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Freehold DM wrote:
Norman Osborne wrote:
DM Wellard wrote:
Europe is NOT a country and it was the habit of treating it as such adopted by so many EU lawmakers that actually started this sad sorry mess in the first place.
Exactly. The EU was never meant to be an actual nation. But it's been moving further and further towards that, and I sympathize with those that do not want their national identities watered down to the point of non-existence.

Except there is no evidence of this in anything beyond an agreed-upon currency and a few trade deals. There hasn't been an attempt for a national language or anything else that would imply such a nation on a day to day level.

Then again, as someone else pointed out, there are loonies out there who believe the United Nations is slowly corrupting every member nation at the behest of the lizard people. So there's that.

Yesssss. Disssmissss ssssuch sssilly ideassss from your mindsss.