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Witch Casts Prayer
Prayer has an AoE of 30ft
There are four enemies with SR in that AoE
Does the witch have to roll to defeat the SR for each creature (like a saving throw)?
Or is it a single roll?

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The rules of the Charm Person are straight and to the point:

Abbreviated Spell info from Core Rulebook:

School enchantment (charm) [mind-affecting]
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Target one humanoid creature
Duration 1 hour/level
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes

This charm makes a humanoid creature regard you as its trusted
friend and ally (treat the target’s attitude as friendly). If the
creature is currently being threatened or attacked by you or your
allies, however, it receives a +5 bonus on its saving throw.
The spell does not enable you to control the charmed person as if
it were an automaton, but it perceives your words and actions in the
most favorable way. You can try to give the subject orders, but you
must win an opposed Charisma check to convince it to do anything
it wouldn’t ordinarily do. (Retries are not allowed.) An affected
creature never obeys suicidal or obviously harmful orders, but it
might be convinced that something very dangerous is worth doing.
Any act by you or your apparent allies that threatens the charmed
person breaks the spell. You must speak the person’s language to
communicate your commands, or else be good at pantomiming.

My question is, what happens at the end of the spell? Is the NPC or PC aware that a spell took place?
and finally
Can a PC or NPC uses Charm Person in place of/or to aid a Diplomacy Check to improve the attitude of a PC or NPS?

Relating to an Adventure Path:
I have a witch in the AP Skulls and Shackles who would like know know if Charm Person can be used to help gain the favor of fellow crew members. Honestly I don't know how to answer this. I'm leaning toward a bonus to the roll depending on the original attitude but would like some advice or insight.

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Looking for Pathfinder games, groups, and/or players in the Jersey Shore area.

If possible I would like to put together or even join a PFS group. I have already talked to a local comic book store who is willing to host games. I play with a group about once a month, but very much would like to play more.

We can play one shots, story arcs, Adventure Paths, etc.

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Greetings All,

I currently reside in the Toms River, Manahawkin Region of the Jersey Shore. I'm looking for other people who are interested in Pathfinder. Optimally I would love to do Pathfinder Society games, but that could be something to build to. I have talked to a co-owner local comic book shop who likes the idea of loaning use of their back room for geeky activities.

I'm currently in touch with (what I assume to be) the head of another gaming group down here.

Any takers?

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I glossed over the "Rules" messageboard and didn't see anything, so forgive me if I missed it already being answered.

The question is on "bench resting" a ranged weapon such as a crossbow, but can be applied to pretty much any ranged weapon that just needs a trigger pull to fire.

If I'm behind cover, lets say a fallen log, and can rest my crossbow on it, are there any circumstance modifiers to help with the attack role?