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Last turn of the game, and my character (not Sajan) meets the villain. I determine that my only chance to beet the villain is to use the blessing I have in my hand. I successfully beat the villain. But, then I look over at the deck and notice that it was empty. No cards to draw to reset the hand that I just used a blessing from.....

Given that the villain was beat in the combat phase and triggered a win for the scenario, can we assume that the reset you hand phase doesn't happen and the character survives...or did they go out in a blaze of glory?

My son & I have played PACG a few times now. He really believes that "his" character Valeros is a complete B.A. We have both learned the rules more and more with each play session and recently I was asked a question. We both know the rules said no, but he asked why. So, I am posing the why question here for feedback.

Why can't certain characters dual-wield appropriate 1-handed weapons?

We know the rules on Page 11 spell out one card only of each type can be played...yadda yadda yadda.

But, he thought it would be cool to have Valeros with two swords, or the thief (forget her name at the moment) with two daggers. We knew a shield would not be available for defense during that turn. He even thought maybe using an off-handed weapon could be a discard or recharge that weapon type situation.

So, has anyone else had this thought? Why is it not possible? Does it just make a player too powerful? Not sure, because I think a similar mechanic is in place for Sajan and using blessings.

What do you think?

First let me say, if this was a RPG, I like to have the players be anything (within reason) they want for character class, etc. It can lead to some interesting story moments.

But, I am wondering if given the mechanics of this card game, if it will be a problem later on if the party leans to far one way or another.

Example, three player group. We chose the monk, the ranger, and the fighter. I understand that some checks could be harder without any magic or divine skills in the group. But, will there be any that could seriously jeopardize the game for us?

We've only just begun, so if need be I'll start another character, or consider playing two.

Given the game can be played solo, I really think that this problem was already thought of by the designers & figured out. But, just want to make sure nobody else has run into a problem.

Thank you for any thoughts.

Old Guy Ogee