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Welcome back Inspectre! I was about to hire a party of adventurer to go look for you, but it seems I can call them back now.

Wrath of the Righteous
I just finished it a few weeks back, but yes, I would have had a lot of trouble even mildly threatening the PCs if I had followed the guidelines. I actually rewrote the entire set of encounters, and about 25% of the campaign, and managed to have actually quite a lot of fun...and put them in difficulty more than a few times!

First important thing, except for one of them, my players (at least this group) are not powergamers, except for one who took more of a support role (with a Honor guard cavalier/Marshal build), so it avoided the worst excesses.

Second, I banned a couple things, especially multiple standard actions, to avoid the nova syndrome.

After that, I mostly focused on building encounters that would be challenging by being non-conventionnal.

Some examples:

When they fought Jerribeth, a mythic Glabrezu masquerading as an elven noble, I had her kidnapp one of the NPCs they grew attached to, Anevia Tirabade, beforehand. So when they reached her and started the fight (Jerribeth attempts to turn them against a rival didn't work), they had to fight both Jerribeth and a dominated Anevia, who was fighting naked but for her weapons. Why? Well, they had to find a way to stop her and neutralize her without arming her despite and extremely low AC (14, I think), while fighting a powerful demon who didn't care who was in the crossfire.

When they fought Xanthir Vang, a Worm-that-walks wizard (and father of one of the PC), I relocated the fight to the cathedral nef, where he had taken the liberty to trap the place with word activated glyphs of warding, resulting in a dynamic battle against him and his cronies, while avoiding the explosive stones.

I reworked most of the encounter along those lines, trying to push them towards creative solutions with more or less success...

I had a lot of fun with Minagho, a Lilitu demon with Rogue levels that the player consistently foil for the first four chapters. So I took the suggestion of having her harass them in the city of Alushynirra, where they try to get an audience with Nocticula, but I took it much further. She planned ambush, stabbing them from the crow, shooting at them from distant rooftops, attempting to poison them, turn the crowd (a crowd of mostly demons!) and the guard against them by spreading rumors and paying off people, and generally remaining incredibly slippery. They had to get a scroll of dimensional anchor to finally corner her, and even then she remained very dangerous.

So I believe it's possible to actually put the PCs in danger in this campaign, but it's probably more work than it is worth.

I mean, I would not kill them for the sake of killing them, but I wonder if the challenges they encounter are...well, enough of a challenge.

Reading you, I sometimes wonder if I'm too soft on my players. I haven't had a death in the last two years, and I DM every two weeks.

Session 88:
I didn't mention this earlier, but it's an interesting way of getting Trinia back into the story! The more I read you, the more I like the direction this is taking.

Thanks for the musical advice, I didn't think about Let's Just Live.
I could just use the whole OST, honestly...
Thanks for the spoiler warning, which I do care about, but as it happens, I've played that game way too much already. :D

My party is finally getting out of their meeting with Devargo! I'll probably post a summary once they wrap it up.

Well, that is good to hear! Balancing everything can be hard. This is great, but don't ruin your health doing it. :)
Although I understand the drive, I have trouble getting away from my own campaigns.

Session 87:
You brought Cressida Kroft back in a really good way! It does make sense that her self-destructive tendencies would be exacerbated after the blows she's been dealth earlier.

Even if she's a mean drunk, I still think that someone needed to let Trinia know she had better improve her disguise skills. It's harsh at first, but I'm sure it'll save her later on.

And...Rolth went down like a little b*tch. Well, a full-caster taken by surprise and grappled by fighter didn't have many chances...He still had a pretty good impact in his earlier appearances.
I found Rolth was a little underwhelming, truth be told, and in order to make him more of a threat individually, I made him Cabalist Vigilante. Turned Jolistina (well, the equivalent of her, anyway) into a Serial Killer Vigilante as well.

Oh, nice catch on the theme songs! This is also a really good plan, I may have the mad alchemist using the daemon as is right hand, which would make for a good fight!
I'll put it aside for now, though, because it really depends on what the PCs are doing with the Leukodaemon. But there is a solid foundation for my chapter 3 plot! Thanks!

I'll borrow the theme for Rolth, too.

