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Full Name

Olyse Goldear


HP: 51/51 | AC: 23(25) | F: +10, R: +12, W: +13 | Perc: +13 (Keen Eyes/Watchful)| Hero Points: 1 |


Speed: 25 ft. | Active Conditions: N/A


LG Female Halfling Druid 5 |

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 19
Charisma 10

About Olyse Goldear

Character Sheet

Olyse Goldear 177216-2001
Field Commissioned Agent
Faction: Horizon Hunters
XP 52 | Total Fame 12 | Total Reputation 20 | Cash 78.94gp
Female Halfling Druid 5 (Trained in Druid Class DC21, Alchemist Class DC20)
LG Small Humanoid
Senses: Keen Eyes, Watchful, Expert Perception: +13

LANGUAGES: Common, Halfling, Elven, Dwarven, Druidic, Draconic


DEFENSE: Trained in Unarmored Defense, Light Armor, Medium Armor
AC 23 (+2 With Shield Raised)
HP 51 Speed 25 ft.
Expert Fort: +10; Expert Reflex: +12 Expert Will: +13

OFFENSE: Trained in Simple, Unarmed Attacks, and Alchemical Bombs.
[dice=Sickle (S)]1d20+10;1d4+1[/dice] +10/+6/+2
[dice=Ranged Hand Crossbow (P)]1d20+10;1d6[/dice] +10/+5/+0
[dice=Spell Attack]1d20+11[/dice]
[dice=Alchemical bomb - ]1d20+10[/dice] +10/+5/+0

SPELLS: Trained in Primal Spell Attacks and Spell DCs
Cantrips (Level 1) (5/day + 1 bonus):[/] Tanglefoot, Dancing Lights, Ray of Frost, Guidance, Stabilize, Acid Splash
[i]1st (3/day):
Grease, Magic Fang, Magic Stone
2nd (3/day):
3rd (2/day):
Focus (Points 1): Goodberry

INFUSED REAGENTS (Lvl/day + 1 bonus (familiar ability)): Eagle Eye Elxir (x2), Elixir of Life (x2), infused reagent (x1)

Antidote (lesser)
Antiplague (lesser)
Elixir of Life (minor)
Eagle Eye Elixir (lesser)
Cognitive Mutagen (lesser)
Serene Mutagen (lesser)
Smokestick (lesser)

SKILLS: ACP: -2 Stealth (Buckle armor); can attempt all skills untrained (Halfling Ingenuity)
Trained in Acrobatics(DEX) +10
Trained in Arcana (INT) +10
Trained in Athletics (STR) +8
[Alchemist Dedication] Expert in Crafting (INT) +12
[Leaf Order] Trained in Diplomacy (CHA) +7
Trained in Farming Lore (INT) +10
[Background] Trained in Herbalism Lore (INT) +10
[Field Commission] Trained in Mercantile Lore (INT) +10
Expert in Medicine (WIS) +14
[Background] Trained in Nature (WIS) +11
Trained in Survival(WIS) +11

Primal Spellcasting, Anathema, Druidic language, Druidic Order (Leaf Order), Shield Block, Wild Empathy, Alertness, Great Fortitude
Lightning Reflexes

Leshy Familiar - Maizy:

Abilities (4/day)
Cantrip Connection: Prepare an additional cantrip/day
Extra Reagents: Gain an additional batch of infused reagents.
Independent: Gain 1 action/turn without needing a Command
Manual Dexterity: Use up to 2 limbs for Manipulate actions
Valet: Command to have familiar retrieve an item of L/neg bulk you are wearing 1-2x per turn and place it in your hand; can't retrieve stowed items
Skilled: +9 in chosen skill
Touch Telepathy
Speech: Common

Infused Reagents

Leshy Familiar
Feat 1
Source Core Rulebook pg. 133 2.0
Prerequisites leaf order
You gain a leshy familiar, a Tiny plant that embodies one of the many spirits of nature. Other than taking the form of a plant instead of an animal, this familiar uses all the same rules as other familiars

Alchemist Dedication
Feat 2
Source Core Rulebook pg. 220 2.0
Archetype Alchemist
Prerequisites Intelligence 14
You put your alchemical interest into practice. You become trained in alchemical bombs and Crafting; if you were already trained in Crafting, you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You become trained in alchemist class DC.
You gain the alchemist’s infused reagents class feature, gaining a number of reagents each day equal to your level. You also gain the Alchemical Crafting feat and four additional formulas for 1st-level alchemical items, as well as the ability to create free items during your daily preparations. Your advanced alchemy level is 1 and doesn’t increase on its own.

