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Just a player in our group, 2 sessions into the first chapter.

I play a paladin - Aaron Marcovina, son of General Marcovina. Young "admin" paladin after he got almost killed (and his brother was killed) on a training exercise turned ambush last year. Still strong, his health was compromised due to injuries and one of his legs was permanently disabled (below average Dex and Con). He has been studying and meditating the past year while retraining to walk again. Bound to an officer's position within the city, the attack happened at the festival and that has changed a lot of things now.

What has changed? Not sure but Aaron is hoping to find his way out of the depths below and back to Kenabres and to see what defenses his Father has put up and where he can help.

Kahl - half orc urabn barbarian. Had steady work as a mercenary in the ranks of one of the long-serving mercenary troops in Kenabres. Very intelligent for a half-orc.

Brother Overhult - dwarven priest and mercenary. Moves fast for a dwarf, hits hard too. Aaron has decided to put him in for a ribbon or award of some kind for the 3 times he has saved our rag-tag group that got thrown down that chasm.

Ahlundria, halfelven mistress of wizardry - Aaron just realized that he has no idea what she does up in Kenabres. Did she own a shop? Was she studying someplace? She is a wizard so that is known. She worships Desna. She and the half-orc warrior seem to be hitting it off.

Thanks for the help all. Much appreciated.

Like the subject line says - my wife plays a gnome cleric of Desna (level 6) and is a slight "bad touch" build and geared and stated for that. She wants her character, named Mikk (pro. Meek), to get a giant badger or some such and ride it around and maybe even use it in combat. She's kind of new to PF and 3.x DnD and is a White Wolf and CoC player and got into PF last year with me. Me and my group are quasi maximizers, she could care less though she understands that she should hold her own (and she does just fine at that) as opposed to juggling bottles during an encounter.

First, we spoke to our GM. We proposed that we buy or have an encounter were we end up with a young dire badger. RAW... or as the PFSRD says - dire anything is a pain in the butt unless the GM says differently. Quite rightly in my opinion our GM said "meh" on the train a dire badger plan.

So, with optimization not as important, I am looking for suggestions on how to get a gnome cleric on a riding badger (or similiar animal) at level 7. Thank you in advance for help. Class dips and anything are on the table.

Warmachine minis from Privateer Press:
They have a line for the wargame Warmachine (linked above) and a line for the RPG Iron Kingdoms:

All kinds of options there. My musket master was a piratey privateer mini from the above line.

GM/player interpretation aside, here is how I run paladins (as a GM... and currently playing 2 pallys in RotRL and WotR):

1) If it is redeemable, give it that chance.
2) Is it evil undead or an outsider from an "evil" plane like Hell or the Abyss? It is not redeemable.
3) Expand from that basis.

Always remember the core mechanics of being a paladin and how to play that in story - You Are A Goodguy.
1) You have a decent charisma so people will like you and you can influence them.
2) You are lawful good. That means you follow rules and traditions and such plus you cherish life. You are not mandated to be a jerk.
3) You have a code of conduct in the RAW, plus you can supplement it with deeper codes in other books depending on your patron diety.

When a paldin shows up people should be thinking "Thank goodness... some one who will help us." and those "people" are predominately neutral if not good. Treat party members the same.

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Hello - Pathfinder fan through and through here. I play and have run many Pathfinder games. On top of that I have been RPGing (mostly D&D-ish) since 1979.

Also I did not read this whole thread so I apologize if I am just repeating what has been said already.

Having brought in many new players via Pathfinder I can say that Pathfinder is kind of hard. Not impossible but the learning curve can be steep for inexpereinced players. My wife is one of them. It's taken her a year and she is finally getting some of the basic rules down. Of the 10 or so people I have played with that are new this seems common. Maybe it's just them though but I only know of one "newb" that got it down fast and quick.

Went to my local game store a few weeks ago. They do classes for cosplay and stuff and my 12 year old daughter is into that so me and the wife took her to that class. Also that night was a D&D Encounters night so me and the wife decided to jump on a table and play a 4ed D&D game. Frankly, my first time playing the game and I have never bought a 4ed book. I was handed a wizard and was in an encounter within 10 minutes. I have RPGing expereince so I picked it up instantly. I had zero issues effectively running that 4ed wizard. My wife needed a little bit of coaching but she picked it up by the second encounter.

