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Hi all,

Happy holidays! Just in time for the new year, the team has finished adding in Starfinder Enhanced (a worthy endeavor, congrats to the data entry team!), along with other new books to the archives. We're sorry it took us this long - the team gets very busy this time of year and it's hard to predict when we can get the new releases done. As some of you may have seen, we put out the word for a new person to help with data entry here and are hoping to onboard them in the new year. That should help us keep up with the remaining SF1e releases and prep for the upcoming 2nd edition release.

Until then, please enjoy the Archives!

New Books
- [Comic] Angels of the Drift #2
- [Comic] Angels of the Drift #3
- [Comic] Angels of the Drift #4
- [RPG] Starfinder Enhanced

Site Updates
- The latest Starfinder errata has been applied to our database

Hi everyone! It's been a little bit since our last update, apologies for the delays on that front. A work incident plus a recent vacation (first one in 8 years, woo!) took me out of commission for a little while and I was unable to get the latest build pushed up until now. Changes are below. This should be our last update before the Remaster, we'll certainly have a longer changelog for you then. Until then, enjoy the new content!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #194: Cult of the Cave Worm
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #195: Heavy is the Crown
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #196: The Summer That Never Was
- [Adventure Path] Season of Ghosts Players Guide
- [Adventure] Rusthenge
- [Comic] Wake the Dead #3

Site Updates
- Cleaned up a few bugs with PWL (Proficiency Without Level) adjustments on creature statblocks
- Fixed some "activation" related actions not being included in the search index

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Hello everyone, and happy GenCon! I've always loved August (it's when I arrived on this world), and it just so happens that it's a great month for gaming as well! Rage of Elements comes out today, the Pathfinder 2e Remaster is on the horizon, and my spies in the Starfinder world have informed me that a 2nd edition of Starfinder is coming! Quite exciting!

This update was a big one, and while everyone on the team deserves humongous kudos for all of their work, I want to give an extra big shout out to Devin, who handled the load of data entry on this one and my goodness, it was a hefty load!

Regarding the Remaster, we've put together our plan for how we'll be handling this in November - you can read the details below. We don't have any of these changes in yet, and as a result, you may see some mechanics which have "different versions" for a little bit (such as two versions of Grab). This is a temporary bug and ultimately will be fixed in November when we push out the final changes for the Remaster.

If you have any questions or find any other bugs, please come by our Discord channels and yet us know. Until then, thanks for your support, and enjoy the content!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #193: Mantle of Gold
- [RPG] Rage of Elements

Site Updates
- Added a new toggle to Shelyn's Corner (menu is in the top-right) that will replace all font with more dyslexia-friendly versions. This was actually an update from last time but missed announcement in the news post.
- Updated action icons to use ligatures. This means you can now copy-paste an icon and for example get [two-actions] in your clipboard (search page already had this, but now it's sitewide).
- Added random sort to search. You can combine it with the teleport parameter to create links to random pages, e.g. here's a link to a random spell.
- Deity pages now list any pantheons the deity is part of (Previously pantheons listed their members, but not vice versa).
- Weapon pages now explicitly list if the weapon is melee or ranged.
- Updated complex query field list so that all available fields are listed (found under "Query type").
- Added creature_ability and element fields to search (with table columns).
- Search filter boxes are now sorted by the order opened (most recent at the top) instead of alphabetically.
- Search URLs are now slightly shorter and easier to read. The URLs previously used URL-encoded characters for separation (like %20 or %3B), but now + is used whenever possible.
- Spell list updated with new Elementalist layout - option to sort spells by Element now available. You can choose between one of the two philosophies, or just see all elemental spells grouped by element regardless of philosophy.

Remaster Plan
- A Global Setting will be made available in Shelyn's Corner with options of "Legacy" or "Remaster". Default will be "Remaster".
- This setting will only impact the visibility of "hybrid" mechanics - those with a legacy version and a remaster version (regardless of if it's a simple name change or a more complex difference). You will see the name / mechanics of whatever setting you have on in Shelyn's Corner.
- Mechanics which were only present in one version or the other will be visible on both views. However, mechanics from an edition you are not presently focused on will have a warning banner at the top to indicate they are from the other version and the rules may not function exactly as they did.
- On all "hybrid" mechanics there will be an additional toggle to switch between Remaster/Legacy versions, without impacting your global setting. This is for quickly checking out the differences between versions.

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Hi everyone! Time seems to be flying by faster than ever these days, and we've got a few more books for you this month. Next month brings us Rage of Elements, which includes a few of the new Remaster changes coming to Pathfinder. We'll have more news on that functionality and features in the coming weeks, and while we will do our best to get the books online on time, please understand that the Remaster necessitates a lot of change to our site structure which may delay data entry a bit. Hopefully not, time will tell.

Until then, please enjoy the new releases!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #192: Worst of All Possible Worlds
- [Adventure] A Few Flowers More
- [Lost Omens] Highhelm

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Hi everyone! We've finished adding in Ports of Call to our databases, thanks to the SF Archives team for their hard work! Link below for the details, enjoy!

New Books
- [RPG] Ports of Call

Hi all! Not a lot to announce this month, the full list is below. Just to remind everyone, we do plan to support the Remaster and still maintain the original Core as well - we'll have more plans to announce on that front in the coming updates.

New Books
- [Adventure] The Enmity Cycle
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #191: The Destiny War
- [Comic] Wake the Dead #1

Site Updates
- Added more equipment art from the Advanced Player's Guide and Treasure Vault
- Fixed a few bugs with the Proficiency Without Level system on creature statblocks
- New main menu options added for the Equipment section (only on modern menu, not on classic menu)

Hi all! We've added a couple of new adventures this month along with some bug fixes from previous issues. Enjoy!

New Books
- [Adventure] Drift Crisis Case Files
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #51: Into the Dataverse

Hi all! This month we start the Stolen Fate adventure path, bringing the Player's Guide and first issue to our Archives. Full details are below, thank you for all the support!

Lastly, to address a common question we've had recently surrounding the recently announced Pathfinder Remaster project: we will be maintaining both the original pre-Remaster versions of the rules alongside the new Remastered versions on the Archives. No matter which version you wish to play, the Archives of Nethys will support you.


