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Full Name

Ootaka Hideko


Half Elf HP: 66/66 | AC/FF/TCH: 22(17)/16) | F/R/W: +8/+11/+7 l init +5 I Per +3


Vigilante 7







Special Abilities

Magical Girl Transformation






Common, Tien, Elven


Tea Hostess

Strength 14
Dexterity 20
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 9
Charisma 15

About Ootaka Hideko

Transformation Sequence into Elven Spear:
Inexplicably, there is a large flash of light, and mysterious music starts playing from nowhere. The woman's clothes seem to burn off, leaving a luminescent silhouette of her body behind, with only her eyes clearly viable. Behind her, a large symbol of the open road appears, as tall as her. Flames burn through the symbol, leaving a fiery sovereign court emblem in their wake. Nonchalantly she steps through the symbol, some of the flames adhering to her body. As they spread across her hands, they coalesce into orange spiked gauntlets, her torso-armor and an orange-white dress, her feet-boots. She reaches back into the symbol and plucks out a handful of fire, which extends into a long shaft, before burning away to reveal a branched spear. She flicks the last ember off the tip of the spear, which lands on her head. This quickly ignites her black hair, leaving behind a pink coiffure. She ends sequence with a strange but majestic pose in front of the symbol of her faction as the music swells to its zenith then abruptly ends.

Ootaka Hideko
Half-Elf Vigilante 7
LN Medium Humanoid (Human, Elf, Half-Elf)
Init+5 Senses Low-Light Vision, Perception +1 (+3 if with familiar)
AC20, Flat footed 13, Touch 14 (+3 armor, +5 Dex, +1 deflection, +1 insight)
HP 66 (7d8+28)
Fort+7, Ref+11 Will+6
Melee Jitte +10(2d6+9)
Ranged Starknife: +10 (2d4+2)
Space[b]5 ft.,[b]Reach5 ft.
Supernatural Abilities
Special Attacks Spells
Spell-Like Abilities
Class Abilities Magical Transformation, Mongoose Familiar (Protector Archetype), Social Grace (Diplomacy, bluff), Renown (Pathfinder grand lodge), Many Guises, quick change
3 (1/day) Fly
2 (3/day) See Invisibility, Resist Energy, glitterdust, barkskin
1 (4/day) Shield, Infernal Healing, Grease, Jump
0-Detect Magic, Read Magic, Light, Message, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation

Base Atk+5; CMB+8CMD25
Feats: Weapon Finesse, Toughness, Power Attack, furious focus, Combat Reflexes
SkillsAcrobatics +8, Bluff: +11, Diplomacy +16 Perform-Tea Cerimony+5 Spellcraft+10, Use Magic Device+12, Disguise +6, Knowledge-Local +4, Sense motive +4
Alternate Racial Traits: Ancestral Arms (Elven Branched Spear)
Traits: Dirty Fighter, Indomitable Faith
LanguagesCommon, Tien, Elven
Gear of note Cold Iron Jitte, Parade Armor (Taldor), handy haversack, cloak of resistance +2, Jitte, Starknife x5, ring of deflection +1, Dusty Rose Prism ioun Stone (Socketed into Wayfinder), Belt of Dex +2, headband of Charisma +2
Mongoose Familiar (Master level 7)
LG Tiny Animal
Init +2; Senses: Low-Light Vision, Scent, Perception +1
AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 16 (+2 Dex, +4Natural, +2 size)
HP 33 (1/2 master's HP, rounded down)
Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +4
Special Defenses
Speed 20 ft., Climb 20 ft
Melee bite +9 (1d3-4, plus attach)
Str 3, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 7, Wis 12, Cha 5
Base Atk +5; CMB +1; CMD 13 (17 vs. trip)
Skills Acrobatics +10, Climb +18, Escape Artist+3, Stealth +14, Diplomacy +4 Perform-Tea Cerimony -2, Spellcraft +5, Use Magic Device +4, Knowledge-Local -2, Disguise-2

SQShare Spells, Empathic Link, Alertness, speak with animals of its kind, speak with master.