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Naome curls her lips in amusement. "It was a good ruse. Make sure to take on that same appearance on your way out." She hides the dagger on her person again, adjusting her silks and putting on a smile as she leads Lindale out.

"I could acquire something like that within a day without much trouble. Just pay me the item cost and I should have it in the morning."

SM: 1d20 ⇒ 13 Yeah, she's cha focused. Didn't quite make that haha.

"I'm not an expert on the creatures of the desert, you would have to find somebody else for that. But with a name like 'death worm' I wouldn't be too optimistic about fighting it. I wouldn't know if Ares would be sent against it, I would certainly hope not."

Naome indeed lowers the dagger when Lindale reveals himself. "Nothing too progressive has been reported. Although apparently intends to make the newest arena fights very interesting to watch. They say he single handedly captured a giant desert death worm to pit against some of the slaves he brought with him."

"Well I do apologize if that's the case. Of course, we have some lovely private rooms in the back." Naome takes Lindale by the hand, her brows raising slightly as she ushers him into the back room.

Once behind the second set of doors Naome draws a bone dagger lightning fast, pressing it against Lindale's throat. "Who the hell are you to come in disguised like that?"

"Fancy her do you?" She gives a smile, going by and whispering into Naome's ear. Naome nods, coming back in a minute with Lindale's drink. "Here you are sir. I must admit I'm curious, you requested me but I haven't seen you here before."

The elf's mouth opens once, but she is stricken speechless. She closes her eyes and leans back, running a hand through her black and red hair. Finally she exhales slowly. "Lovely. I'm sure the Council will be thrilled to hear about drow artifacts being in the hands of body snatchers." Her blue eyes open. "I've got nothing else for the time. Make sure somebody checks in with me tomorrow night. I should be able to set up any meeting at that time as well." She opens the door, ushering Bjorkus out as she messes up her hair, then begins fixing it as the two walk into the main room.

Lindale is having a quiet drink, the only disturbances being a few suspicious glances at his skin color but nobody bothers him. Naome has her coy, flirtatious smile on again as she whisks a clear drink from the bar and pushes it into Bjorkus's hand. Then she leans down and whispers in Lindale's ear with a volume just loud enough for those nearby to hear. "I do hope you come visit me yourself sometime again." She gives a wink to Bjorkus then goes back to serving drinks.

Rilka still has her own little adventure to sort out but the rest of the party has no more obligations for the night. Do you intend to do anything before tucking in for bed?

Bjorkus finally catches Naome's attention. "Did you just say an artifact?"

Naome's eyes narrow. "What did he make off with." She breathes out and rubs at her temples. "Listen, I'm not your mother asking how your day was. You can't be vague with me." She ponders the second bit. "I could arrange a private meeting with one of the gangs. Easiest way to spread a rumor, and we can get you popular by that. But that would take at least a day."

Naome cocks her head. "And you're Bjorkus, who is a lot harder on my mind than the drow." From her once over she gives Bjorkus it appears she's not impressed by somebody who's all muscle and no brains. "I need to know what happened outside the city. And I need you to either tell me what supplies or help you need, or bring the message back that we are concerned about Targ's early appearance and that we want to provide whatever help is necessary." She leans back against the wall, adjusting her silks. "You left with a well known merchant but returned with a stranger. What is that about?"

Naome gives a flirtatious smile, then has another serving girl (a dark skinned human with white hair oddly enough) see to Lindale while she takes Bjorkus into the back.

Bjorkus is led to a backroom that has a door every few feet and from behind are muffled sounds of...well use your imagination. She lightly pushes him into a room and enters herself, closing the door behind her...then her face turns to business. "Targ is coming to Akropash earlier than we thought. He might even be here tomorrow morning. Acera is with him. I don't know how you intend to proceed, but you need to let me know how I can help. And I need a report, you left the city for several hours."

She gives a light laugh. "Is that so? Well you'll have to pay for that kind of access."

It doesn't take long for the beautiful elf to notice the dark elf, and after emptying her tray she slips over. "Welcome to the Silk Urumi dears. How can I help you?"

"I fear taking her spellbook might cause severe consequences. With how paranoid she is you can only imagine her safeguards...still, I wonder about simply reading through the book to learn what spells she knows." She gives a small smile as Lindale kisses her. "Oh it's always a little different each time." She laughs musically as Lindale leaves.

Naome leans back, seeming to relax for the first time all day. "Yes, I was in contact with the other teams. Second one almost compromised me as well because they kept sending the same person. Targ is uneducated but not stupid. He came to and holds his power through brute strength with just a bit of wisdom. Now, I have learned something interesting about Acera. Despite appearances and all the rumors, she's actually a wizard. Yeah, would never have guessed it myself. But I managed to get a serving girl close to her who saw her spellbook. She's into necromancy for sure, but we're not sure what else she's good or isn't good at. My girl only got a brief glance at the book, but she's educated enough that if she got a longer look she could figure it out. There are three other things we know about Acera for what little help they give. One: he's from the north, we're guessing the mountains, but we don't know exactly where. Two: She has enough magic protecting her and Targ that it gives our spellcasters a headache when they try to identify it, and anyone that has tried has been rooted out and killed. And three: She's got some necklace she's deadly attached to. Once a servant bumped into her and touched up against it, and not only did Acera kill her for it but she made an entire gruesome display. I'll spare you the gory details, but let's just say it wasn't very pretty."

Picture of Acera, to remind you.

"Robbing a bank is banned too but that doesn't stop people from doing it." She shakes her head, loosening out her waist length midnight-black hair. "Ah, it's just an illusion but it still feels gross to impersonate that man. Still, he's accepted here and has friends so I do what I can." She sits, folding her legs. "Whenever you need to contact me it is as simple as coming here and asking for a private dance. Don't continue to send the same person or else it will get suspicious. I'll be here to get whatever you need, and can afford. Normal things like armor and weapons you can buy in town without turning any eyes, but anything beyond that and you come to me. So, any questions?"

The large man stands, rather quietly for somebody his size, inclining his head to the others. "I daresay they'll want to win their money back sometime. Another day." He leads Lindale to the back, where a door of silk and beads obscures the view into the next room.

Back there are several smaller areas closed off, but Lindale can hear music and singing and...other noises coming from behind them. The large man has Lindale enter one of the vacant rooms, then to his surprise the large man goes in with him, shutting the door quickly. He turns, then speaks in a musical, completely feminine voice. "You're denser than a dwarf, you know that?" His form wavers and shifts, shrinking down in height and girth to show an elven woman clad in expensive looking silks. She has black hair and brilliant sky blue eyes, and as the illusion finishes dispelling you see a pair of blades hidden on her thigh. She pulls out an Aestheric badge, showing it clearly before stowing it away. "Naome. It's a...pleasure to meet you." Her blue eyes sparkle as she takes in your dark skin. "Well I imagine you have some questions so ask away."