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I think folks have taken my use of the word territorial and taken it out of context. Also i have no representation of SENSOU, i just wanted to share my observations of what i witnessed last night, it was very funny and nothing like portrayed.

Grim Onyxheart wrote:

This afternoon it was brought to the attention of Golgotha that the company SENSOU was killing new players in the hexes surrounding Marchmont. Wasting no time, a party was formed to combat the bloodthirsty mercinaries. There were several battles, all resulting in victory for the Golgothan forces and a strong message sent- that no blatant aggression towards new players would be tolerated.

Golgotha is a settlement that strives to be principled villains, which means rooting out imcompatable or unprincipaled evildoers within it's influence, and ganking new players in certainly lowly behavior.

If you're interested in learning more about Golgotha, visit

"Through strength of arms we bring peace"


A bit about me first I have been playing the game for about a week now, I am playing solo and am based out of Marchmont. I know the SENSOU lads because they have killed me a few times already lol, i started chatting to them since this in /w.

Now this is my first post and i feel compelled to post as i was present yesterday evening and witnessed some of the fighting, your post is way off the mark!

I was mining two hexs south of marchmont and came across two little 2v2 fights SENSOU vs random guys i thought. I watched for a bit as the SENSOU lads killed and i made off to avoid any conflict, i am a crafter.

A little while later within the same hex i came across the tower and heard lots of buffing up noises. I found 3 SENSOU guys, they clocked me made towards got close and retracted, i said hi to Orley in /w and he said best i move off as a gimp train was incoming lol.

I didnt, i stayed, quite literally after the chat i watched as 5/6 players chased down a running mage. I lol literally at my computer, the SENSOU guys crack me up. So i guess they were regrouping at the tower. It all went down pretty quickly. The mage went down rapidly so with 5/6 vs 3 i expected them to get wiped quickly. Again i lol as one of the SENSOU guys name starts with a W fought 1 vs 2 and got away, i saw another SENSOU player go down under the pressure however the third, pretty sure this was Orley pulled a player away getting away himself only to observe the chasing player come running back with 1/4 hp and Orley from SENSOU after him i lol AGAIN! From what i observered only 2 SENSOU players died which inpressed me as i anticipated them wiping due to numbers, i certainly didnt think they would get away,especially after charging in.

I retuned to Marchmont to bank only to find SENSOU lads running around solo being chased by 2/3 players each.

Now i know how these guys roll, they are territorial as Orley explained to me before in /w, when they killed me before it was not personal, i was in their space, I have played Darkfall so understand their mindset, i witness then regularly killing macroers which makes me lol as well.

Im sure they can speak for themselves but i can tell you from experience they dont focus on new players at all, however if in their space you take a chance, they are not griefers. I would have joined them by now already if i could but im all craft and they are very good pvpers which i am not!