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About Olise Goldear

Name: Olise Goldear (177216-1502)
Ancestry and Background: Halfling (Mind Quake Survivor)
Level: 1 XP: 0
Alignment: NG
Age: 19 Gender: Female
Languages: Common/Taldane, Halfling, Elven, Druidic
Str 8, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 18, Cha 12
Perception: +4 (T)
Spell Pool: 4
Speed: 25 Carried Bulk: 2, 6L
HP: 15
AC: 13 TAC: 12 (Padded Armor)
Fortitude: +3 Reflex: +3 Will: +6

Defense Proficiencies::
AC: Trained
TAC: Trained
FORT: Expert
REF: Trained
WILL: Expert
Non Metal Light Armor: Trained
Non Metal Medium Armor: Trained
Non Metal Shields: Trained

Melee: Sickle +4 (1d4-1 S, Agile, finesse, trip), Staff -1 (1d4-1 B, Two-hand d8)
Ranged: Sling +4 (1d6-1, Range: 50', Propulsive) (Ammo: 10/10)

Offense Proficiencies::
Simple Weapons: Trained
Scimitar: Trained
Special Proficiencies: Halfling Martial weapons considered simple, Halfling Exotic weapons considered martial

Order Power (4/day): goodberry
Cantrips (5/day): acid splash, dancing lights, detect magic, guidance, tanglefoot
1st Level (2/day): burning hands, summon nature's ally

Primal Spellcasting
You have the power to cast primal spells using the Cast a Spell activity, and you
gain access to the Material Casting, Somatic Casting, and Verbal Casting actions
(see Casting Spells on page 195). Because you’re a druid, you can usually hold a
primal focus (such as holly and mistletoe) as part of your Material Casting and
Somatic Casting actions, so you usually don’t need spell components or another
hand free. At 1st level, you can prepare two 1st-level spells and four cantrips each
morning from the common spells on the primal spell list in this book (see page
201), or from other primal spells to which you gain access. Prepared spells remain
available to you until you cast them or until you prepare your spells again. The
number of spells you can prepare are called your spell slots.
As you increase in level as a druid, the number of spells you can prepare each
day increases, as does the highest level of spell you can cast, as shown on the
Druid Spells per Day table on page 81.
Some of your spells require you to attempt a spell roll
to see how effective they are, or have your enemies roll
against your spell DC. Since your key ability is Wisdom,
your spell rolls and spell DCs use your Wisdom modifier.
See page 291 for details on calculating your spell rolls and
spell DCs.
As stewards of the natural order, druids find affronts
to nature anathema. If you perform enough acts that
are anathema to nature, you lose your magical abilities
Druidic Order: Leaf
You revere plants and the bounty of nature, acting
as a gardener and warden for the wilderness, teaching
sustainable techniques, and helping areas regrow after
disasters or negligent humanoid expansion. You are
trained in Diplomacy, and it becomes a signature skill for
you. You also gain the Leshy Familiar druid feat. Finally,
as your order power, you can cast goodberry at a cost
of 1 Spell Point. Committing wanton cruelty to plants
or killing plants unnecessarily is anathema to your order.
(This doesn’t prevent you from defending yourself against
plants or harvesting them as necessary for survival.)
Druidic Language
You know Druidic, a secret language known only to
druids, in addition to any languages you know through
your ancestry. Druidic has its own alphabet. If you use
sign languages instead of spoken languages, you know the
sign language version of Druidic. Teaching the Druidic
language to nondruids is anathema (see page 80).
Wild Empathy
You have a connection to the creatures of the natural
world that allows you to communicate with them on a
rudimentary level. You can use Diplomacy to Make an
Impression on animals and to make very simple Requests
of them.
Skill: +Mod (Proficiency)
Acrobatics: +1 ()
Arcana: +1 ()
Athletics: +0 (T)
Crafting: +3 (T) Sig
Deception: +0 ()
Diplomacy: +2 (T)
Intimidation: +0 ()
Lore: Dominion of the Black +3 (T)
Lore: Farming +3 (T)
Medicine: +3 ()
Nature: +5 (T) Sig
Occultism: +3 (T)
Performance: +0 ()
Religion: +3 ()
Society: +1 ()
Stealth: +1 ()
Survival: +5 (T) Sig
Thievery: +1 ()

Ancestry: Lucky Halfling
Lucky Halfling: Frequency once per day
Trigger You fail a skill check or saving throw.
Your happy-go-lucky nature makes it seem like misfortune avoids
you, and to an extent, that’s true. You can reroll the triggering
check or saving throw and take the better of the two results.
Background: Dubious Knowledge
Dubious Knowledge: Prerequisites trained in a skill with the Recall Knowledge action
You’re a treasure trove of information, but not all of it is from
reputable sources. When you fail a Recall Knowledge check
using any skill that has that action, you learn one bit of true
knowledge and one bit of erroneous knowledge, but you don’t
have any way to differentiate which is which.
Class: Leshy Familiar, Reach Spell
Leshy Familiar: You gain a leshy familiar, a Tiny plant that embodies one of the many
spirits of nature. Other than taking the form of a plant instead of an
animal, this familiar uses all the same rules as other familiars (see page 287 for more
details about familiars).
Special If you are a druid of the leaf order, your familiar has three powers instead of two.

Leshy Familiar:
N Tiny Leshy (Minion)
4 hp
AC 12, TAC 12
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +6
Speed 40
Familiars have the minion trait (see page 416), and so they gain 2 actions each round during an encounter, and you need to spend 1 action each round to command them.
Melee -1
Perception +5 (Low-light vision)
Acrobatics +5
Stealth +5
Other skills -1
Familiar/Master Abilities
- (F) Increase the Speed of one of the familiar’s movement types from 25 feet to 40 feet
- (M) You can prepare one additional cantrip. You must be able to prepare cantrips to select this master ability.
- (M) If your familiar is in your space, you can cast a spell with a range of touch, transfer its power to your familiar, and command the familiar to deliver the spell. If you do, the familiar uses its 2 actions for the round to move toward a target of your choice and attempt to touch that target; it uses your attack modifier for touch spells instead of its own if the target isn’t willing. If the familiar hits or critically hits, the spell has its usual effect. If the familiar misses or doesn’t reach the target to touch it this turn, the spell has no effect.

Reach Spell: Trigger - You start to cast a spell that has a range. The spell must have a
maximum of 2 spellcasting actions.
You add a Somatic Casting action to the casting of the triggering spell to increase its
range by 30 feet. If the spell normally has a range of touch, you instead extend its range
to 30 feet, and if the touch spell normally requires an attack roll or a touch attack roll, it
now requires a ranged attack roll or a ranged touch attack roll, as appropriate.

Sickle (L) 2sp
Staff (1)
Sling (L)
Padded Armor (L) 2sp
Backpack (-) 1sp
Belt Pouch (-) 4cp
Scroll Case (-) 1sp

Backpack: (Bulk 1/4)
Hemp Rope 50' (1) 1sp
Waterskin (L) 5cp
Rations x4 (L) 5cpx4=2sp
Money (-)

Belt Pouch: (Bulk 1/4L)
Sling Bullets (L) 1cp
Holly and Mistletoe (-)
Compass (-) 10sp

Silver: 130
Copper: 0

Bulk capacity: 5
Downtime: Olise will hire herself out to a local farmer as a day laborer or will help repair any broken equipment.
Encounter: Olise will remain near the back, providing buffing spells to her allies as often as possible, and otherwise peppering enemies with attacks from her sling.