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A proper Tian Xia!

A proper Tian Xia!

A proper Tian Xia!

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A quick note to say that Haladir's list is excellent:

Haladir wrote:

1) Moons of Barsoom/Jungles of Amtor: Sword-and-planet adventures to Akiton and Castrovel, in the style of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

2) Revenge of the Runelords: Sorshen and/or Xanderghul return from their millennia-long slumber! (A sequel to Shattered Star.)

3) The Red Revolution: PCs try to finally bring lasting stability to Galt.

4) The Way South: Exploration adventure in Southern Garund.

5) The Andoren-Chelaxian War: A sequel to Hell's Rebels. With the fall of Kintargo, rebellion sweeps across Cheliax. Andoran siezes the opportunity to strike, and finally bring an end to Infernal Rule in its former Imperial overlord.

HOWEVER, as evidence in Posts 1, 6, 20, 22, 24, 28, 38, 63, 177, 182, 222, 234, 285, 322, 335, 354, 371, 380, 454, 455, 533, 536, 538, 589, and 598:


(please, please, please, please, please!)

Coridan wrote:

A return to Tian Xia! Either Kaiju oriented or something inspired by Wu Xia films
J-Bone wrote:
Tian Xia: Dangit I want a proper Tian Xia story!! Draw from Wuxia films.
Killer_GM wrote:

Tian Xia.

Written by writers who are knowledgeable about things chinoiserie, and actually have a real story to turn into adventures, not adventures to ram into a chinoiserie-type of story.

I strongly hope the writers will consult the three Master Li/Number Ten Ox novels written by Barry Hughart. These books should be an absolute must for anyone attempting to write adventures based in this genre.

Shroud wrote:
Tien Xia / Minkai (We need a 100% eastern flavor AP where the PC's can start out as Samurai, Ninjas, etc... Sort of some L5R flavor to it would be awesome)
CorvusMask wrote:
1) Tian Xia campaign that actually starts in Tian Xia. As in being about playing as natives instead of people from inner sea trekking there.
Iphigenia von Saltz wrote:

- Tian Xia, especially after Yoon's awesome backstory.

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My group has been enjoying *Reign of Winter* immensely, and as most of us in the USA know, the weather this past winter has been
the "best" :-( real-life flavor text ever.

At the depth of our bitter temperatures, as we were stepping up to the gaming table and taking off layer after layer of winter gear, one of the players said: "You know, THANK GOD we didn't decide on the AP with the demons...."

<Wrath of the Righteous>

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Lanathar wrote:

Does anyone have an idea about how I can introduce a new PC on Triaxus (just pre-siege).

I don't want a Triaxian PC who speaks the language as it ruins the culture shock element.

But other than having someone follow the group out of the current hut configuration I cannot think of how to add someone and what races/classes they could feasibly play.
(I imagine this will only get worse in Book 5)

Ayanzo wrote:

Hey guys, I'm planning to pick up a new party to resume the story arc from a prior one....what take you guys would have for gathering a party at this level. Golarion explorers? Plane walkers? Native Triaxians?

Also what would be the motivator...?

One quick comment first: My group plays once a week for only a couple of hours each time, so we've been on this adventure path for about 9 months. They ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. :-)

In answer to Ayanzo and Lanathar: What about folks just magically appearing inside The Dancing Hut whenever it "teleports" ? In my description to the PCs the room gets blurry and disorienting as it shifts to its new configuration. As a result, the characters always have to make a DC 18 Reflex Save to keep their balance or fall down and a DC 15 Fort Save to not become nauseous and vomit (yes, borrowing from Harry Potter and Doctor Who a bit here). [BTW, this has created some terrific interactions with Zorka who appears to clean-up and then harasses said PC from then on about their stamina, heroic-ness, cleanliness, or whatever is most annoying for that PC.]

OF COURSE, what has happened twice now is that as the PCs get their bearings any "new/replacement" PCs are suddenly in the room with them. Sometimes the PC has a backstory for being "nabbed" by the hut and the other time the PC had entered The Hut to explore it and has been in limbo/stasis ever sense.

If The Hut has already teleported, but the PCs are still exploring inside, it is possible that they open and door and find a nabbed/trapped/stasis PC in a particular room or area. And, for outside, what if someone had stepped-up on the Front Porch just as The Hut started to teleport?

Just a few ideas.

Darrell Impey UK wrote:

From memory, the description of the encounter only mentions the firedrake and light ballista(s?), but the room-by-room description of Spurhorn at the start of the chapter says that there is a heavy on the tower roofs too.

Had the chance to check it. From page 20:
"B2. Bastion: Eight of these squat towers protrude from Spurhorn’s outer walls. Forty feet tall, each bastion has two f loors aboveground, equipped with arrow slits on all sides. Each bastion has a crenellated roof and holds two light ballistae, one heavy ballista, and one firedrake (Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Combat 161), usually covered to protect them from the weather. Doors provide access to the tops of the outer walls (area B1) and interior stairs lead down to the bastion armories (area B15). Ten Triaxian soldiers serve as crews for the siege engines on each bastion."

Another MODIFICATION Note: I didn't have Ultimate Combat (and not so sure that I wanted to introduce Gunpowder weapons just yet---saving that shock for Rasputin Must Die! :-> ) so the accompanying weapon to the Ballistas are the cannon-equivilent of a Magic Wand that does 8d6 damage. It also gives me opportunities in the future for different kinds of Magic Cannon energy weaponry (fire by the Allies, cold or electricity by the Drakelands, acid, etc). The party's sorcerer is seriously trying to figure-out how to get one home and/or craft his own when the time comes. It fits the other-worldly style of magic and weapons on my vision of Triaxus. "Their" ballistas and all crossbow weapons are designed more like a cross between an atlatl and a style of mini-trebucet that flings from around one's shoulder.