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Full Name

Naomi Fairchild




Cleric lv3






23 years

Special Abilities

Channel Negative Energy (2d6, DC12) 4/day, Domains: Rune and Trickery(Deception Subdomain)




Prays to Desna(for luck), Erastil(to protect her "family"), and Calistria(for helping her "family").


Common, Sylvan

About Naomi Fairchild

Hair: Blonde Eyes: Icy Blue Skin: Fair
Height: 4ft 9in Weight: 128lbs

Cleric Level 3
Hit Dice: 3d8+6
Hit Points: 23

Fortitude: +5 =3(Cleric)+2(Con)
Reflex: +4 =1(Cleric)+3(Dex)
Will: +5 =3(Cleric)+2(Wis)

Base Attack Bonus: +2
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +1 (+2 BaB, -1 Str)
Combat Maneuver Defense: 14 (10 Base, +2 BaB, -1 Str, +3 Dex)

Armor Class: 17 =10(Base)+3(Armor)+3(Dex)+1(Dodge)
Touch: 14
Flat-Footed: 13
Speed: 30ft (6 squares)

Str 8
Dex 17 (15+2)
Con 14
Int 13
Wis 14
Cha 12

Studded Leather Armor (+3 AC, +5 MD, -2 ACP, 30ft, 20lbs)

Light Mace (1d6-1, x2, lbs, B) +5
Cold Iron Light Mace (1d6-1, x2, lbs, B) +5
Sling (1d4-1, x2, 50ft, 0 lbs, B) +5 w/ sling bullets
Dagger (1d4-1, 19-20/x2, 10ft, 1 lb, P or S) +5 melee or +5 range
Spell +5 melee or +5 range

Appraise: +5 =1(Int)+1(Rank)+3(Class)
Heal: +8 =2(Wis)+3(Rank)+3(Class)
Knowledge(religion): +5 =1(Int)+1(Rank)+3(Class)
Sense Motive: +8 =2(Wis)+3(Rank)+3(Class)
Spellcraft: +5 =1(Int)+1(Rank)+3(Class)
Sleight of Hand: +9 =3(Dex)+2(Rank)+3(Class)+1(Trait)
Stealth: : + =3(Dex)+2(Rank)+3(Class)-(Armor)
Perform(Dance): +2 =1(Cha)+2(Rank)

Lv1: Weapon Finesse
Human: Selective Channeling
Rune Domain: Scribe Scroll
Lv3: Dodge

Human Racial Features: +2 Dex, Medium, Normal Speed, Bonus Feat, Skilled
Favored Class: Cleric(Skill Points x3)

Cleric Class Features: Aura, Channel Negative Energy(2d6, Dc12, 4/day), Domains(Rune and Trickery), Orisons

Backpack, 4 blank scrolls, scroll(s) of Cure Light Wounds(1d8+2), Dramen's Bracelet, Ink(8oz vial), Inkpen, Scroll Case, Spell Component Pouch, Signet Ring, Wooden Holy Symbol, Backpack, 4 days of trail rations, Waterskin, Belt Pouch, Cleric's Vestments, Explorer's Outfit

Spells per Day
Lv0: 4
Lv1: 3+1
Lv2: 2+1

Spells Prepared
Lv0(Dc12): Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Stabilize
Lv1(Dc13): Bless, Shield of Faith(+), Protection from Evil, Disguise Self(Domain)
Lv2(Dc14): Pilfering Hand, Cure Moderate Wounds(2d8+3), Invisibility(Domain)


Word Spells Prepared
Lv1(Dc13): , Disguise Self(Domain)
Lv2(Dc14): , Invisibility(Domain)

Ringtail's PbP:
Hit Dice: 1d8+2 (10 hp) Current: 10
Add half HD + Con after first level

AC: 14 =10(Base)+3(Armor)+1(Shield)+0(dex)
Touch: 10 Flat-Footed:15 Speed: 30ft

Fortitude: +4 =2(Cleric)+2(Con)
Reflex: +0 =0(Cleric)+0(Dex)
Will: +4 =2(Cleric)+2(Wis) +2 vs Charm&Compulsion effects
Bab:+0 CMB: +2 CMD: 12

Studded Leather Armor(+3Ac, +5MD, acp-1, 30ft, 20lbs)
Light Wooden Shield(+1 AC, acp -1, 5lbs)

Heavy Mace(1d8+2, x2, lbs, B) +3
2 Daggers(1d4-1, 19-20/x2, 10ft, 1lb, P or S)+3m/0r
Sling(1d4+2, x2, 50ft, B)+0 with 10 sling bullets

