Attack-
Min=96, Max=204; 1x Crit Min=144, Max=252; 2x Crit Min=192, Max=300; 3x crit Min=240, Max=348

With crystal Statistics:
Normal attack average=121, normal crit attack=119, normal full attack=213, 1x crit=261, 2x crit=309, & 3x crit=357

No crystal Statistics-
Normal attack average=50, normal crit attack=98, normal full attack=150, 1x crit=198, 2x crit=246, 3x crit=294

I added the Solar Flare for it too

Sometimes, people have crazy critical attack rolls. Trust me, my DM who has game mastered campaigns for 5-10+ years have had crazy critical hits with his official Starfinder dice. He crit multiple times in a row with them. I am in his campaign right now and in one of the sessions, he crit 2-3 times in a row.

A solarian with +9 STR has a total damage of this: 12d6+STR+CHA+Level+Crystal w/ Soulfire(optional)=12d6+9+10+20+6d6

Normal Attack w/ crystal:
Min=57, Max=147; Crit Min=129; Crit Max=219

Full Attack w/ crystal:
Min=171, Max=441; 1x Crit Min=243, 1x Crit Max=513; 2x Crit Min=315, 2x Crit Max=585; 3x Crit Min=387; 3x Crit Max=657

So you are right about the Solarian with the higher damage, but that is with a crystal. Let's see what happens when he doen't have it. Damage equals 12d6+STR+Level=12d6+9+20

Normal Attack:
Min=41, Max=101; Crit Min=113, Crit Max=173

Full Attack:
Min=123, Max=303; 1x Crit Min=195, 1x Crit Max=315; 2x Crit Min=267, 2x Crit Max=447; 3x Crit Min=339, 3x Crit Max=519

So as you can see, the Solarian does have the higher damage output, but that is with the crystal & Soulfire fusion.

The crystal statistics:
Normal attack average=117, normal crit attack=174, normal full attack=306, 1x crit=378, 2x crit=450, and 3x crit=522.

No crystal statistics:
Normal attack average=71, normal crit attack=143, normal full attack=213, 1x crit=255, 2x crit=357, and 3x crit=429.

You asked me why I used DEX. Here is the reason: The entropic strike is a magical one-handed operative melee weapon and you dont add STR yet until 10th level. It is an operative weapon so you add DEX, your level, and CON, and later STR. It works in that way.

The reason why I talk about Minimum and Maximum values is because It is easier to tell the average damage per normal attack, normal critical attack, normal full attack, and critical full attack. The average damage of a normal attack=88, crit normal attack=160, normal full attack=264, 1x crit=276, 2x crit=408, and 3x crit=480. By getting the minimum and maximum values, you can find the average by adding the minimum and maximum together and dividing it by 2. That is how I do it. When I do the critical damage, I also incorporate the chances of critting once, twice, or more.

Don't forget that Vanguard is a Full BAB class that literall has the best melee damage roll: 12d6+STR+DEX+CON+Weapon Specialization(special). Let's say that this vanguard has 26 STR, 26 STR, and 30 CON. The damage is 12d6+8+8+10+20.

Normal attack:
Min=58, Max=118; Crit Min=130, Crit Max=190

Full Attack(3 attacks):
Min=174, Max=354; 1x Crit Min=246, 1x Crit Max=306; 2x Crit Min=318, 2x Crit Max=498; 3x Crit Min=390, 3x Crit Max=570

The Vanguard is seriously, hands down, the MOST POWERFUL melee class in the game

Range is most likely to be used in Starfinder campains, but Melee has stronger damage. You have a Dragonkin Blitz(2nd) & Wrathful Warrior(1st) Soldier at max level with Melee Striker and a Dimensional Blade Doshko. Sure the Doshko has Unwieldy, but a single attack: 13d12P+20+11+5+6(Weapon + PC Level + STR Mod + Frenzy)= Min:55P Max:198P; Crit Min:211P Crit Max:354P. Melee sure isn't the best way to fight in Starfinder but it is decent. But ranged weapons sure are stronger.
A Full Attack with a Paragon Reaction Cannon would deal:
2(12d10P +20)= Min:64P, Max:280P; 1x Crit Min:184P, 1x Crit Max:400P; 2x Crit Min:304P, 2x Crit Max:520P. Now that's a lot of damage

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Alright, so this thread is about what the best combinations of Extra Manifestation and Solar Manifestation are and the weaknesses about them.