The mechanical play expereince was fine. The other guys at the table? Not so much but that is a social issue and not a game system issue.

So, I'd say play both. 4ed is way easier to get into and as you progress you will pick up Pathfinder too and have fun with both. Bottom line for me has always been "who" as opposed to "what". If you've got good folks at your table you will be fine with either.

Nevermind, I just figured it out, lol.

*cast Raise Dead* Rise, rise!!

I've had HL for a few years and have used it to create some. Many of my complaints are the same as others here (namely archaic-esque user interface, format, cost of add-ons, and learning curve).

Normally, when I play a PC, I just print out my PC file from HeroLab and play from those, I have no problem with the sheet format. Yesterday, decided to play from my laptop directly on HL. One realization and a question arose:
Where the heck is all all my "ready to fight" combat stats at on the thing? All the things that get me my combat stats were there in various tabs but the "in play" tab didn't tell me what my total attack was nor my AC. Now, I know my PC and had a print out on the side to refer to but that info was just not able to be found by me.

Thanks in advance for any answers.

nekoyami wrote:
GeneticDrift wrote:

There is a feat in the Qadira book for Dex to damage. It is for scimatar only though, Dervish Dance.

Others may know of more feats. Im a pathfinder newb.

what's the name of this feat?

Dervish Dance

Sorry, not really a PC death but the death of a Musket Master's musket.

Name of PC: Otto Oakeshotte
Class/Level: Gunslinger (Musket Master) 3
Adventure: Burnt Offerings, up on Thistletop
Catalyst: Bad d20 rolls.
Set up an ambush to take out the goblin warchief and all his commandos. It was perfect. Otto also gets the highest initiative so he readys an action "to shoot the first goblin that shows itself in the open doorway..." and it happens and it's some magic-y goblin and Otto shoots it and it dies after taking 12 damage. Round 1 went as planned, but the rest of the encounter?

Round 2 - attacked, rolled 1 and misfired. Spent grit to clear and free to reload.

Round 3 - attacked, rolled 1 and misfired. Spent grit to clear and free to reload. Used up all (2) grit points. The fight was looking pretty hairy by now.

Round 4 - attacked, rolled 1 and misfired. I have no grit to clear it immediately. Musket is now "broken", -2 to attack.

Round 5 - attacked, rolled 1 and misfired. Musket blows up and is destroyed. DC12 Reflex for half damage (d12), also in one adjacent square I get to pick. I picked an empty one. Rolled a 3 reflex for a 10. Failed, took 10 damage.

Round 6 - got healed by the cleric, pulled longsword to stay in the fight. Attacked, rolled 1, missed. Nothing really bad happened as it's just a longsword.

Round 7 - attacked with longsword, hit the last goblin that had 2 HP left. fight ended.

To answer a few questions:
Yes, these were the new dice (Game Science BTW) that I got to replace the older Chessex dice that were rolling crappy the last session.
The Ronin, Wizard, and Desna Priestess saved the day on this.
Otto is now stuck in Thistletop with no musket. That musket had a lot of GP into it (comparitively) and Otto was going to wait to name it when it got it's first crit.
Yes, I now have a new viewpoint of the Gunslinger class.

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Have been using this, the hard copy I bought at an FLGS, for 3 new game sessions (RotRL BTW... Gunslinger). Concept is great but there are some flaws:

1)The "gloss" of the first page with all the major info is both hard to write on (#2 common Ticonderoga and a Bic mechanical job)and impossible to write on again after I erased stuff like hit points.It just don't take kindly to lead?

2) Folder pockets do not fit common printer paper. About 1/32" too small (or all my printer paper at home and work is too big?). Since there is not room for game notes in the formated pages it'd be nice to be able to fit some blank or rule paper in the pockets.

I like the organization and format. Especially having the base info on the folder art while all the details are in the pages. The rules charts are handy as heck too.