Diplomacy: +5 =1(Cha)+1(Rank)+3(Class)
Heal: +6 =2(Wis)+1(Rank)+3(Class)
Know(Religion): +4 =0(Int)+1(Rank)+3(Class)
Sleight of Hand: +1 =0(Dex)+1(Trait)
Spellcraft: +4 =0(Int)+1(Rank)+3(Class)

Feats: Additional Traits(Lv1), Channel Smite(human bonus), Scribe Scroll(Domain bonus)

spoiler=Dark Hunter]You are bane to undead and those that would create such abhorrent beings. You gain a +1 trait bonus to attack rolls against undead and treat any DR possessed by undead as 5 lower for determining your damage. In addition, you gain a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge Religion checks and treat Knowledge Religion as a class skill. Finally you gain a +1 bonus on saving throws against the spells and effects of undead.[/spoiler
[spoiler=Birthmark You were born with a strange birthmark that looks very similar to the holy symbol of the god you chose to worship later in life. This birthmark can serve you as a divine focus for casting spells, and as a physical manifestation of your faith, it increases your devotion to your god—you gain a +2 trait bonus on all saving throws against charm and compulsion effects as a result.[/spoiler
[spoiler=Hedge Magician You apprenticed for a time to a craftsman who often built magic items, and he taught you many handy shortcuts and cost-saving techniques. Whenever you craft a magic item, you reduce the required gp cost to make the item by 5%.[/spoiler
spoiler=Child of the Streets] You grew up on the streets of a large city, and as a result you have developed a knack for picking pockets and hiding small objects on your person. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Sleight of Hand checks, and Sleight of Hand is always a class skill for you.[/spoiler
spoiler=Sacred Conduit] Your birth was particularly painful and difficult for your mother, who needed potent divine magic to ensure that you survived (your mother may or may not have). In any event, that magic infused you from an early age, and you now channel divine energy with greater ease than most. Whenever you channel energy, you gain a +1 trait bonus to the save DC of your channeled energy.[/spoiler

spoiler=Equipment] Backpack, Bedroll, 2 pieces of Chalk, Scroll Case, 2 vials of Ink, Inkpen, 2 pieces of parchment, Belt Pouch, Waterskin, Spell Component Pouch, Family/Holy Symbol(Wooden), Dramen's Bracelet(free, no value). 1 Scroll of Radiance(burst emanation), 2 scrolls of Lesser Cure(Selected), 4 days of trail rations, 1 Vial of Bloodblock, 1 Healer's Kit(10/10 uses).[/spoiler

55gp 3sp 9cp

Word Spells Prepared (3/2+1)

Lv0 Dc12: Soothing Touch(Selected), Cramp(Selected), Sense Magic(Cone)

Lv1 Dc13: Alignment Shield(Selected), Radiance(Selected), Disguise Self(Domain)

"Erastil shall keep The Family safe,
Desna's Luck is our guide.
Woe to those who hurt us,
For Calistria's on our side."

Long ago, in Chelaxia, a strange “family” formed. A man and woman travel to each city and village, searching for those who were outcast and mistreated. These people, usually children, were brought into a settlement of sorts, where they lived and gained skill in a area of their choice. Sometimes children came on their own, because they had no where else to go. These children, be they orc or kobold, human or elf, were never turned away.

It is unfortunate that hard times fell upon the “family.” Caravans coming to them to trade were raided, crops they grew mysteriously burned, and the connection everyone felt with each other fell apart.

That was over a hundred years ago, and now remnants of the original group has separated, spreading out in the hopes that they may help more than those in Chelaxia. A branch has managed to secretly grow in Varisia, and it has taken a slight turn for the worse. In order to survive, it has taken to training the children who join in less than legitimate jobs. Now, a grown member of the family and a younger member go on search for new “family members” while they look for houses easy to break into. Bonds are not uncommon among these pairs, and they usually refer to each other siblings. Woe to the fool who hurts the younger sibling...

Naomi Fairchild, one of the family priestesses, is one such sibling, though she is the older of the two. She has gotten special permission to take a few of the young ones to the Swallowtail festival, for entertainment and opportunity. Along with her little “brother,” Dramen(a half-elf), she is accompanied by two other adults and their siblings in the city of Sandpoint, staying at a middle-class Inn.

Algar's take on the verbal swordplay of Naomi and Izbahn