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Wow, if only I was that motivated...and that good of a story teller when writing my own campaign logs...
That said, I have a few questions!

Session 86:
Two questions, actually.
Was Nudhaali only a rakshasa with a pike? It seems that at this level, he wouldn't be even remotely dangerous (apart from a crit, but still).

Regarding Hazmarduck, he could have attempted to cast his high level spells despite the runes, right? Taking the damage didn't mean he was failing automatically, only that he had to make a concentration check. Did he try that, or decided to play it "safe"?

As for my replacement for the demons, I have found it! I'll go down the aberration path.
So far, I thought they would be to weird to make a proper army, until I went back into my Horror Adventures and discovered the Hive. Which would make great soldiers, although a bit feral.

Why the Hive?:

So, the hive is great for many reasons.
First, they would make a good army, and while I only have three official examples (larvae swarm, warrior, and queen), they should be fairly easy to adapt into a multitude of versions, a bit like the zerg from Starcraft.

Second, they are artificial creatures made with fleshwarping. As it happens, I wanted to find a place for a mad scientist attempting to create a new "a wizard did it" killing machine, so it fits perfectly.

Third, one of the PC quit before I took the campaign over from the former GM, so his character is still hanging in the city, but I didn't know what to do with him...and he his an alchemist obsessed with his experiment. I think he will ally with Andaisin to help develop Blood Veil in exchange for a laboratory and test subjects, that the PCs will encounter in Chapter 2. Maybe he will replace Ramoska and his spawns? Not sure yet.

Fourth, my chapter 3 will likely have gangs fighting it out in Old Korvosa. One of them will be kidnapping people, not to call demons, but to use as living incubators for the hive larvae.
I even like the idea of the lighthouse being turned into a giant hive. The only issue is that it's far less spectacular, but I'll find a way to make it so.

Finally, I even have a theme song:
Lusus Naturae - RWBY soundtrack

What do you think?

And last thing: as part of my PCs exploring their background, I plan on having my oracle's mother part of the same group that went to Scarwall with Gaedren and Rolth. Specifically, a dead paladin of Sarenrae, that he'll have to free from Scarwall's bonds.

Apart from my own thoughts, I really liked the fight with Hazmarduk! Seemed really climactic! I will keep following this closely, it's always a great read!

Hum...I'm not too sure when I'll do those character-specific quests, but since I really don't like their treck in the Cinderlands, Book 4 seems like a good plan.

Regarding the haunted manor, I'll take notes and stash them somewhere, but I won't dwell on it for now, as I don't know if I'll even have the opportunity to develop that somewhere.

Also, Aberrations sound interesting, I might make a mix of that and constructs, with maybe some outsiders serving as officers, or something.

Speaking of which, I am also considering completely changing Togomor (which I don't like), and replacing him with a Gravewalker Witch heavily inspired by the Paizo iconic Villain, Nyctessa, who is a Dhampir Necromancer originally.

Anyway, I'm not in trouble for time, they are still before the coronation, trying to negotiate with Barvasi. I'll post how it went when the scene is done.

First of, thanks for the new stories! You are quickly becoming my main source of inspiration.

I've taken a look at the other types of outsiders, and the fey are out, unfortunately...I didn't find a way to reconciliate their malicious nature and serving someone. Elemental...maybe. Constructs, certainly, but I think too many of them would get old.
If I don't find anything though, I might use Asura. I have a soft spot for them, and I might find a way to use their hatred of gods as a good motivation.

Regarding Bahor, I'm going for the classic rakshasa angle, but he might consider a genuine alliance with the PCs. And his sister will do the same, as long as one has not eliminated the other. It will become a gambit pile-up, I'm afraid.

I love th "I'm Special" quests! I'll make some of those, but so far I do not have enough to work with.

Didn't think of using Stellian as foreshadowing. Idea noted, thanks!

Regarding the manor, that must really make for a fun dungeon! Not my group strongest point, but I might adapt the idea. Fitting it into a PbP might be a challenge, though.

It was only the third day of their journey, and our heroes were only discovering how ravaged Kenabres was. Nevertheless, they fared pretty well so far, and held their ground against the demonic invaders.

This was about to change...