New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #190: The Choosing
- [Adventure Path] Stolen Fate Player's Guide

Site Updates
- Regional marker added to appropriate languages in the Languages section
- Issue with squished items on the menu with certain zoom settings has been fixed
- Some actions given better styling to distinguish them from the rest of the surrounding text

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Hello everyone! The team has been hard at work getting the latest book and changes in, and we're happy to show you what we've got! The massive new Firebrands comes alongside the latest in the Gatewalkers adventure path, plus a host of new changes for the site! Among the many things listed below, we have a new "Deck of Many Things" feature which will allow you to "favorite" some pages for quick reference on the AoN menu (see below for details). Our search filters have also received a number of improvements, including the final replacement of our old tables in the Spells area with snazzy new options and a more responsive table.

Thanks for all of your support, and please let us know in our Discord channels if you have any feedback about the new features!

Book Updates
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #189: Dreamers of the Nameless Spire
- [Lost Omens] Firebrands

Site Updates
- Our settings menu, Shelyn's Corner, can now be accessed in the mobile view. For users unfamiliar with the menu, this allows you to change your theme and adjust certain settings like the pop-up previews.
- Themes have been separated into "themes" and "feel", where themes control color and feel controls things like rounded corners on titles or the "orc" setting.
- Added "Deck of Many Things" to the desktop menu. You can press the heart icon in the title of a page to add pages to the deck, which you can then quickly access by opening the deck at the bottom of the navigation menu. Note that this menu is currently only available on desktop and on certain mechanics (Backgrounds, Feats, Spells) while we test it out.
- Added "Full" result display type to search. This type displays a full version of each result page directly in the search. You can use this to have an experience more akin to reading in a book. For those of you that preferred how the background page worked before it was reworked, this display type replicates something close to that. See an example here.
- Added "Default params" option to search. This allows you to configure which filters and options that are automatically applied for each page with the search. You could for example save so that when you visit the backgrounds page the full display type mentioned above is automatically applied, or so that traits with "All ancestries" are automatically filtered out when visiting ancestry feat pages. Note that any saved defaults are NOT applied when following a link with filters already in it. Also note that any filters saved to the search page are not applied to the quick search bar.
- The Spell tables now use our new search-based tables. You'll find they have many new columns compared to the old ones, like Actions, Area, Range, and Duration. With this all our old tables have been replaced to the new ones.
- Spell Catalysts now have their related spell(s) indexed, and a column has been added to the Spell Catalysts table's default columns.
- Armor, Shields, and Weapons tables now has a level column by default. Shields also has a bulk column.
- Armor pages now list which armor category the armor is in (Unarmored / Light / Medium / Heavy).
- Added "Armor" filters, which can be used to filter armor category and armor groups.
- Added a filter for "Damage Die" in the "Numbers" filter button, which can be used to filter weapon damage die size.
- Added "Region" filter, which allows filtering regional backgrounds.
- Moved "Reload" filter to "Weapons" instead of having its own filter button.
- Added a search input to find available table columns.

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Hi everyone! Tonight we've got the latest AP, along with an update to finish off Interstellar Species content with some NPCs we hadn't finished the first time around. Enjoy!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #50: Clockwork Demons

Site Updates
- Interstellar Species has been updated with previously missing NPCs

Hello everyone! We've got a massive update for you tonight with the enormous contents of an entire Treasure Vault! I cannot thank my team enough for all of their work getting this in, with huge shouts out in particular to Devin (who did the lion's share of the data entry) and Kao (for a terrifying amount of proof-reading and bug-tracking).

We hope you all enjoy the update, let us know if you find any issues on one of our Discord channels and we'll get things fixed. Thank you for supporting the Archives!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #188: They Watched the Stars
- [RPG] Treasure Vault

Site Updates
- Armor, Shield, and Weapon page traits have been adjusted to use the same badge format as the rest of the site
- Source links now go to the AoN Source page instead of Paizo's product page, though a link to the product page is still available on all AoN Source pages

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Hello everyone! We have some new adventure path material for you this month, adding the Fists of the Ruby Phoenix hardcover and the first in the new Gatewalkers AP, the Seventh Arch.

More importantly, we have a few other big announcements. First, as of late Friday night (around midnight) last week, we are officially on the new set of servers! We've been monitoring stability throughout the weekend and have happily seen no resurgence of the queue limit errors that plagued us daily on the old box. The PF2e site is now on a pair of massive servers with its own load balancer and this has proven to handle the new traffic we're at much better than the old (especially considering our traffic peaks continues to climb each week). This is entirely thanks to our fans and supporters - whether you've contributed to us via Patreon, Paypal, or even just by removing your ad blocker to expose the little ad at the bottom, thank you so much for your help! This week we'll be adding on a CDN like Cloudflare to help with bigger spikes, but even without that we're very pleased at how well the new hardware is handling everything.

Second, we have for you a brand new theme! We're not quite sure why, but there's been a lot of chatter about ORCs recently, so we thought we'd join in the fun and make a new ORC theme to celebrate. For those unaware, you can change AoN's color scheme by accessing the Theme options in Shelyn's Corner, located at the top right of the site. Huge thanks to Jonny and Andreas for their work in putting this together!

The last feature I want to talk about is quite amazing - Andreas has emerged from his secret lab in Numeria and unleashed his latest invention on the Archives. Powered by a tree and occult magic, explorers of the Archives can now cast Clairvoyance at will by hovering over links, providing a preview of what's within. This feature can be disabled in the settings menu, where you can also enable it for the search bar's results.

More details on the new features are below - thank you again to all our supporters and as always, enjoy the Archives!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Fists of the Ruby Phoenix Hardcover
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #187: The Seventh Arch

Site Updates
- Source pages now list their product line and source group.

Search Updates
- The search bar now supports complex queries. Including any of the following characters :()\"+-*? will make the query use complex rules (this is the same as the automatic setting on the search page).
- The Hazards page now uses the search app, and comes with some extra columns.
- Class features are now indexed in the search. For example, searching for Sneak attack gives a link to the Rogue class page.
- Creature spells are now indexed. You can search for it using complex queries, and there is a "spell" column available for the table display. See example here.
- The search now has a "General settings" option box. You can set max width of the search app here (defaults to unlimited, but was previously limited to 1200px), and toggle if links should open in a new tab (defaults to disabled, but was previously enabled).
- The grouped display can now display a rarity badge next to each link. See example here.
- Grouped display link layout is now part of the URL, so you can link a specific layout to someone. Example of spells grouped by heightenable level and school, displayed vertically with summary.
- You can now filter on source release date. The filter is found under "numbers". This was included in the previous update but was undocumented. When filtering using complex queries, the field is release_date and the value must be in ISO 8601 format (i.e. yyyy-mm-dd). Example search here.
- The way fulltext search is generated for each page has been revamped. This means that normal text search should be more accurate than before, and all text that appear on a page should be included when searching.

