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@Joey Ducey we want gming and play the scenario if not she ask herself in the forum, but thanks for the advice, but many GMs do this.

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Hi all,
My sister in law has a character based on Xena, the warrior princess, and she wants a Chakram for more roleplaying, until this moment she wears an starknife as a throw weapon but she wants a real chakram. Her character is core campaign for this reason we are looking for an scenario whose chronicle sheet has a chakram as a buyable equipment because chakram is non core option...

Thanks for your help!!

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Thanks for your help, but anyone played any of this high level modules or lairs to say me what are the best?
Yesterday i read the Witchwar and do not like a lot in my first revision...

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Hi all,

My newest players want to play a high level module, but i never played one (in Pathfinder system) and i don't know if exist any.

Can you say me if they exists and what are the best for you?

Thanks for all!!

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A new Organized Play Campaign? The Evil Campaign?
Maybe now is the moment for the third Campaign for the PFS: evil characters of the Aspis Consortium, could be a new decoy for people that don't like the excesive goodish Pathfinder Society!!

I wait the return of the serpent folk and a new attempt of the Starstone over the new empires after the first one!!

Aspis are like Shadow lodge...

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Anyone can writte me a build?

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Thx Ajaxis, have you any advice to other arcane school for a powerful mage? What about the items with 33000 gp?

Thanks mate!!

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Hi great sages!!
I need a good void wizard level 8 for Jade Regent AP, we follow the rules of PFS creation (High fantasy 20 point build for abilities), furthermore i have 33000 po for items, i spend 8000 learning spells.

I want to know how to do a powerful character, i want an elf but i can change, please say me what are the best options: items, feats, etc.

Thanks for your help great sages!!

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There are powers to buff other players not yourself, isn't?

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Many thanks Alex!!!

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Hi PFSers!!

In the Grand Lodge faction journal card, the first objective says:

Faction Journal Card wrote:
Adventure in a nation other than Absalom. You may only receive credit for visiting a particular nation once. Checking one of this goal’s boxes does not prevent you from checking one box for a different goal.

This means that any scenario played outside Absalom counts to check one square if you not repeat the nation?

Other question:

The second objective says:

FAction Journal Card wrote:
Forgo a Day Job check to finalize a report to the Pathfinder Society. Doing so requires a successful DC 15 Intelligence,Wisdom, or Profession (scribe) check.

This means that if i play an scenario but i don't have any profesion, craft or perform can i even make the check to can check one of this squares?

Thanks pathfinders!!

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Hi dear PFSers!!

I have a cleric of Cayden Caileath with strenght and luck domains. Their powers say that can be used in one round, and then i have a question:

Can i use A bit of luck on myself and attack the next round with 2d20?

And Strenght Surge to rise my Strenght?

Thanks for all!!

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Hi all,
I am looking for a dwarf "warrior" with dwarven waraxe and shield bash, i think that the best way is the ranger for TWF at 2nd level for shield bash.

Can you say me more options and tricks to be more effective in Core Campaign of PFS?

Thanks for all and a beer for the advicers!!