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andreww wrote:

5. Quite a lot of the treasure in this scenario requires you to actually rob the trading post. This includes quite literally stealing a dead mans boots. I can imagine a number of characters having a bit of an issue with this.

Yeah, this thing bugged me too. Not to mention that looting small items while exploring the haunted murder house really breaks atmosphere of horror and paranoia this scenario is trying to create.

Luckily, as per Organised Play Guide, GM can adjust Treasure Bundles layout depending on player actions. So, if your party does not want to take those boots or rob a kitchen, award them elsewhere.

I rolled secret checks for each character exploring rooms with treasure to make sure they would`ve found it. Then, in the end, the survivors found hidden chest filled with old chelish gold coins in the ruins of trading post - containing all those missed Treasure Bundles.

The Concordance

Diego Valdez wrote:

Hello Nikita,

I can get them all merged into one order for you, but I need you to submit the order first. If I merge them all in your cart the system is going to separate them into child orders again when you submit the order. You won't be charged as we don't charge for anything until it ships. You may see an authorization for a short time though.

Submitted it. Thanks for a quick reply.

And now I`ll just have to wait `till August. Hopefully, soon our party of space dwarfs will begin their journey full of discovery, adventure and somewhat liberal usage of explosive ordnance.

The Concordance

Katina Davis wrote:
Majesticmoose wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:
Denara Taladas wrote:
I tried preordering the Starfinder core rulebook, GM screen, and first adventure path, but the store software shows me as getting billed separate shipping for each item. Will I be billed separate shipping for each item? Or is there a way to combine shipments?
Looks like this is a coding/product set up issue which we are investigating.
I just pre ordered several items and am having the same issue. do you have an update, as I'd rather not have 7 packages for 7 items.

Hi Majesticmoose,

Thanks for letting us know! I've consolidated all of your preorders into one order, and you'll be receiving an updated confirmation email in just a moment. Please feel free to review it and make sure everything looks correct. If anything needs to be adjusted or if you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to let me know and I will be more than happy to assist you.


I`m having same problem here with preorder and separate shipments. Would appreciate a fix.