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! Sorry it's taken us so long to get back to the Starfinder side of the Archives - the holidays has kept many of us busy and our team has had less time than usual to process some of these new books. That said, we're happy to say that everything has been caught up thanks to Cazzie and Milan, with a host of new books added below, along with some additional improvements!

Thanks for all of your support and enjoy the Archives!

New Books
- [Adventure] To Defy the Dragon
- [Adventure Path] Dead Suns Hardcover
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #48: Masters of Time and Space
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #49: A Light in the Dark
- [RPG] Interstellar Species

Site Updates
- Milan has redone our Races page, updating the list to a more useful table format that includes helpful data on all the diffrent options. Also, regarding the name of the page - while we didn't have time to do it this update, we are planning to change the name of the Races page to Species to properly reflect the current Starfinder vernacular.
- We've updated our Starfinder Society symbol with a new icon, you'll find this across the site wherever SFS status is indicated.

Hello everyone, happy new year!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and you're all ready for some new Pathfinder material! As we get further into 2023, I realize that this series of sites (starting with PF1e) has been running for almost thirteen years, which is an insane number to me. It is absolutely bonkers that what started as a fan project between jobs has blossomed into what it is now, with a whole team of fantastic volunteers helping to keep the machine running every update. I'm incredibly grateful for my team and to everyone who's been supporting the site - thank you all, friends old and new!

Sentimentality out of the way, let's get to the content!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #186: Ghost King's Rage

Site Updates
- The Core Rulebook has been updated to the latest 4th printing - check out all the changes on Paizo's website here.
- We've added in missed rules from the Kingmaker books, including new sections for Camping Activities and Campsite Meals, among some other miscellaneous rules.
- Our Feat tables have been updated to use the same engine as our search and other tables across the site. Please test these out and let us know if you spot any issues!
- The default sort on the Equipment tables has been restored to its original order.
- Manually sorting any of the new tables will now completely remove our default sort order before applying your desired sort.

Known Issues
- While we've only had a few cases of this, users may experience an issue where the search engine or data tables do not appear to return any results. We are working on a permanent fix to address this issue I hope to get into place sometime in the next month or two - in the interim, trying other networks or disabling an active VPN may resolve the problem.

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Hello everyone! We're a little late posting this one and I apologize for that, the holidays slammed into us a bit harder than normal and Kingmaker was a lot of content.

That said, we're happy now to bring you a fantastically beefy update! The full details are below, and as I alluded to before, HUGE thanks to the AoN team for all of their hard work in getting these books in and updated. The Kingmaker project was certainly a daunting one but we're happy with how everything ended up. Please come visit us on one of our Discord feedback channels if you spy any bugs, but otherwise please enjoy the new content!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Kingmaker Adventure Path
- [Adventure Path] Kingmaker Companion Guide
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #184: The Ghouls Hunger
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #185: A Taste of Ashes
- [Adventure] Crown of the Kobold King
- [Lost Omens] Impossible Lands

Site Updates
- We've created new sections for all Kingmaker content, including new pages for Events, Structures, Armies, and more! You can access this content via a sub-header at the top of the Kingmaker page in our Settings > Adventure area, or from any Source page that includes Kingdom building content, like the latest Kingmaker books!
- Our Equipment tables have been swapped over to the ElastiSearch table system we've been migrating our table structure onto. Feats is up next and should be seeing a similar change with our next month's update.

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Hi everyone! This month brings the latest in the Blood Lords line, along with some updates to our Adventures section. Full details are below, thanks for using the Archives!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #183: Field of Maidens

Site Updates
- We've updated our Adventures area with all the information we'd been missing from Extinction Curse.

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Hi everyone! We've got a long-awaited update for you with some new books, new art, and some other site improvements. Thanks to the team for their help and thanks to all of you for using the Archives! Please enjoy!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #47: Nightmare Scenario
- [Adventures] Redshift Rally

Site Updates
- Art added to all aliens from Alien Archives 3 and 4, completing the Alien Archive series.
- Art has also been added to all race entries from the Core book and Alien Archives.
- We've changed how Starfinder Society notes are displayed, moving away from the hover-over text and instead displaying them in-line with the body of what they reference.

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Hi everyone! There's a long list of changes with tonight's post so I won't take up too much time with the prelude. We have a couple of new titles for the Archives and a large number of improvements and new features for the search engine, which Andreas has written up a nice changelog for you'll find on our front page. One of the biggest highlights to call out is that a popular request, the older search's view of grouping by category, has made its way into the new search and is now an available result display option!

Please keep letting us know if you have more feedback by coming to visit us on our Discord channels :) Without further ado, here's the new content! Thanks for your support!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #182: Graveclaw
- [Lost Omens] Travel Guide

Site Updates
- We have replaced the Telerik tables on our Creatures, Deities, and Domains pages with our new search filters similar to what you've seen on the Backgrounds page. The Monster Filter page has been replaced with this new functionality. For more details on using the search, please see our front page.

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Hi everyone! We have quite the fantastic update for you tonight! Alongside our new books, which include titans of data entry like Dark Archive, we have a brand new search engine to show off to all of you! I want to give a huge shout out to everyone on my team for all their work into putting this together - to our data entry crew for getting everything in, the editors for proof-reading and bug checking, and a huge thanks to Star and our newest team member, Andreas, for their phenomenal work on both a new drop-down system for the quick-search bar AND the new search engine itself!

Full details on everything are below - with such big changes we expect a bug or two, so be sure to let us know about it on one of our contact threads. As always, thank you for all of your support!

Note: If you notice any issues, please clear your browser's local cache first and then report the problem to us if it persists.