Burning the roots of corruption:

House Tirabade
Led by Anevia (still helped by Zakir), they quickly reached the Tirabade house without encountering anything more dangerous than a mere quasit. Inside, Vagorg was waiting for them. He had cast his spells, prepared his weapons, and even summoned fiendish giant wasps to help him.
He lasted a whole two rounds, alone against the party. The wasps were wiped out by a couple of scorching rays, and Anevia put down the sorcerer with a particularly precise shot to the eye, helped by the Evil Eye that was staring at him thanks to Iques.
Anevia started panicking, however, but Zakir managed to find the cache left by Irabeth, which alleviated her fears. They had a new destination: Defender's Heart.

Defender's Heart
Everyone was relieved to reach the last stronghold of crusader influence within Kenabres. Toradin was welcomed with open arms, as well as Kasidra, a paladin and a crusader being rare sights at the time. Rock, Zakir and Iques attracted more intrigued gaze, but since Anevia was with them, they did not have any trouble entering the place, especially with the password.

Irabeth was overjoyed to see Anevia, and rushed to embrace her...and kiss her, which caused Rock to almost keel over from the surprise and shock, and everyone to laugh at him for thinking he had a chance with the rogue.
Irabeth didn't resent him for that, however, and thanked them for saving her wife. Kasidra, who had a rank equal to Irabeth's, asked about the situation and how to make themselves useful, while Thoradin offered to heal those he could.

Irabeth led them to what passed for a command center, and exposed the situation to a worried party. The demons had essentially taken over the city, and even if the most powerful ones had left, there was only a handful of crusaders in the city. Worst, the demons were preparing something in the hold Gray Garrison. Irabeth was worried about that. However, the news of a possible alliance with the mongrelmen was met with a large smile from Irabeth. Any help was welcome, but it remained desperately small.

Worst yet when they brought her news of the Templar's safehouse in the tower of Estrod. She didn't have anyone to send there, but before she could ask, Kasidra volunteered. Zakir agreed, and Thoradin saw the opportunity to kill some more cultists. Iques had nothing better to do, and Rock realized he could not hit on the tavern wench if they were all dead, so they left the place towards the tower of Estrod and Topaz solutions.

Topaze solutions
There was nothing left here, but I had left a trap a bit more interesting than the mandragora. They found the secret passage towards the basement, and decided to be prudent and observe the place before going for the Baphomet statuette.

Rock was the only one to notice something was weird with the alley right in the middle of the basement, but ignored it. The floor was spring-loaded to extend violently upwards and throw the person walk on it towards the ceiling, and Rock almost broke his neck when hitting the wooden beams. And then, he kept going. Twice. Thrice even. By the time he reached the other side, he couldn't walk straight and was seeing stars, and the others started to wonder whether or not he had been drinking beforehand...

But since there was almost nothing there to find, they moved on after grabbing the statuette (and avoiding the poison). But what they had missed was going to bite them later on...
There was a poisoner among the Templars, using this basement as a laboratory, but no one (even Iques, the group amateur alchemist) noticed the trace of experiments.

Tower of Estrod
Finally, they almost met their match in the tower of Estrod. Since the cultists so far were wiped out almost immediately, these ones, especially Faxon, were a bit tougher. They decided to forgo any subtlety altogether and just smashed down the door...but lost initiative, and the cultists grabbed their glaive and started using a defensive strategy, blocking the way and the staircase, using their reach to keep their opponents at a distance.

Only Kasidra and Zakir could fight at the same reach, and Thoradin was having trouble finding a way to flank the cultists, reluctant as he was to risk attacks of opportunities. Rock wasn't so prudent, and rushed in, getting his left arm impaled by a glaive and promptly skewering the offending cultists.

Zakir had to withdraw to protect his stage who almost got butchered on a botched charge, and protect Iques who was throwing Hexes left and right, mostly Evil Eye to hamper their opponents defenses.

It took them almost four rounds to smash through the cultists, meaning Faxon had time to prepare. In the basement, they had way more trouble winning.

