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NorthernOkie wrote:
austin thomas wrote:

how about a list of things that a ronin could pick from in.that he could only then make challenges in defenses of

or maybe just agents a group of people a like
arcane casters
divine casters
This is AN EXCELLENT idea. Although Ronin are "by nature" rebel/independent (for lack of a better word/concept) it does not immediately mean that they are dishonorable in all things. IMHO, the above idea is EXACTLY the flavor of a Ronin.

Brings "Yojimbo" and "Seven Samurai" to mind. Which is a good thing.

Mikaze wrote:
beautiful madness

I...I may be able to love you, whoever you are. Though I may be able to fear you as well.

Probably both, in timed intervals.

I'm obviously not Lisa, but I think I can help...

While the art is a fantasy affair, most of the cards have very general plot ideas. You should be ok.

That being said, they are bent for a heroic sort of game, so it may not work for more realistic campaigns.

Well, I'm a fan of S&S at least. To me, the words mean high adventure, lots of action, crazy monsters and an overall good time.

Not every story needs to be deep. I love me some "song of fire & ice" and such, but sometimes I want to play in a shallower pool.

Looks like it was a blast, even if you were obviously pretty busy.

I have to admit that I think I have a slight crush on Judy.

This post proves to me that communication is perhaps the best way around most obstacles between player and GM.

Then again, I suppose you could say that about any given social situation. Besides, talking with your GM gives you a chance to practice diplomacy; its a class skill, you know.

Aelryinth wrote:

Aelryinth wrote:


I'm glad someone did it so I didn't have to. Thank you sir, I'd salute you with a two-handed weapon if I owned one.

TheLoneCleric wrote:

Oh god. Terrible thought:

"Crush them NOW Giant Robo!"

DAMMIT there goes my second idea.

hida_jiremi wrote:

I also think making one your Stand (as in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) would be cool.

Dammit, here I thought I was going to be the only one to try that!

Name Violation wrote:

[jackass mode]
"it doesn't fit my concept"... um find a new concept?. call the WHAAAAmbulance.

[/jackass mode]

I'm gonna have to agree with you on that, but I tend to be a bit less blunt about it. :P

I guess I've never thought of equipment ( or lack thereof ) as an important part of a character concept. A neat little quirk to add on ( Say if you have an odd weapon or a strange way of dress ) but nothing essential.

Magicdealer wrote:

This just about made my day. :D

Someone already mentioned that there is already advantages to be unarmored, and I agree. Its enough to offset the penalties, especially if you have a game where moving around is important. Heavy armor becomes a liability in a desert or in water.

Besides, if you do a whole dodge/mobility/spring attack sort of fighter with high acrobatics, doesn't that simulate a dexterous warrior already? He's not going to stand there and slug it out with another combatant, after all.

I'm just happy the fighter and the paladin are both awesome again. I don't have a problem playing either.