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #181: Zombie Feast
- [Rulebooks] Dark Archive

Site Updates
- The primary search engine has been completely overhauled and switched over to a new system! You should find it returns results much quicker and has quite the array of filtering options. Please check it out and let us know if you find any issues or have any requests for filter options that aren't present.
- In addition, we've updated the "quick search" bar at the top of the site to point to this AND Star has created a lovely new drop-down that will populate as you put search terms into the quick search bar. This can quickly take you to the page you want to go and will show useful information like level, price, and later on we'll be adding PFS status to this as well. One known issue with the quick search is the order priority it uses is different from our main search page - we will be fixing this in a future update to use the main search's priority, so both result sets would be the same order. Note: This quick search is only available in the mobile and modern menus, the old classic menu does not have this feature.
- We've replaced the General Backgrounds page with a new type of table, based on the search engine replacement. Not only can the search return desired datasets in List format, like the default search page, but it can return results in Table format as well! Check out the "Result display" filter option to toggle back and forth between these yourself. Let us know how you feel about this table setup, as we are likely going to replace our existing Telerik tables (such as the ones in Feats and Equipment) with similar tables like the new one in Backgrounds.
- Star has added a new theme based on a submission from our editor, Jonny, called Blackbird. We've had a few questions on whether we can take custom theme suggestions from users - we have talked about this but we aren't quite in a place to facilitate this yet. We will be sure to let everyone know when we can enable that, of course :)
- Due to time constraints on getting Dark Archive in, we don't yet have the adventure-specific material or art from PF 181 up. We hope to have that in shortly.

Hey everyone! It's been quite a while since we've gotten back to this side of the Archives and for that, I apologize. My focus has been on fixing a number of critical issues with 2e lately and I hadn't had the time required to finish up changes over here until recently.

With that said, we have quite an update for you! In large part thanks to Mark's help, we've gone through all of the art from Alien Archives 1 & 2 and have added it to their respective bestiary entries at long last. With that also comes Drift Crisis, along with four other APs. The full list is below.

Thanks so much for your patience and for your support - enjoy the new updates!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #43: Icebound
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #44: Allies Against the Eye
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #45: The Culling Shadow
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #46: The Perfect Storm
- [RPG] Drift Crisis

Site Updates
- We've added art! Art for Alien Archives 1 and 2 is up, you can see this on any of the alien pages. If the art looks huge/wrong, please clear your browser's local file cache and that should fix the issue.
- A noteworthy callout from Starfinder #46 - this AP added new alternative racial traits to every Planar Scion race. Go check them out!

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry things have been so crazy around here for the last few weeks. As many of you are aware, the website is a custom labor of love and can have its growing pains. In this case, the amount of traffic and data in our systems hit such a level that a few of our pages had issues on their initial loads: Archetypes, Backgrounds, and Feats were the big ones. The amount of calculations and SQL calls these pages were doing caused ripples of impact throughout the site, and its only recently we've had time to get things re-written in a way that will reduce the problems going on now.

With tonight's update, we are in no way done with the changes. Archetypes and Feats will be much improved after tonight, while Backgrounds may still be choppy for another week or so until I can get things switched over to the newer table.

Additionally, we know that users have had issues with our search engine for some time. The search engine is another custom piece that we created years ago and, while we've always been proud of what we made, there are certainly third party tools that can do the job better. As many of you have pointed out, Galdiuz's "Nethys Search" was an incredibly efficient search engine that allowed users to filter through our data in a quick and intuitive manner.

Well, I agreed with all of you - so much so that back in late April, I reached out to Andreas (Galdiuz) and he agreed to join our team and bring that search engine to the website. While we aren't quite done with the changes yet, we have already setup Elastisearch on our server and Andreas has been plugging away at getting things converted over. So those of you who have enjoyed his search engine will continue to enjoy it as we expand upon it and hook it more directly into the Archives data source.

I appreciate everyone's patience during these times and for limiting the vents of frustration. I take the lion's share of responsibility for these delays, having made myself a bit of a bottle-neck in a few areas unfortunately. The Archives can be a bit of a weight sometimes and after over 12 years of working on it, its not always easy to find the will to work on it week after week. The support you all have shown, however, has been phenomenal. I was shocked that even while I was stressed and tearing my hair out over the site's performance issues, people were still donating to the Patreon and sending in what they could. I have felt the website's performance lately made it less deserving of such support, but the messages and outpouring of well wishes have been extremely touching.

Thank you all for the support of the Archives, and again, I am sorry for how rough things have been lately. Rest assured that we are aware of what needs to be done to improve things (.NET version update to allow us some improved caching options is a big one) and are always working on making the site a better experience. Thanks as well to everyone on my team for their hard work, and to our newest team member for creating such a fantastic search, I can't wait for you all to see it. We'll have more fixes and changes in the weeks to come!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Blood Lords Player's Guide
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #180: The Smoking Gun

Site Updates
- The Core Rulebook has been updated to the latest 3rd printing errata

Known Issues
- Art still needs to be processed for the last couple Pathfinder issues. The files we get sent from Paizo require some work in Photoshop and file adjustments before use, just haven't had time yet. Will fill in the backlog soon. For those of you who are fans of Starfinder, I hope to have Alien Archive art coming your way as well.
- Backgrounds list page may experience loading issues for another week or so.

Hi everyone! First off, sorry for for the delayed update - we've all been a bit busy recently, especially with things like PaizoCon, and it took a bit longer to get the update running this time.

We've still got some art to catch up on with the bestiary entries, but otherwise, please enjoy the new additions below!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #179: Cradle of Quartz
- [Adventure] Shadows at Sundown
- [Lost Omens] Knights of Lastwall

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Hello everyone! With tonight's update we bring you the first adventure in the Outlaws of Alkenstar, Punks in a Powderkeg, along with the much anticipated Book of the Dead! Extra big shout-out to Devin, Milan, and Kao for their hard work on getting all the data entry done and reviewed before street date.

The full list of changes are below, including a new theme (thanks Star)! Thanks for using the Archives and enjoy!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Outlaws of Alkenstar Player's Guide (released in a previous update, forgot to announce)
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #178: Punks in a Powderkeg
- [RPG] Book of the Dead

Site Changes
- Star has added a new theme to celebrate the Book of the Dead's release - check out Shelyn's Corner (paintbrush/palette symbol in the top-right corner of the site) for the new "Theme of the Dead"!

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Hi everyone! Tonight's update includes the last of the Frozen Flame adventure paths, along with a new section to our site that the team's been eagerly waiting to make live. Big thanks to Devin and Milan for their work on putting together the new item bonus table.