Faxon was a mere witch, and no match for five angry crusaders and their recently healed stage. But he wasn't alone: he had two small Magma Elemental to protect him...and these things were a bane to the party. Almost no one had any ranged weapon, and the magma elemental vomited lava puddle in the way to try and keep the crusaders from hitting Faxon.
Worse, the paladin was blinded on the first round by one of Faxon's spells, and spent the rest of the battle hitting blindly around him. Burning hands and burning gaze were also tearing apart the crusaders, and Iques fell, victim of a Magma elemental. Kasidra was hit by a curse when attacking the witch, and became unable to move around, too weak to bear her armor.
Rock was battling a magma elemental, and for once he was not dominating the fight. Zakir, however...his stag kept the elemental occupied, and he rushed through the molten floor, ignoring the damage. Taking him by surprise, he impaled Faxon through the chest, killing him. The two elemental fell the next round, and they decided to go back to Defender's heart for some much needed rest, and to find a way to cure Thoradin's blindness.

By that point, they were pressed for time. They barely had time to rest and heal from their wounds before being summoned by Irabeth once again.

Sevejar - thanks for the ideas. Did not think about using the dagger. These sounds like good plans, honestly, I just have to handle it with care so they don't rush into it too fast. But I only have to delay that until Book 2. Once the events are in motion, there will be no leaving the city anyway.

That was quite a way to handle the King of spiders...and to end the fight! Your PCs seem like the type to care about the imprisoned drake (some of them at least).

Mine are also just about to meet Devargo! But I should probably start at the beginning, when I find time to actually write it down.

First of, sorry it took such a long time to answer. For once, I have a better excuse than just my laziness, I was caught in the semester beginning and moving to a new place.

Regarding Book 3 & 4, there are some bits and pieces that I will certainly use!

Such as:
Domina not being out of the game. Probably not going to use demons if I can help it, I just finished Wrath of the Righteous, I'm kind of sick of demons everywhere.
That being said, the idea is great and I'm sure I'll use it.

Also, since I finally caught up with your story (which is awesome!) I realize that Book 3 & 4 are much more influenced by what your PCs are and by their personal interests and stories. So I'm not planning that far ahead, apart from the whole "Gang wars" aspect, and I'll see where it goes in the first two books.

For Hell's Rebels and Council of Thieves, don't rush! I'd be interested if you do play that eventually, but I'm caught in my own campaigns, so I won't be starting a new one any time soon. The thoughts you already posted there are already useful.

About my own CoCT campaign...well, I guess first off I need a disclaimer. It's a bit of a different format, because it's a play-by-post game, and I wasn't the DM at first, I picked it up after the original DM dropped out, so I had not control over the events.

My PCs:

Sagacius Zandu: a CN (former CB) human Bard (Detective), Sagacius is a bastard, born out of wedlock from a Varisian dancer and the head of House Leroung. Now that Eliasia has become the matriarch of House Leroung, he is working as an unofficial "agent" of the House. His fiancee, Lylia, has died of drug overdose, because of Lamm, and he had since then been seeking revenge. He has contacts in both the criminal underground and the nobility, despite not being as adept with a blade as others.

Mery "Doigts-d'or" (Gold-fingers): a CN halfling rogue, Mery is coming from Osirion, but has always been a traveler. He fled his small town with dreams of greatness, but had to pick up survival skills such as pickpocketing since he arrived in Korvosa. His first Korvosan friend, an other halfling named Anna, has been stabbed in an alley by Lamm's men. He is always the socialite, and honestly can't stop running his mouth, but that also makes him great. He recently has developed an interest in the arcane arts, awakening latent powers and becoming an Arcanist.

Rakyel the Bonereader: a CN human Oracle of the Bones. He was one of Lamm's lambs until he tried to escape, but was caught by one of the crime lord's brute, beaten, and left to die in a burning building. Fortunately (or unfortunately), his oracle powers manifested themselves and he survived the fire, but is ever since constantly burning (Blackened curse). He has been taken in by the church of Pharasma, and even though he has become a gravedigger, he has left the Church. He keeps a friendly relationship with them, though, especially Keppira d'Bear, whom he goes to for advice. Yet when the opportunity presented itself, he wouldn't let Lamm harm anyone else.

Gracchius Patronicus: a CN (sensing a pattern here?) human Swashbuckler. He is a latecomer to the group. Raised in a varisian caravan, where he learned swordsmanship, he is looking for his sister, Esmeralda, accused of a crime he is certain she didn't commit.

