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WS 31 BS 36 S 28 T 26 Ag 54 Int 34 Per 35 Wp 36 Fel 28


Wounds: 10/10 | Fatigue: 0 | Critical Damage: None | Fate Points 0/1 | Init +4 | Armour 4 body, 4 head and arms|


| 1 IP | 2 CP

About Notch Carno

Notch Carno

Operator, Tech-Adept, Heir to Secrets

WS: 31
BS: 36 *
S: 28
T: 26
Ag: 54 **
Int: 34
Per: 35
WP: 36
Fel: 28

Warknife -5 to hit, 1d5+3+2 R damage, Pen 0

Starting Insanity Points: 1

Starting Wounds: 10

Starting Fate Points: 1

Move: 5/10/15/30

Spent xp: 1250xp

Remaining xp: 50xp

Starting Aptitudes: Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fellowship, Finesse, Fieldcraft, Intelligence, Tech

Skills: Awareness, Command, Commerce, Common Lore (Tech), Dodge, Linguistics (Low Gothic), Navigate (Surface), Operate (Surface), Scrutiny, Security, Stealth, Survival +10, Tech-Use +10

Talents: Catfall, Quick Draw, Resistance (Fear), Skilled Rider, Technical Knock, Weapon Training (Las, Low-Tech),

Abilities: Increased distance for Strike and fade action by your mounts agility bonus, Resourceful

Starting Experience Spent:
Dodge 200xp
Navigate Surface 100xp
Scrutiny 100xp
Security 100xp
Stealth 100xp

imperial guardsmen armour
shotguns loaded with Amputator shells (and 1 spare clip)
Hunting lance
Lucius pattern lasgun
laspistol with 4 charge packs,
1 Frag grenade,
1 Krak grenade,
1 auspex per squad

Specialist Equipment: Auspex, Common Craftsmanship Mind Impulse Unit, Combi-tool, Data-slate, Lascutter

• One uniform
• One set of poor weather gear
• One laspistol (Main Weapon),
and two charge packs
• One knife
• One flak vest
• One rucksack or sling bag
• One set of basic tools
• One mess kit and one water canteen
• One blanket and one sleep bag
• One rechargeable lamp pack
• One grooming kit
• One set of cognomen tags or equivalent
• One primer or instructional handbook
• Combat sustenance rations, two
weeks’ supply