For full information on everything, see the changelog below, and thanks for the support!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #174: Shadows of the Ancients
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #177: Burning Tundra

Site Updates
- We've created a new table to track "Item Bonuses", that being equipment which grants you an item bonus to a skill, Perception, etc. We now show these lists in a collapsible group on every Skill's page (example: Athletics), the Perception rules page, and the General Skills. We also added a list to look at all of them, if that's your desire.
- Please note, these tables do not sort/filter/do anything fancy yet. We wanted to get them up and usable first and figured we could work on adding fancy bits as time goes on.

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Hi everyone! Sorry it's been so long since our last update - as with everything lately, it seems chaos rules a large part of my life at the moment. Still, thanks to the enormous help of team members like Mark and Milan, we've got Galactic Magic finally checked in and ready for you all to view.

Also, to answer some questions we've had a few times - yes, we do plan to update the Starfinder UI in the future with some of the more modern developments we've made on PF2e. There is a lot we still want to polish before we flip that switch, however. With limited development time we want as much to be ironed out as possible before we start applying it to other parts of the Archive. In addition to UI changes, I also have a lot of Alien Archives art to be processed and added on, so expect to see art coming in the future to the Starfinder Archives as well!

Thanks to everyone for their support - enjoy the new update!

New Books
- [RPG] Galactic Magic

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This month brings the second part of Quest for the Frozen Flame, which comes with some interesting new alchemical items and rules on creating the megafauna type of creature. You can find all the details in the link below - thanks for visiting the Archives!

New Books
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #176: Lost Mammoth Valley

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When I saw this, the first thing I thought was to point out Discord-based resources like Org Play Online (which can be found at Or point out the previous online guest blogs? (Part 1 and Part 2)

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! The last book of Strength of Thousands got delayed and won't be available quite yet, but the first book from the Quest for the Frozen Flame is out and ready now! Thank you for your support and please enjoy the new update!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #175: Broken Tusk Moon

Scarab Sages

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I started running Agents of Edgewatch for one of my groups not long ago, and before starting I wanted to setup a nice map of the Prepice Quarter in Foundry VTT to give them a reference point for the various locations they visited. When I was figuring out where everything in Book 1 was, however, I found that the provided map didn't really allow for a lot of room.

I came across this post and saw others had noticed similar issues. James' response made me wonder what the Quarter would look like if it was scaled up in size and the locations spread out. The City of Absalom book helped out a lot, showing what the district looked like early on, but it was still clearly written as before Agents of Edgewatch.

So, I put together a barebones idea of where some things could go and added landmarks for where locations in CoA had been present that were likely still around. Then I consulted an expert - I'd used Narchy's maps for many Pathfindering sessions before now and he was the first person I thought of when it came to a high quality custom map for such a large district. It also turned out he had already done his own take on the Festival Grounds, based on the original map, as he was also involved in an Agents of Edgewatch game himself.

After some discussion, he agreed to take on a commission for a new and renovated map of the entire Precipice Quarter. Whereas I had only a crude idea of where things might go, Narchy was able to make it all reality. He fleshed out streets and housing, spaced out the festival sites, included landmarks from CoA and Agents of Edgewatch, did the sort of thing I could only have dreamt about. By the end, he had created a most amazing map that, I think, fully reflects what the Precipice Quarter would look like at the start of Agents of Edgewatch, festival and all. He is an absolute genius at map-making and this work is something I couldn't begin to keep to myself - so, I wanted to share it with everyone.

Please enjoy the high-quality work that is the Precipice Quarter! All credit to Narchy, of course, for his masterful work. All of the landmarks in the original Festival Grounds map from Agents of Edgewatch should be present, along with a number of locations from book 1 sprinkled throughout the map.

AoE Spoilers:
You can find Edgewatch HQ, Knight's Marvelous Menagerie, the Dragonfly Pagoda, and the Dreaming Palace.
Some landmarks from City of Absalom are also present (a certain greenhouse is still peeking out from dense foliage).

The Precipice Quarter - Radiant Festival Map

I want to give humongous thanks to Narchy for his help - not just for this map, but the dozens of others he has designed for Pathfinder APs that really enhance the quality of a virtual tabletop. If anyone else wants to talk to Narchy about mapworks, you can follow his twitter here.

I wish everyone many great Pathfinder adventures - Happy New Year!

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Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! It's been another interesting year, and it's my fondest hope that everyone is staying happy and healthy and rolling lots of dice with your friends and family. To that end, we have a few new titles on the Archives for you, along with some fantastic new menu/UI changes (details below). With new UI changes can sometimes come cache issues, so as usual please be sure to clear your browser's local cache if you have anything strange happening with the update. If it still persists, please come and let us know about it on our feedback channels.

Thank you all for your constant support and feedback. I'm especially grateful to everyone on my team - the Archives would not be where it is today without your amazing skills and work.

Stay safe, enjoy the holidays, and critical successes to all!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Quest for the Frozen Flame Player's Guide
- [Adventure] Threshold of Knowledge
- [Lost Omens] City of Absalom
- [Lost Omens] Monsters of Myth

Site Updates
- The menu-based search bar has been moved to the top-right, where it has been given some additional love and options. From the control you can now filter which areas of the site you're searching, if you want to exclude PFS content or adventures, or jump straight to the best match. These are new to the site so please let us know on our Discord channels if you find any issues with them.
- The toggle for Legacy/Modern menu can now be found in the Shelyn's Corner options menu, accessible via the artist brush and palette in the top-right of the site header.
- New errata has been added for the Lost Omens Ancestry Guide

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Hi everyone, happy holidays! One new AP joins the Starfinder Archives this month, the last for Starfinder in 2021. See you all in the new year with more books to come!

New Books
[Adventure Path] Starfinder #42: Whispers of the Eclipse

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Hi all! This month brings a new AP and some items from the recently released Fumbus comic, links to both can be found below. Thank you for your support and enjoy the new content!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #173: Doorway to the Red Star
- [Comic] Pathfinder Special: Fumbus

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Hello everyone! I know you've all been waiting a little bit for this update and I'm sorry it took so long to get to everyone. Life has a nasty habit of making more waves then usual around the holidays and I've been a bit backlogged on some of the needed work I had to do in order to accommodate some of the new features from this update. All of that is behind now and we should be getting things caught up with this update, which includes three new books that Mark's had entered and ready in the databases for you all to see.

Details and links for the new source material are below, thanks for your patience and enjoy the new content!