Ninaerthil: a NG half-elf urban ranger. One of Vencarlo's student, he was a few years younger than Sabina, Cressida and Grau, but still realized something was wrong. He is also from a poor family, and has come to consider that the main issue of the city is the nobility who is exploiting the people (Yeah, communism!), but when his young cousin disappeared, he agreed to help his aunt look for him...and learned he had been kidnapped by Lamm.

Sorina Vacaresco: a CG varisian Witch, Sorina and her husband Razvan have been despairing for months to find their young son Stellian. Razvan, unemployed, and Sorina being a cartomancer, they were also struggling to make a living and support themselves and their daughter. Until one day, while performing Harrow reading, she found an extra card giving her a new lead. She is often silent, but her interventions are quite insightful.

So that's my group! I can post some more details on where they are so far.

Ileosa's being "nice" and a good but grieving person has gone quite well! I could tell they were surprised, though, and it's only the beginning! They've only met her once after all.

I also needed an advice on something that I don't know how to use...
Sorina's son, Stellian, was indeed kidnapped by Gaedren Lamm, but they didn't find him in the old fishery, and for good reason.

He was taken by an other kid, Gray Mouse, actually an agent of House Arkona, who noticed Stellian's divination powers and thought he would be of use to his master. This was built up by the previous DM, and has become the core of Sorina's arc, so I can't just give up on it, but I don't know what to do with it...any ideas?

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Ok, I've run into this thread a few days ago, and I actually just started running a CoCT campaign!

So, I wanted the opportunity to thank you, Inspectre, for the amazing inspiration you provided. This is awesome! Also, noted the RWBY soundtrack during Andaisin's fight, and GITS OST. It appears you and I have the same taste in music.

UnArcaneElection, same to you, especially for the music advices.

I've not yet read everything, but so far...

I'm borrowing:

The idea that Ileosa is good.
Most of book one, but the tricky part if that I took the campaign in stride after the former DM dropped out, so Lamm was already dead, and I had to work around that.
Andaisin and Glorio Arkona plotting.

Starting with Book 3, I think it will diverge quite a bit, but I'm essentially stealing half your ideas for the first two books.

What I'll be changing:

Essentially, I want the gangs of Korvosa to have a greater role, so I used pre-existing ones, like the Catsdew Lofty, and created new ones, like the Moth gang and the Whalers. I'm thinking about turning Book 3 in a city-wide (or Old Korvosa wide) gang-war, in the aftermath of the plague.

Also, I'll try to have a better role for the Grey Maidens, and make them properly badass. I love them, to be honest.

No other ideas so far, but I just picked it up.

Also, I noticed you had a Hell's Rebels/CoT mashup thread, I'll be reading that too as I'm also DMing Hell's Rebels.

Once again, thanks a lot for the inspiration:

At this point, I read the first few threads from DMs about how broken the Mythic rules were, and I decided to attempt at keeping the opponents relevant. And since my player were already pretty much running roughshod over the opposition, I started upping the ante when they got back to the surface.


Amid the Ruins:

I took some liberties with the description of the city there. I depicted a city torn apart, a red tinge to the sky, weird stars in the falling night, and weird two-headed vultures picking at the charred corpses. As night fell, eerie fog started filling the streets.
Once they got over the shock of Kenabres being completely destroyed (almost), they decided that the first thing to do was to find shelter for the night and see if there were any survivors.

Mirrors and demons
As it happened, they ran across a couple of citizens who called for help from inside their store. They were selling mirrors, and were attacked by a duo of Abrikandilu.
I remembered seeing something about making the fight more dynamic by giving the abrikandilu the ability to pass from mirror to mirror. I don't remember from who I picked the idea, but thank you! It made for a great fight, with the party constantly on the edge to protect the civilians and their hurt teammates and NPCs from the demons, until the paladin managed to smash most of the mirrors. After that, the couple thanked them and gave them a potion of cure light wounds they had stashed, but prefered to stay hidden until things blew over.

The Blackwing Library
They pressed on and as per Aravashnial's request took a detour by the Blackwing Library, only to find it reduced to mostly rubble. However, they were in time to help the librarians stuck inside, about to be burned alive by half a dozen tielfing led by the mad Chaleb Sazomal.