I might be able to work the pdf better if I printed the sheets I wanted and stuck them in a binder.

ETA: Form fillable pdf would be REALLY nice.

We had him arrested and put on trial for sedition and treason. My Character, Magister Kadoc (the great and mighty wizard!! haha!!) was the prosecuter and, after a legal search at his arrest, found coins in his posession that were minted in Pitax. Obviously a spy!! MAgister Kadoc brought fourth a good case while the defender advocate also brought one fourth (some bard NPC the GM made up) but truth and justice prevailed and the jury decided Grigori was guilty of sedition only and thus banished him from our lands.

I have no idea if he'll be back.

Just finished it tonight. 4 sessions total, about 4-5 hours per session.

First, our protagonists: Blue Ribbon Company mercenaries. Rogue, Ranger, Cleric and Wizard. After a 2 year mission on embassy duty in Cheliax were given 30 days leave in Niswan, as the BRC owns a "holiday manor" there. Yadda yadda, they get caught up in the Tahkur's plan to destroy the cult.

Investigation was fun. The players liked being able to use skills they spend points on and contemplate and plan for. I like giving them oppurtunities to shine in skill use.

The "messages" left by the cult actually gave the players some emotional things to react to. They were all, though scuroulous mercenaries, given impetus to strike back at the cult.

The encounter with the rakshasa was turning against them at first but one bad decision byh the rakshasa (or was it a good decision by the players??) turned the encounter in thte player's favor.

The silk mill almost got burned down. Whoops. The Garuda never left. The Niswan authorities were angered and the Thakur almost pulled them from the mission but a good diplomacy brought things back in line.

The players enjoyed the elephant guy and my horrible hindi accent I tried to use to play him. The were-tiger encounter was pretty even. The were-tiger gave out some good hits but in the end, the BRC boys took him down. That was a straight fight due to the 2 elves in the group being on watch.

The village turned kind of ugly as frustrated soldiers do what they sometimes do and execute evil cultists in front of the otehr villagers. Hmmmmnnn... diplomacy kicked in again and the villagers feared our BRC guys but understood the rough justice handed out to the cultists in Leukmagee (or whatever that village was called. My guys like to play gritty sometimes.

The mass grave encounter started off scary but hte cleric (of Gorum) popped off almost all the zombies and the ghost was handled well after some fighting. Proper burial rites were observed for the ad hoc xp. These guys know what to do with the unresting souls of the dead, being soldiers they know it is important.

They make it to the cults lair and handle hte acolytes with some good tactics.

The Beatific one was a rough fight but my guys like that. The priest was actually killed but, as my players know death can happen in my games, they were prepped for it. Gorum will get many souls via battle for the costly favor of letting one of his warriors come back and fight more.

This is were I changed it up some. The 3 BBEGs showed up and parlayed - their acolytes all slain and the Beatific one is gone too. The challenge was set fourth after 3 days of "hospitality and negotiation". Terms for a duel were set between Zaafira and the BRC warr priest. We did this duel tonight and it was an action packed fight. Our victor was the BRC war priest. Gorum was satisfied with the trade in souls and our boys were victorious. The remaing 2 cult leaders were honor bound to leave within 2 nights after which they could do as they pleased but not in Jalmeray or the continent of Garund. They'll be back but not anytime soon.

Dalavei has worked her aspect of deception though and one of the players is contemplating going evil from neutral and MAYBE starting a cell in the future. The rogue was intrigued by the aspects of this strange goddess.

Meta-wise, I honestly did not want to run an encounter with Ikrimah, that guy just had way too many layers of buffs going on. Other than that I enjoyed running this module immensely, my players, as usual, being a major part in my joy. I must add that I trust my players a lot as they trust me. We've been playing in this group for a few years and, sometimes, it seems like I don't have to push them into anything and they end up "writing" their own adventures via their actions and decisions.