New Books
- [Adventure] The Liberation of Locus-1
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #41: Serpents in the Cradle
- [RPG] Tech Revolution

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Hi everyone! Tonight's update is another large one, with a few massive books and some new additions to the UI, including new theme options Star has designed to complement the existing two on the site - click the theme icon in the top-right to check out the new settings/theme menu we're calling "Shelyn's Corner".

With new features come potential bugs, so as always if you spot anything awry, please come let us know on one of our Discord feedback channels. We'll be doing another update this weekend to fix any issues found during that time, so let us know as soon as possible if you find something to ensure it stands the best chance of getting fixed in time (otherwise, it'll be a bug until the next official release). We'll be pushing up the remaining art on the weekend as well (the Poppet ancestry and the creatures from PF#171-172 haven't been processed quite yet).

Lastly, we're still waiting on PFS sanctioning for Grand Bazaar and Guns & Gears, but will update the content from those books once that occurs.

As always, a huge thanks to everyone on the team for getting everything ready and in the systems. Enjoy the new updates, and thanks for using the Archives!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #171: Hurricane's Howl
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #172: Secrets of the Temple City
- [Adventure] Night of the Gray Death
- [Lost Omens] Grand Bazaar
- [Rulebooks] Guns & Gears

Site Updates
- We're testing out some new grid UI options to Ancestry, Classes, and Equipment on the main slideout menu along with the Classes UI on the Classes page itself. These are new ways you can navigate around the site. You can access them by left-clicking the square grid icon on the menu or by right-clicking that section of the menu. NOTE: There is a known issue where the Class grid includes "Class Kits" options on every class though not every class has a published kit, so some of these will result in a blank page. We'll get this fixed for next update.
- The theme selection in the top-right has been expanded into a new menu called "Shelyn's Corner". Within you will find some Setting options for the website (currently only usable on desktop, we'll be introducing mobile-specific ones in the coming updates) along with more theme options beyond the original two which will work on both desktop and mobile alike.

New Settings in "Shelyn's Corner" (desktop only)
- Expand Sidebar on hover: On by default. If disabled, the sidebar can only be opened by clicking the mask icon on the top left.
- Sidebar can be shrunk: On by default. If disabled, the sidebar will remain permanently open, pushing the page content to the right.
- Reduce page width: Off by default. If enabled, the main content will be squished towards the center of the screen.

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Hi everyone! This one is a BIG update, and for more reasons then Secrets of Magic! For over ten years, I've had much of the same design with the Archives, save for some small alterations in the menu. Thanks in large part to our new acolyte Star's expertise with design and learning more about what we can do with our Telerik controls, we have a brand new UI to bring to all of you!

The new slideout UI is made available by mousing over the left side of the screen, though for users with touch screens and no mouse, you can achieve the same effect by clicking the mask in the top-left corner. Many of the original menu items have been re-grouped and may not be in exactly the same place as you remember, but all should be present. If you don't like the new UI, just click the "Classic Menu" option available at the bottom of the slideout menu and you'll be able to use the old art same as you always did.

We have more changes with this update and more to come in the future, especially to the PF1e and SF sides of the side. We've made some improvements with how the new tables operate on mobile but still have some work to do before we're happy with how the filters function. Elements of the new slideout UI may come to mobile in the future as well, but for this update we limited the new UI change to the desktop view.

Lastly, I wanted to give a few couple of large thank yous with this update, both to the members on my team and to the folks supporting us online.

To my team: this update had a LOT of moving parts and I would have given this venture up ages ago if I was still going it alone - thank you everyone for your valuable help and amazing skillsets at keeping the Archives chugging along.

To the fans/users: thank you immensely for all of your support! August was a huge month for Patreon support, love on twitter, fantastic YouTube videos, and more! I'm grateful every day that I'm still getting to work on this fantastic site and couldn't wish for a better community.

All of that said - ENJOY THE NEW UPDATES!!!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #170: Spoken on the Song Wind
- [RPG] Secrets of Magic

Site Updates
- New UI! The slideout UI is now available on Desktop. If you wish to access the old menu, just click "Classic Menu" at the bottom near the search option. For users on touch screens, click the Nethys mask in the top-left to open/close the menu. The new icons come from the fantastic open source font RPG-Awesome
- The "All Spells" telerik table has been temporarily changed with regards to the "Heightens" column. Until I figure out best practices with setting a default/changeable filter, we've decided to adjust the column to a simple true/false that shows "can a spell heighten", much like the superscript H on the list table. As such, the tables will only show one copy of each spell. If you wish to access the "show spells at all heightenable levels" functionality, you can do so with the Spell Lists. We will be bringing this column back in a future update once we figure out how best to handle it.
- Telerik tables should scroll properly on mobile devices now.
- We've adjusted our "spoiler" logic to only show on non-Common entries. As far as we've seen, nothing Common from an AP/Adventure has included spoilers, so we feel safe in removing the text from those entries.
- The "Proficiency Without Level" variant has been added as a new option to creature statblocks. It doesn't function at the same time as Elite/Weak yet but will be an addition with a future release.

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Hi everyone! Tonight we have the first book of Strength of Thousands for you, along with its Player's Guide. We've also gotten caught up on the art that's been missed, updating the Mwangi Expanse, Ruby Phoenix, Malevolence, and first Strength of Thousands entries with beautiful and/or terrifying pieces.

Lastly, we're happy to welcome a new member to the team, Star! Star will be taking over CSS/design responsibilities from Alex, who's had to bow out from site help to focus more on some other priorities. We've already got some new changes to the look of the site we hope you'll like, but let us know your feedback on the Discord channels! We'll be making more changes in future updates to come.

Thanks for using the site, and enjoy!

New Books
[Adventure Path] Strength of Thousands Player's Guide
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #169: Kindled Magic

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Hi everyone! We've got a couple new APs for you this update, details and links below. Thanks as always to Mark for his data entry work!

New Books
[Adventure Path] Starfinder #39: The Gilded Cage
[Adventure Path] Starfinder #40: Planetfall

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Alright everyone - this update is a doozy.

For a long time, ever since starting the first PF1e site really, the fans have asked for filterable tables. Thanks entirely to the support of everyone via our Patreon, donations, and just using the site without adblock... we have something new and exciting for you.

I've finally invested both the resources and time into a new Telerik license and incorporating new tables from them (called "RadGrids") into the website. These new tables replace many of the older asp-based ones and at long last will allow you to filter the data in ways that you want.