Once again, they faced a difficult challenge, as the tiefling started the fire before engaging, and they had to both rescue the librarians and fight. Zakir, proving his courage once again, dived onto the pyre to cut the rope and free them, while Iques, out of spells by this point, helped quell the fire on their clothes.

Meanwhile, the others engaged the fight with the tiefling and the cavalier. Rock, incredibly lucky (I swear this guy had an average of 15 on his rolls!), was fighting three of them at once. Thoradin bull-rushed one into a wall, but got flanked by an other, and was pinned, while Kasidra was alone against Chaleb, two levels lower. Chaleb used his challenged and charged her before she could react, missing his attack by a couple points...and then, she critted him in the face after issuing her own challenge, taking him down in one round. The tiefling, seeing that, backed away, and two managed to get away.

The librarians and Aravashnial were extremely grateful, and the group started to feel a little bad about how poorly they treated the blind elf. Nevertheless, they took good note of the Worm that Walks who assaulted the library, thinking it would come in handy later (it did!). Rock took the opportunity to flirt with the youngest and prettiest of the two female librarians, before Kasidra reminded him that they had to be on their way. They left Aravashnial at the library, with the promise to send help as soon as they could.

Gwerm Manor
They managed to reach Gwerm Manor before the night was too advanced. Horgus pretty much hated them by that point, but he tolerated their presence for the night. He didn't give them anything, though, and almost threw them out as soon as he could the next morning. They left with grumbled threats.

When I started this campaign, I was new to the Mythic rules and excited to use them. My players were also pretty much sold on the possibility of playing a very epic campaign, even if it was a bit too black/white in terms of morality.

So, afraid the first chapter does not differ much from the AP as written, at least until the end...

The Fall of Kenabres:

I should have taken the time to set at least one session in Kenabres before the fall, but we were all eager to jump into it.

The intro scene and the demonic attack, which I let my players time to describe their reactions to, had a huge impact! That was where it hit them that all bets were off, especially when Zakir and Kasidra were almost crushed by the fall of Terendelev.

In any case, when they woke up in a dark cave, bruised and shocked, they were quite glad to be out of the madness. But also, eager to learn what had happened and if the city was still there.

The underground encounters weren't easy...especially for Zakir, who had a lot of trouble to position himself and his stag companion, and was lagging behind in term of defenses. The cave vipers caused them a lot of grief, since they consistently missed them.

They made short work of the Huecuva and Millorn, but surprisingly, while very suspicious of the first mongrels, they saved Crel, breaking the glaive of Kasidra by using it as a lever. The mongrels were very thankful, though, and led them to their lair without any trouble. Which was fortunate, they were pretty much exhausted by that point.

Thoradin and Iques didn't trust the mongrels at all, but Kasidra made at least an attempt at diplomacy, and since they saved one of them, the mongrels were relatively friendly, promising help if they cleared the traitor's nest.

New Friends
The three NPCs received very different reactions.
Anevia was well-liked, and Zakir took time to help her walk, lending her his spear as additionnal support. They became fast friends, and Kasidra joined them soon after. Rock started hitting on her after they had the opportunity to rest at Neatholm, but she mostly ignored him (for good reasons as he learned later on).

Aravashnial's attempt to take direction of the group went very poorly, and they pretty much laughed him off, until he eventually shut down in sullen silence. However, they realized after a few remarks that he at least knew useful things.

Horgus Gwerm almost got killed. Thoradin's patience was already very thin, and after one too many insults the paladin suggested that Gwerm shut up before someone else shut him up. During his suggestion that Anevia was slowing them down, Zakir immediately punched him in the face, and they added that if he was unhappy, he could go on without them. That stopped him from complaining aloud, but he pretty much became hostile at that point.