Enhanced Familiar
Feat 2
Core Rulebook pg. 134 4.0
Prerequisites a familiar
You infuse your familiar with additional magical energy. You can select four familiar or master abilities each day, instead of two.

[Background] Natural Medicine Feat 1
[General] [Skill]
Source Core Rulebook pg. 264 2.0
Prerequisites trained in Nature
You can apply natural cures to heal your allies. You can use Nature instead of Medicine to Treat Wounds. If you’re in the wilderness, you might have easier access to fresh ingredients, allowing you to gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your check to Treat Wounds using Nature, subject to the GM’s determination.

Alchemical Crafting Feat 1
Source Core Rulebook pg. 258 2.0
Prerequisites trained in Crafting
You can use the Craft activity to create alchemical items. When you select this feat, you immediately add the formulas for four common 1st-level alchemical items to your formula book.

Hefty Hauler: General Skill. Source Core Rulebook pg. 262. Prerequisites trained in Athletics
You can carry more than your frame implies. Increase your maximum and encumbered Bulk limits by 2.

Shield Block: *Trigger: While you have your shield raised, you would take damage from a physical attack*
You snap your shield in place to ward off a blow. Your shield prevents you from taking an amount of damage up to the shield’s Hardness. You and the shield each take any remaining damage, possibly breaking or destroying the shield.

Strength: 10 > 12
Dexterity: 14 > 16
Constitution: 12
Intellect: 14 > 16
Wisdom: 18 > 19
Charisma: 10

+1 Buckle Armor, Wooden Shield, Sickle, Hand Crossbow, Bolts (20), Alchemist's Tools, Healer's Tools, Clothing (ordinary), Adventurer's Pack, Holly & Mistletoe, Wayfinder

Crying Angel Pendant

Base 6hp, Small Size, 25ft Stride
Ability Boosts: Dexterity, Wisdom, Free (Strength)
Ability Flaw(s):Strength

Keen Eyes
Your eyes are sharp, allowing you to make out small details about concealed or even invisible creatures that others might miss. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus when using the Seek action to find hidden or undetected creatures within 30 feet of you. When you target an opponent that is concealed from you or hidden from you, reduce the DC of the flat check to 3 for a concealed target or 9 for a hidden one.

Watchful Halfling Feat 1
Source Core Rulebook pg. 52 2.0
Your communal lifestyle causes you to pay close attention to the people around you, allowing you to more easily notice when they act out of character. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Perception checks when using the Sense Motive basic action to notice enchanted or possessed characters. If you aren't actively using Sense Motive on an enchanted or possessed character, the GM rolls a secret check, without the usual circumstance and with a –2 circumstance penalty, for you to potentially notice the enchantment or possession anyway.
In addition to using it for skill checks, you can use the Aid basic action to grant a bonus to another creature's saving throw or other check to overcome enchantment or possession.
As usual for Aid, you need to prepare by using an action on your turn to encourage the creature to fight against the effect.

Heritage: Hillock Halfling
Source Core Rulebook pg. 51 2.0
Accustomed to a calm life in the hills, your people find rest and relaxation especially replenishing, particularly when indulging in creature comforts. When you regain Hit Points overnight, add your level to the Hit Points regained. When anyone uses the Medicine skill to Treat your Wounds, you can eat a snack to add your level to the Hit Points you regain from their treatment.

Source Core Rulebook pg. 62 2.0
As a formally trained apothecary or a rural practitioner of folk medicine, you learned the healing properties of various herbs. You’re adept at collecting the right natural cures in all sorts of environments and preparing them properly.
Choose two ability boosts. One must be to Constitution or Wisdom, and one is a free ability boost.
You're trained in the Nature skill, and the Herbalism Lore skill. You gain the Natural Medicine skill feat.


Chronicle -- Gold; XP; Reputation; Fame
Character Creation -- 30.0; 12; 12; Horizon Hunters
2-01 -- +23.64g; 4 XP; 4 rep; 0 Fame
Intro #1 -- +22.8g; 4 XP; 4 rep; 0 Fame
3-17 (Pregen)

Experienced Adventurer (purchased at Character Creation)
Inherited Wayfinder (purchased after Intro #1)
Storied Talent (Horizon Hunters)
Second Confirmation
Devil's Keep
Diggen the Liar

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