- Want to use "All Equipment" and just see level 7 items less than 60 gp? Now you can.
- Want to filter only Common options? Now you can.
- Have a GM that knows the subtle rule about Clerics and Druids only having access to Core Rulebook spells? Now you can filter the spells table to show only CRB spells.

There are a LOT of ways to use these tables now, and we've barely dipped our toes in the water.

Before I get much further, I will say this - THERE WILL BE BUGS (one known one is you may see an error if going between different tables and filtering the information quickly - a refresh should fix this. We are a small team and Telerik is a very *deep* system with a lot of documentation to read. The way we have things setup now are more of a Beta test of what these can do than my desired final version. We are aware these don't really perform well on Mobile and getting that implementation is at the top of my list before next release. Aside from that, if you find anything crazy, please report it to us in one of our Discord channels.

We will be continuing to make updates and changes to this system over the coming updates, so if something doesn't look or work the way you'd expect just yet, it hopefully will soon. I'm going to avoid going too much into how everything works now, I'll let the Site Update below speak to that.

THANK YOU to all of our users for supporting us and enabling us to license these new controls. We couldn't have done it without you.

Another THANK YOU to the entire AoN team for their efforts as well - this update took a LOT of time for everyone and I am so grateful to have such supportive and intelligent people on the team.

Lastly, if you are a developer familiar with Telerik controls (specifically RadGrid/C#) and want to help us fine tune them, PLEASE reach out ( to me. I would love to get some tips from someone more experienced than myself with these (which isn't hard, I've been playing with them for less than a month now).

Much love everyone, thank you for using the Archives, and enjoy!!!

Oh also we have Elite/Weak toggles now, many pages redirect to new "All" tables without extra clicks, there's a new section for adventure-specific creatures, MORE BELOW!!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #166: Despair on Danger Island
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #167: Ready? Fight!
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #168: King of the Mountain
- [Adventure] Malevolence
- [Lost Omens] Mwangi Expanse

Site Updates
- [Creatures / Equipment / Feats / Spells] These sections all now feature the new Telerik tables. Filter instructions are above each table. In some cases, menu links now go straight to the "All" section (Creatures -> All Creatures, Spells -> All Spells).
- The new tables also include a button in the top right that will allow you to export the current entries to a CSV file. While license restrictions prevent us from hosting an API and providing you the data directly, this should help get some of the data in an offline manner for you to use.
- We are now ingesting adventure-specific monsters, NPCs, and hazards! While not complete yet, we have introduced a new section called Adventures in the Settings section as a proof-of-concept. At the moment we only have Pathfinder #166 filled with the adventure's creatures, but we will be going back through every AP and adding the same content over the next few updates.
- You can now select Elite or Weak options for any creature with a statblock. Most changes are now automated, though some are not and called out just above the statblock. We've added links to these as well in the Name column of Creatures, but are still wondering if saving the extra click is worth the extra clutter in that column. Send us your feedback on Discord! (Note: We aren't set on the colors being used either, ideally would have different ones for Elite/Weak, targeted item for next release)
- Search has been updated with new features allowing you to show only PFS legal results or exclude adventure-specific material.
- My own fault, I forgot to ask for the specific files needed to support artwork with this release. Once I get those from Paizo I'll update the site with the new artwork.

Hi everyone! This month's update brings you the new and huge Galaxy Exploration Manual, including new options for every class and loads of new equipment and rules for creating/exploring your own science-fantasy worlds. Huge thanks to Mark for his work on getting this in! Enjoy!

New Books
- [RPG] Galaxy Exploration Manual

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Hello everyone, we're back! By the determination of Mark, our Starfinder custodian, and the fortunes of Triune, I am happy to report that the Starfinder side of the Archives is now up-to-date once more. Mark has spent the last week or two working on fixing the problems that rendered his computer inoperable, and while his computer is still having issues, he was successful in uploading the data trapped in its hard drives to our database. This included the finished Alien Archive 4 and the APs up to that point, a massive amount of material. After that, he was able to finish up the remaining APs/misc Sources to get us fully caught up. A thousand cheers to him and his house!

Along with that, I want to shout out praise to our SQL developer and search engine guru Milan for bringing some much needed advancement over to the Starfinder search engine. In addition to a lot of improvements with sorting the correct results, he's added phrase searching, the ability to filter only Starfinder Society legal results, and many more options, listed below.

Note: With the new search engine comes a bit of new CSS, so if the search bar on the menu looks funky or anything seems off, please clear your browser's cache and that should fix it up. If not, come let us know in one of our discord channels!

Thank you so much for your patience over the last few months while we got things in order and were able to catch up. Now go, and enjoy the new content!

New Books
- [Accessories] Starfinder Alien Character Deck
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #35: Merchants of the Void
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #36: Professional Courtesy
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #37: The White Glove Affair
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #38: Crash and Burn
- [RPG] Alien Archive 4

Site Updates - Search Engine
- Search bar added to main menu
- Search results will now sort in a more logical fashion with bringing the most likely result to the top
- Use " " to group a search into a phrase
- Can select between ALL and ANY matching
- Can choose to render the results one per line
- Can choose to only show legal Starfinder Society results
- Can choose to filter out Adventure Path or Module sources

Site Updates - Other
- Conditions page now linked from main menu

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Hello everyone! Tonight we bring you a bevy of new monsters from Bestiary 3, along with a few from the latest AP, Eyes of Empty Death (among some other mechanics). Huge thanks to Devin and Kao for their hard work in getting all of this content in and looked over!

Next update, we have something a little special planned, a set of features I know many users have wanted for a long time... :) Until then, enjoy the new books and happy gaming!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #165: Eyes of Empty Death
- [Rulebooks] Bestiary 3

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Hello everyone! Today's update is a big one, bringing you a host of new ancestries and versatile heritages (along with lots of mechanics for existing ones) to the Archives of Nethys! In addition to the Ancestry Guide, you will also find included the new Azarketi ancestry, available in the web supplement that Paizo put up earlier today!

As with other ancestries, we've aimed at putting up two art pieces for each one (and updating existing ancestries that didn't have at least two). You may notice, while browsing through the ancestries, that the Leshy actually has four pieces of art instead of two. This is not a bug. It is because they are adorable. Have you seen them?!