The Lair of the vile and the vicious:

At that point I started making changes in the AP. Apart from the vipers, they crushed every encounter without much trouble.
They took the guard by surprise, and charged, but Thoradin was slow enough that he almost impaled himself on a charge reception by one of the guard. Once again, they cluttered the place, cutting any retreat from the guards.
Rock proved his deadly efficiency in that fight, using his parade at any opportunity, and killing most of the guards by himself. Thoradin and Kasidra were pretty much supporting him, and Iques was throwing hexes from the rear lines, helped by a few arrows from Anevia.
Zakir was still struggling from a combination of bad luck and inability to set up flanking with his stag. The guards still had time to raise the alarm, and to make things worse, the sarkorian hunter was taken by surprise by the Monitor Lizard (which I made an Advanced Lizard). The poison from three bites almost killed him, but Thoradin kept him alive, and thankfully, the paladin was also trained in Heal to help him resist the toxin.

However, the time taken to help him gave the mongrels time to reorganize. Once they entered the place, they found no one...Until the Lower Guard post, where the mongrels had an ambush set up, and did a number on Kasidra who was on point. Rock, Thoradin and Zakir rushed to help her, while Wenduag (who was very stealthy thanks to good rolls) attacked Iques, almost killing him with a lucky shot.

They made it out alive, but they were pissed at that point, and didn't even attempt to negotiate with Hosilla, the two cultists and Uziel (who had two rogue levels). The cultists got killed in the first & second round, and Kasidra took a new glaive and started piling on the hurt, protected by Thoradin.
On the other side, Rock was dueling Uziel, and proved the better swordsman, denying the tiefling any opportunity to flank one of his weaker companion. A couple very bad rolls later, Uziel was dead.

Hosilla couldn't even get her wand of Spiritual Weapon. Zakir, angry after all the failures he went through, decided to bull rush the table in her face. Natural 20, he blocked her against the wall, where she couldn't use her glaive effectively. She kept failing her attempts at getting away, and he started equalizing his bad karma with an other crit. The inquisitor didn't survive her bodyguard very long.

Eager to finally get out of the caves, they quickly searched the place, and took good note of the presence of other cultists in the city, didn't even slow down for the dretches, and got out in the streets, using the potions and scrolls they found to heal themselves, as well as Iques' cure light wounds spells. They were tired, but they were out, and discovered the ruins that Kenabres had become.

EDIT: formatting.

I'm finally finishing this campaign after two years, and now that I've a better perspective on it...well, it might make for a fun story. Or a useful one.

Or just some content to procrastinate with, if you're like me!

First, the PCs!
Build constraints:
20 points build
2 traits (1 campaign, 1 other)
Possibility for a 3rd trait by taking a drawback.

All Paizo material legal until otherwise noted. I'm a big fan of using anything I can find to refine a character concept, and of helping others do so.
Medium XP, trying to stay to the books' progression rate. While there are 3 PCs, I count the two cohorts as a PC for encounter building and xp division, and NPC companions can alter this as well.
A few major houserules on Mythic, particularly regarding action economy: no additional action with Amazing initiative, no Legendary item. Can't remember the other ones, but that's essentially it.

Our heroes (or that's what they'd like you to think at least!):

Kasidra Faragil: female pitborn tiefling (half-succubus) cavalier Order of the Lion, and Mythic Marshal. She had been raised by a foster father in one of the noble families of Mendev, her real father having disappeared in a mission in the Worldwound, and her mother being - understandably - a sensitive subject. She had the stereotypical red skin and horns, but her father's aura was enough to enable her to earn at least a modicum of respect in the Mendevian army. She was just promoted to captain and was eager to prove her worth on the 5th Crusade. She is just, but harsh, and has an ingrained hatred for the trickery of demons.

Thoradin: male dwarf paladin of Torag, Mythic Champion. He was raised by the clergy of Torag, after he was saved from the experimentation of demonists, and enrolled with many others to fight the demons, far in the north. Has a magnificent beard, but his integrism and hatred of demons and any of their allies sometimes pushes him too far.
Note: this somewhat lacking backstory is the reason I now ask for a minimum of details before accepting a concept.

Rock Smuggler: can you sense the winner of the worst backstory? A male half-elf Swashbuckler, Mythic Trickster, was a mercenary, and was finding himself in Kenabres completely by accident, but decided to stay for the ceremony, looking for work opportunities. Apart from that, he was quite the womanizer, bringing a bit of fun into the party, but also a lot of sarcasm and overall was kind of annoying, especially to female NPCs.

