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Oleg's lip almost quirks into a smile at Aedon's request. "None of what they have came from me, ye may have it as yer reward for risking thine lives. If I have the coin available, I will purchase yer goods. Most times, I work in trading. Most peoples about these parts are just after more supplies rather than coin."

Oleg nods to Svetlana, "Best go inside, what they be doin' next... Ye needs not see it."

Oleg looks about the others, "Ye have yer charters, ye can leave 'em hanging from the walls. Mayhaps it be a lessen to their kin," he then turns to head inside after his wife.

Oleg leans down to listen to his wife before straightening up. He runs his other hand through the bristle on his cheek before shrugging and nodding to Svetlana. "Oi, we kin take 'im in."

Turning to Aedon, "leave 'im 'ere. We have work to keep him outta trouble. The other's they no use, looks to me."

Oleg looks over to Rejin, "you willing to stay here? You work hard, and we'll feed you well. You can sleep in the barracks."

With something of a bewildered stare, Oleg keeps one hand on his head while he watches the bandits disarm and line up.

He smiles affectionately as his wife kicks one of the bandits.

Glowering down at her as she leads him into their home, his response muffled but audible, "not in front of people! You know I don't like it when you call me that!"

Finding himself leaning against a support post, Oleg gingerly rubs his shoulder. "Oiy, that smarts!" A slow glance about the trading post and he shakes his head before suddenly stopping and groaning. "Who hit me?"