First Combination: Solar Weapon + Solar Flare
Alright so this is easy to take a look upon. This combination is good damage-wise and cost efficiency. You have a free melee weapon and a free ranged weapon. The Solar Weapon has a reach of your race's natural reach and the Flare has a 60 ft range. Let's say that you want to be a good damage dealer. Your character reached to a Level 20 Korasha Lashuta Solarian with +2 STR, +2 CHA, & -2 WIS, and have any of the +1 DEX themes. Your rolls were 18, 18, 16, 10, 11, & 12. You have a Mk 1, 2, and 3 Upgrade. Your STR goes from 20->21(5th)->22(10th)->23(15th)->24(20th)+Mk 1 Upgrade(+2)--> 26(+8 Mod); DEX=17->19(5th)->20(10th)->21(15th)->22(20th)+Mk 2 Upgrade(+4)--> 26(+8 Mod); CHA=20->21(5th)->22(10th)->23(15th)->24(20th)+Mk 3 Upgrade(+6)--> 30(+10 Mod). Alright so now done with the stats part, now to damage. The Solar Weapon deals 12d6+8+20+6d6+10(Soulfire Crystal=CHA Mod + 6d6)= Min:56 Max:146; Crit Min:116 Crit Max:218. That is a lot of damage for a non Full Attack. The Flare deals 12d4+20+6d6(Crystal)= Min:38 Max:104; Crit Min:86 Crit Max:152. The great part about this is you only have to worry about buying armor and other things but not weapons. This means that you can get heavy armor if you want to through the feat. It is great overall with the Quick Draw feat and in a fully attuned state.

Second Combination: Solar Armor + Solar Shield
With the solar armor and a dex score of 26/28, you can get an AC of 10+22+8+2(Specialist Hardlight Series AC bonus + DEX Modifier + Armor)=42. While with the shield up instead=10+22+8+1/6(AC Armor bonus + DEX Modifier + Shield(Unaligned/aligned))=41/46. When fully attuned=10+22+8+2+1/6(Armor + DEX Mod + SA + SS)=43/48. This combination if you want to focus on using Longarms/Heavy Weapons at range while being a total defense role. The AC exceeds or equals heavy armor and unupgraded powered armor. A Level 20 Celebrity Rigging of a Level 20 Warblood Vesk Guard Soldier puts its AC penalty at 0 and AC at: EAC=10+32+7+1(Standard 10 + Armor + DEX Mod + Racial trait)=50; KAC=10+36+7+2(Standard + Armor + DEX Mod + Racial + Armored Advantage)=55. The Guard has a basic AC of that much without feats, upgrades, or gear boosts. The only thing comes close to that is a Hover Drone with an EAC & KAC of 50. Those are the only two things that can defeat the Defensive Solarian in terms of AC.

More on other combos later

Can you use a grenade launcher with grenades loaded in to use Heavy Fire or not? I am wondering about that question

Hell that would probably blow up a Large ship or bigger

Imagine hooking up 190 missiles (50 Tactical, 50 Stellar, 30 Advanced, 30 Ionized, and 30 Plasma HED) to a detonator and then blowing it up. That is 300d8 + 400d8 + 390d8 + 360d10 + 510d12. That minimum damage is <_1960 damage and the max is 18,440 damage. That would probably blow a large base to smithereens. This was so.ething I came up with a 20 million credit Level 20 Bombard soldier for fun.


You are right abot Shot on the Run and Spring Attack

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