Iques Unajoinus: Iques was a bit of a strange case. A male android witch, Mythic Archmage, he was found by a couple of Riftwardens who got interested in him, and managed to reactivate him, and also raise him as their son, even if he was an adult at the time. By the time the 5th campaign started, he was already an herborist and alchemist, but his powers came from the cat that was never far from him. He had trouble understanding emotions, but realized his best survival option was to help fight the demons. Over time, he came to learn about what humans call "feelings", though.

Zakir: a male sarkorian Hunter, Mythic Guardian. He was the sole survivor of his tribe, and heard about the 5th Crusade. He took it as the opportunity to help free his ancestral lands, and both him and his companion stag were on Kenabres main square to join the crusaders. Zakir was the moderating influence, and always thought of the justice of his decision before taking them. He was also the one stopping the most...murderous tendencies.

Hello everyone!
I'm considering playing Hell's Rebels by forum, but I'm not really sure how to deal with Rebellion system. Anyone already tried it and have feedback or suggestions?

I'm thinking organizing weekly gathering at the Raven's headquarter, let them decide where to go next, what to do with their downtime and give orders to their teams, and just describe it in the background, while I focus on events and operations.

Only issue I have with it is that it means they cannot get into trouble during their downtime...or it means I'll probably be attacking a PC alone.

Name:Rock Smuggler
Classes/levels:Swashbuckler 8/Trickster 2
Adventure:Sword of Valor
Location: Drezen Fortress, Staunton Vhane's quarter.
Catalyst: Eustoryax
The Gory Details:


Eustoryax possessed the paladin of the group, and proceeded to pound the sorcerer into the ground. Rock acted heroically, and stabbed the body of the shadow demon. Who immediately let go of the paladin, and full-attacked Rock, criting him twice in the process, and ripping him to shreds. Barely clinging to his life, Rock did not survive the magical conflagrations of fireballs and dragon's breath. This time, the groupe decided not to raise him, burying him with honors.

I skimmed the thread, and I did not see anything regarding one precise multiclassing: the Evangelist.

So, it might be redundant, but what do you think about getting into Evangelist? Except for the first level, nothing is lost, so...worth it? Useless?

Any thoughts?

Name:Rock Smuggler
Classes/levels:Swashbuckler 7/Trickster 2
Adventure:Sword of Valor
Location:Drezen Fortress, Hall.
Catalyst:Guard patrol
The Gory Details:

As this campaign is way too easy as written, especially for my 6 PCs group, I took the liberty of rewriting all of Drezen and its denizen. So the group enters the big hall for the first time, and comes across a full contingent of the guard, namely 3 warforged fighters, 2 guntanks and 1 witch, as I considered the warforged to be a good way to exploit the affinity of dwarves with metallurgy.
Anyway, they beat them up, and Rock got hurt pretty badely when the Warforged Captain (the witch) got him with a phantasmal killer. I fudged it, and only brought him to -1 and dying, so I wouldn't kill him with the first damned spell in the session.
They defeat the guards, some of them get away while they heal themselves, stabilize Rock and get him back to 50HP. Then they set to explore the whole South East corner of Drezen, discovering the reserves of food, and suffering Nurah's expose on the history of the Citadel all the while. They also found an empty guard post used recently, and heard footsteps hinting that there might be other guards on patrol.
When they come back to the hall, they stumble on 6 guards, all sporting Glaive-guisarme.
While the group stayed on the defensive, using their witch and druid to harass the guards, Rock decided that sneaking behind a pillar was a great idea! He was spotted, and promptly lacerated with a couple of Power Attacks. Then, he dediced to nonetheless engage one of the guard, successfully pushing him in a corner of the room. The guard counter-attacked, twice. Rock failed his first parry, his second, and he was down.
No one could (or would) pass the guards to help him, but he miraculously regained consciousness...and stayed there, playing dead. The guard, not even noticing he was still alive, Coup de Grace him with a guisarm through the skull.

They'll probably get him raised, and here's hoping he learnt that bravery can kill you. Or, in that case, recklessness.

It's an honor to finally meet you, Miss Sillvari!

Ever been tempted by the path of an arcane trickster?

Any advices to a rookie rogue?