Ahem. In addition to the Lost Omens Ancestry Guide, we've added up Pathfinder #164, the second chapter in Abomination Vault. With it, we've updated the new monsters and the previous AP's monsters with all of the art, so go and check out some of the new horrors (if you aren't playing in it - if you are, shame on you)!

If you're eager to try this with other players online, I would highly recommend you check out Foundry VTT - the Pathfinder 2E team has been in crunch mode getting the Ancestry Guide in their own compendiums for use today. I cannot praise these guys enough for reducing my game prep time down by hours in having all of the statblocks and mechanics from new books ready to go in their systems.

Huge thanks to the whole team for their work on this, especially Devin, who spent who-knows-how-long converting all of the new content to fit our database. And thanks so much to all of you for using the Archives of Nethys - enjoy the new content!

New Books
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #164: Hands of the Devil
[Lost Omens] Ancestry Guide
[Lost Omens] Azarketi Ancestry Web Supplement

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Hello everyone! This month kicks off the new Abomination Vaults adventure path, starting with the Ruins of Gauntlight and a new Player's Guide. We still have some monster art to ingest and will catch up on that with a future update.

Enjoy the new content!

New Updates
[Adventure Path] Abomination Vaults Player's Guide
[Adventure Path] Pathfinder #163: Ruins of Gauntlight

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Hello everyone, happy new year! While we still have a new book coming for you later this month, Devin and I have put together a new area for players that we couldn't wait to share. Whether you're new to Pathfinder or an existing player, you should hopefully find the new Player's Guide a helpful resource filled with useful information and links all in one place.

As a new resource, we're eager for feedback from users - please let us know if you find any problems with the current material, if you have new areas you think would be useful to have there, or anything else related.

We're hoping this helps get your 2021 started off on a good note. Happy gaming!

Site Updates
- New Player's Guide has been added to the Rules section, along with a helpful link available above the News posts.
- GM's Screen section updated with some new categories and minor layout changes

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Happy holidays everyone! We come to you late this December month with a few new sections to the site and other improvements. The full list of changes is below, along with a number of unlisted bug fixes and minor changes that the Archives team has been hard at work in correcting, so huge thanks to them for their efforts! We're still making improvements as time allows, so more updates will be coming in the future!

We hope you enjoy the new update and have a happy new year!

Site Updates
- The search engine has been updated using design and code from the 2E site. Results will now sort by order of relevance, exact matches will be called out up top, and we've made some overall improvements to the speed of the engine. Please be aware there is one known bug we're still working on correcting (due to changes in the architecture between our 1e and 2e databases). As a result, you will sometimes see the same result duplicated in a given search category (Races is a common one). We'll have this fixed soon, but if you spot other bugs please let us know (with as much detail as possible) on our Discord aon-feedback channels!
- New GM Screen section added to the Rules, containing a number of useful rules all in one place (thanks to Devin for all the data entry and setup assistance!). If you have suggestions for other sections that would be handy, please let us know!
- All page headers adjusted to show specific details first, general last.
- Metatags added to every page to improve search engine recognition and show more details when a page is linked on certain services (such as Discord).

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Hello everyone and happy holidays! I hope everyone's staying safe out there and can enjoy some remote Pathfinding - I've been having a blast with the assistance from Foundry VTT myself!

We have another two adventures for you this month, along with the usual chunk of minor bug fixes and corrections. Devin has also been hard at work making sure all the changes from the new printing are on the site, including a few things left out from the initial errata document but still found in the second printing. Lastly, the monster art from Troubles in Otari isn't up yet but we'll get that up as soon as we get it.

We have some big things coming for you all next year and I can't wait to show you all. Until then, enjoy the new December content!

New Books
- [Adventure] Troubles in Otari
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #162: Ruins of the Radiant Siege

Scarab Sages

Hi all - I've been running an Iron Gods game on my forums off and on for a few years now, and my players are getting deeper into Book 3. They've finished going through the wreck of the Aurora and have recovered the labs. One of the players, who I've been allowing to train into Technomancer, is overjoyed.

Of course, the first problem is restoring power. From what I gather, the facility itself takes 20 charges/month, and the labs themselves take 50 or 150 charges/day (depending on the lab). By this point, should the PCs have come across a power source that can help with this? I've been going back through all of my notes but so far all I can find is:

- They got the Power Relay in book 1, but need something within 150 miles of the Aurora to source the power from.
- They have the reactor below Torch, but as far as I gather all of its current power is dedicated to just keeping it running and safe.
- No source of power really is found in Book 2
- In Book 3, later on, they will find the power generator in the Choking Tower, but deactivating it is part of getting rid of Xoud so I'm not sure if they'll end up taking advantage of it. Could allow the player to craft his own after studying it maybe?
- In Book 4 I see there is a geothermal power source that maybe they can use, haven't measured the distance yet

Am I missing anything obvious? I know they can just use batteries but those will be gone through quickly with the labs. I don't want my player to waste feats on Crafting if that's not gonna be feasible till Book 4-5. Curious what other GMs or groups have gone through and how they've achieved power to these first labs.

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Hi all! This month kicks off the beginning of the Fly Free or Die adventure path with "We're No Heroes". In addition, Mark's updated the entries from the Character Operations Manual with the latest errata. Enjoy the new additions!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #34: We're No Heroes

Site Updates
- Character Operations Manual updated with the 1st Printing errata

Hello everyone! The big news this month is the Core Rulebook 2nd printing, which brings with it a host of errata - the full list of it is here, though it is a bit mixed in with the original wave of errata as well. We've also got a new Adventure Path, and Milan developed some improvements to the search engine we're testing out. If you happen to notice anything odd on that last or anything we missed with the new errata, be sure to let us know on one of our Discord channels!

Thanks to the AoN team for their superhuman efforts and to all of the community for the support! Enjoy the new material!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Pathfinder #161: Belly of the Black Whale

Site Updates
- Core Rulebook material has been updated with errata to the 2nd printing
- Search engine has been updated with a few tweaks to improve performance
- Divine Font column added to main Deity table

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Hello everyone! We've added the final part in the Devastation Ark trilogy this month with Dominion's End, along with updating our database with the new errata changes for the Starfinder Core Rulebook. Big cheers to Mark for his tireless efforts in getting that done!

Enjoy the new content!

New Books
- [Adventure Path] Starfinder #33: Dominion's End

Site Updates
- Errata applied for Core Rulebook, changes listed here

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