Epilogue: Back in Niswan as is well for the time being. The BRC stayed at the Thakur's behest for 2 more weeks of thank yous and rewards. Our wizard even took up the offer of a wife while the Ranger asked for a trained pet tiger to take back to their homebase in Nex. They all got to 9th level and some fiar loot plus more fame. As their name grows so does their responsibilities. They just contracted to run a caravanesarai between the Nidal Gap and Kibwe in the Magwani. I am homebrewing my own "Kingmaker" campaign for them.

Name: Korg, Brother of Kadoc, Baronial Executioner
Race: half orc
Classes/levels: Barbarian
Adventure: Rivers Run Red
Location: troll lair, old dwarven fort
Catalyst: boss troll
The Gory Details:
The Founders, after a 3 day guerilla operation to asess the troll's strength, finally delved into phase 2 of the operation and invaded the fortress. The fighting was brutal but Our Founders gritted their teeth and made it to the throne room used by the leader of the trolls. The fight immediately started off with the troll leader pulling a glowing orb from his necklace. Kadoc, genius halforc wizard and the "handsomer" of The Brother's Grey fired back with a fireball of his own causing a chain reaction to the troll leader's magical necklace. Doughty Korg rushed forward with his axe raised and struck to finish the powerful troll scion but his axe was turned by the troll's armor. In retaliation, the troll attacked striking strong Korg viciously, the last strike being a bite that tore into Korg's neck spewing his life blood all about the chamber. The Baron himself, swift Buckles, struck in anger seeing his good friend go down in gouts of blood - felling the troll with one lasdt blow from his keen short sword.

Once the smoke cleared and it was determined the troll leader was forever still, Buckles stood in shock and tears, Xebeche the worshipper of nature determined there was nothing to be done about his ally, and Kadoc held his dieing brother in his arms and leaned forward to take his last request:

"Take this fortress... name it after me.... bury me with my axe and shiny jewelry..."

Vic Wertz wrote:
Ninja-elbow wrote:

All markers will wash off ... Sharpie is the hardest though and I will dip a paper towel in acetone and wipe with that first before cleaning/scrubbing it off. Best to just not use Sharpie... but if you do...

. What also works is drawing over your Sharpie lines with another felt tip pen (wet or dry erase) and then erasing that.
We recommend writing over them with a dry-erase marker. I definitely wouldn't recommend acetone.

I covered a whole flipmat with wide tipped Sharpie for walls. It was getting really hard to clean so I busted out the old can of acetone I have in the storage shed and it only took a little bit on a paper towel to clean it off.I then wiped it down with soap and water and dried it off. The lamination is fine as of yet.

I'll agree with you as I know how "active" acetone can be.

LOOOOVVE Flipmats though. Really glad you guys picked this up from Steel Sqwire, one of my favorite game aid companies that ever existed BTW, and I think y'all are doing a great job. Thanks.

Adding my 2 cents as I have been a user of these mats since the Steel Sqwire days - love them. I own 12 different ones now and plan to get multiples of specific styles soon.

I have an original grid/hex flip mat and it is well used and still in good shape. All markers will wash off ... Sharpie is the hardest though and I will dip a paper towel in acetone and wipe with that first before cleaning/scrubbing it off. Best to just not use Sharpie... but if you do...
. What also works is drawing over your Sharpie lines with another felt tip pen (wet or dry erase) and then erasing that.

Just for general cleaning and up keep give them a good wipe-down with paper towels and wome water once per year; maybe some soap too. Take care of your gear and it'll take care of you.

My mat has lasted me since I got it and that was... the year Steel Sqwire first put these things out? 2007?? I forgot.

Other pros? Portability and storage. I have some of the vinyl mats, I have kept them but they sit in a corner all rolled up as they have not been used. There is no other place to put them really. About time I put it up on craigslist or something.

Re portability: I can grab 2-3 of these for my specific use that game day and shove them in my bag. They take up very little space.

Yeah.. the folds do suck and ... oh wait, I have a solution. Reverse fold them after you unfold it to lay it out. Problem solved, flattens them right out. Been doing this for years, after which they lay flat anyways due to use and "seasoning".

Great product.

I have about 250 "Reaper Points" collected over the years and never redeemed them for anything. Not really into keychains.